New Release Review ~ Waiting For You: Neighborhood Shindig #3 by A.M. Arthur

Title: Waiting For You: Neighborhood Shindig #3

Author: A.M. Arthur

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Clancy Jons never expected to fall in love while attending Reynolds College, never mind falling in love with a man, but he did. Clancy fell hard and fast, but his strict, Catholic upbringing and personal insecurities pushed Samir away—and out of the state. Four years later, Clancy accepts a job as the general manager of Neighborhood Shindig—a trendy local place full of food trucks and small businesses—and it brings him face to face with Samir again.

Samir Ford left Reynolds for Philadelphia to start over after Clancy refused to come out and broke his heart, but now Samir is back to help his beloved aunt after a serious stroke. His food truck in Neighborhood Shindig is thriving, and he’s creating new friendships there, but he’s never truly gotten over his first love. A first love who strolls back into his life as Samir’s brand-new boss. A super-hot boss Samir still has feelings for.

After an unexpected, sizzling-hot encounter, both men know they still love each other, but there’s been too much hurt. Too many broken promises. Clancy is a changed man, though, and he vows to prove himself to Samir and earn back his lover’s trust—even if it means coming out to and losing his family’s love. But Samir’s heart is still bruised and wary, and he isn’t sure he can risk it being shattered a second time.

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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Release Blitz ~ Out in the Field (Out in College #4) by Lane Hayes (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Out in the Field

Series: Out in College #4

Author: Lane Hayes

Publisher: Lane Hayes

Release Date: July 11

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 51K

Genre: Romance, New Adult, College, Coming Out, Baseball, New Adult, Humor, Opposites

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Max Maldonado loves baseball. He knows playing first base at a private college probably won’t get him to the big leagues, but he doesn’t mind. He loves the game and his teammates. If he has to stay in the closet until he graduates, that’s okay. Baseball comes first. Relationships are complicated anyway. And after his recent messy breakup, Max prefers to keep things simple.

Phoenix Bell is a fabulous theater geek. He’s excited about his recent transfer to a new school with an elite liberal arts program. Life has been on hold for a while, but this opportunity feels like the fresh start he was hoping for when he moved to California. And the chance reunion with the hot closeted jock is an unexpected surprise. The two men have nothing in common and their timing couldn’t be worse. However, when their unconventional alliance blossoms into friendship and perhaps something more, it may be time to make some hard decisions. And perhaps risk it all…out in the field. Continue reading “Release Blitz ~ Out in the Field (Out in College #4) by Lane Hayes (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)”

Release Day Review ~ Burning For You (Neighborhood Shindig #2) by A.M. Arthur

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Bran Foxwell has crushed on Joel Fisher from afar for years, and now that Joel is happily in love with another guy, Bran has lost his chance. But when uber-sexy Keenan Pratt stumbles over an upset Bran, it’s the perfect opportunity for a no-strings hookup. Except sex with Keenan is hotter and more intense than Bran ever imagined, and despite their no-strings agreement, both men agree to an actual date.

As the middle triplet, Keenan Pratt is devoted to his brothers and they’ve spent the last ten years supporting and protecting each other. When Keenan has the chance to screw around with his own long-time crush Bran, it’s an itch he can’t wait to scratch. But there’s chemistry there neither of them expects and, slowly but surely, what should have been a single hookup turns into more.

But when their family is targeted, the Pratt brothers circle the wagons hard, and Keenan pulls away from Bran exactly when he should be leaning on the other man. Bran wants to be there for Keenan, but old habits run deep and if Keenan can’t learn to trust, he risks losing the best relationship he’s ever had.

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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Blog Tour ~ Melting For You (Neighborhood Shindig Series, Book #1) by A.M. Arthur (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

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Melting For You

Neighborhood Shindig Series, Book #1

A.M. Arthur

Contemporary MM Romance

Release Date: 06.13.19

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Cover Designer: Sloan J Designs/


After his father’s heart attack, Isaiah Morrell gave up cooking in his own high-end Atlanta restaurant to return home to Reynolds, North Carolina, in order to help his father Thomas heal and to keep an eye on his business Neighborhood Shindig. A collection of food trucks and other small businesses, Shindig is a popular destination in this college town, but Isaiah longs for the fast pace of a big-city kitchen. Until he meets Joel…

Joel Fisher has been out of commission from a serious illness for the better part of a year, but now he’s ready to reclaim his life—except his apartment has been sublet, his partner is missing, and their shared food truck is stripped of everything not attached. In short, Joel has nothing. After an uncomfortable night sleeping on the food truck floor, Isaiah and Thomas Morrell give Joel an offer he can’t refuse: a rented room in their house, as well as their help creating a new food truck concept. Joel hates accepting charity, but he’s hit rock bottom and has nowhere to go but up.

Working with seemingly uptight Isaiah is actually pretty fun, and the pair bonds over a challenge to create a unique grilled cheese sandwich. Light flirting melts into a deeper connection neither man expects, but Isaiah isn’t in Reynolds for much longer, and Joel can’t get attached to the gorgeous professional chef. As Isaiah’s feelings for Joel strengthen and grow, he entertains the idea of staying in Neighborhood Shindig for good—but Joel hasn’t asked him to…

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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Release Day Review ~ Close to Home by Cate Ashwood

Title: Close to Home

Series: Sawyer’s Ferry: Book 4

Author: Cate Ashwood

Release Date: May 31st, 2019

Genre: Contemporary m/m romance

Length: ~50,000 words

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood

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I excelled at two things: systems engineering and going completely unnoticed.

The engineering took work and determination. The invisibility came naturally. Until one day, the wrong person noticed me. Battered and broken, I fled, escaping to Sawyer’s Ferry and the only friends I’d ever had.

Now, I just needed to figure out what I was going to do next.


Life was good.

I had a great job, good friends, and a family who loved me. Even my roommate was decent. At least he was until he let his nudist brother come to visit. The opportunity to house-sit and help an injured friend couldn’t have come at a better time.

All I’d needed was to avoid an awkward situation for a few days, but I got more than I bargained for when my entire uncomplicated life flipped upside down. The last thing I’d been looking for was love, but it wasn’t until Witt that I realized just how much I’d been missing out on.

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Review Tour: Chef vs Chef (Sizzling in the Kitchen #2) by M.j. O’Shea (Giveaway)

Cover Design: L.C. Chase
Sizzling In The Kitchen Series
Book #1 – Chef In The Wild – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

Bobby Diaz has worked his whole life to get where he is – running a restaurant with his two closest friends, no boss, and generally content. When his best friend Baldwin gets the gig of a lifetime, he asks Bobby to take over the restaurant while he’s gone. He’ll miss his friend, but he’s excited to put himself to the test. He can’t believe he’s getting the chance to finally run his own kitchen.

Cal Mayer is thirty and starting over. His last relationship was a failure. His job went down the drain. So when his cousin Pete, a.k.a Baldwin Powell celebrity chef, offers him a gig in his restaurant, he can’t help but to jump at the offer to reinvent himself.

Bobby and Cal don’t exactly hit it off—to put it lightly. Bobby resents getting Cal dumped in his lap. Cal doesn’t appreciate Bobby’s frosty attitude. They’re stuck together day and night, and their chemistry is undeniable… but will it be sweet summer love or a case of too many chefs in the kitchen?
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Blog Tour ~ Third Time’s The Charm by K. Evan Coles (Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Third Time’s the Charm (Boston Seasons, Book 1)

Author: K. Evan Coles

Publisher: Pride Publishing/Totally Entwined Group

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance, Erotic Romance

Trope/s: Hurt/Comfort, KidFic, True Love, Meet Cute

Themes: Family/Parenting. Friendship, Child Abandonment

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 68,000 words

Release Date: May 28, 2019

This is book number one in a series. It can also stand as its own story.

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Luke Ryan’s life is too chaotic for romance, what with running his business and being the legal guardian to his ten-year-old niece, but he’s hopeful he’ll find the right man.

Trauma surgeon Finn Thomason recently relocated from Chicago to Boston, where his focus on medicine leaves him little space for a personal life. Making a commitment to find a better work-life balance, Finn hopes he’ll also find a relationship.

Caught in an evening rainstorm, Luke shelters under a sidewalk awning…and encounters a handsome stranger. The two strike up a conversation and Finn offers to walk Luke under his oversized umbrella. Charmed, Luke accepts and asks Finn out for coffee in thanks.

Luke and Finn quickly grow close, but, as the summer draws to an end, Luke struggles to keep his connection with Finn while Finn tries to come to terms with caring for a man whose attention is pulled in many directions. Both men are scrambling to get it right, but only time will tell if they’ll learn there is more than enough room in their hearts to go around.

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