Blog Tour ~ Nothing Special by Casey Cox (Reviews + Giveaway)


by Casey Cox

Blog Tour

Release Date: June 27, 2022

Cover Design:

Wicked by Design

Genre: M/M Romance

Trope: Best friends to lovers, opposites attract, feel-good, satire


They don’t write romance novels about guys like me…


Trust me, I know. Crafting swoon-worthy happily ever afters is literally my day job. Being a quirky introvert with an overactive imagination, underwhelming social skills, and a few pounds overweight, I’m no leading man.

My best friend, though? He’s total cover model, call the plumber because I just flooded my basement material. He’s also outgoing, charismatic, free-spirited, and basically the best guy ever.

I may know romance, but I’m no dummy when it comes to reality. I’m nothing special. And the truth is, a guy like Darren would never fall for someone like me.


I’m the poster child for failure to launch. Twenty-seven, didn’t make it in Hollywood, forced to slump my sorry self back home to Australia with my tail in between my legs.

The only bright spot in my life is nabbing the apartment next door to my best friend, Benji. He’s like no one I’ve ever met. Genuine. Sensitive. Nurturing. A talented author. An amazing cook. So freaking handsome. And yeah…I am so stupidly in love with him it’s not even funny.

When Benji needs some inspiration to clear his writer’s block, I gladly help out. He wants to write a friends-to-lovers romance, and hello, I’m his best friend. This should be a cinch. It’s not as if he’s suddenly going to fall in love with me. I’m nothing special. And the fact is, a guy like Benji could do so much better than someone like me.

Nothing Special is a stand-alone best-friends-to-lovers MM romance with two lovable (yet totally clueless) besties, gray yoga pants hotness, sweet midnight walks, an apartment block filled with nosy neighbors, and one swoonariffic (and oh so special) happily ever after!

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Release Blitz ~ Crazy Little Thing Cold Love by Colette Davison (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Crazy Little Thing Cold Love

Author and Publisher: Colette Davison

Cover Artist: Colette Davison

Photographer: Eric McKinney

Model: Patrick H

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Daddy kink, age gap (12 years), hurt/comfort, ex-military

Themes: Self-care

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 69 000 words

It is a standalone story, but Jude appeared in His Boy to Cherish as a side character

The book does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal link | Amazon US | Amazon UK


Can two very different men turn an intense holiday romance into lasting love?




I shoot my mouth off and hide behind my smile as I try—and fail—to fill the void inside. Nothing has felt right since I was medically discharged from the army. Can there be more to life than a dead-end job and meaningless hook-ups?


I didn’t expect to win a Cuffd Destinations holiday, let alone meet a sexy guy who’s fun to be around. Jude doesn’t think he’s a Daddy, but I’m going to prove him wrong. Who knows what we might discover along the way?

Crazy Little Thing Cold Love is part of the Destination Daddies Season Two multi-author series. It features an emotionally scarred army veteran, a bubbly boy who sees the world in a unique way, summer snow, lots of steam, and a happy ending. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many destinations and Daddies to discover, why not grab them all?

Trigger warning for mentions of PTSD, flashbacks, and nightmares.

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Release Blitz ~ Saint’s Song by Garrett Leigh (Reviews + Giveaway)

Cover Design: Black Jazz Design
Rebel Kings MC Series
Book #1 – Devil’s Dance – Buy Here
Book #3 – Forgive Me Father – Pre-Order Here – Out Nov ’22

Expect: a fragile king, a sweet-hearted henchman, an enigmatic hitman, and a fight to the death.Cam, Alexei, and Saint have survived their battle with the devil, but with too many enemies to count, can they survive the war?

“Kill me,” I choked out. “If he’s dead, you gotta kill me too.”

One club, one heart.

Three men, one soul.

Can loving someone kill you? I feel like the world is ending every time I look at them.

Cam. My brother. My president.

He’s the love of my life

And then there’s Alexei. I didn’t know I could feel this way about one person, let alone two. But I think of him in every breath I breathe for Cam. Every thundering beat of my heart. Because there is no Cam without him.

There is no me. My life wasn’t worth living until I found something worth dying for.
And I’d die for them a thousand times.

Saint’s Song is the second in a hurt/comfort, biker romance, MMM duet from the world of the Rebel Kings MC. Content warnings inside the book.

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Release Blitz ~ The Shepherd by Cara Dee (Reviews + Excerpt)

The Shepherd by Cara Dee

Series: The Game Series #6 (Standalone)
Gay Romance/BDSM Romance
#TheGameSeriesByCaraDee #HighProtocol #MMMRomance #Masterslave #McleanHouse #SecondChancesRomance #FoundFamily #PipeDreamsComeTrue

BW The Shepherd Tablet
Available in Kindle Unlimited:

Catch up with the series here:


The Game Series | Book 6 | Standalone | High-Protocol M/s | Family | MMM

Get cozy and strap in for the family side of a kinkster’s life puzzle, where the kids have homework before the grown-ups can sneak in some playtime, where three men share a dream they barely dare believe in, and where you bring out the toy bag when the little ones take a nap.

I was fresh out of boot camp and somewhere in the desert when I started picturing what my life after the Marines would look like. I’d always wanted a big family and a place out in the sticks.

At forty-five, I could only scratch my head and wonder what the hell had happened. I knew I should be grateful. I had my farmhouse. Rescue dogs and chickens too. I had a rowdy bunch nieces and nephews. I had amazing friends. I’d started a kink community with some of them. But it killed me to come home to an empty house at the end of the day. It hurt that nobody seemed to be interested in anything beyond pain sessions and casual playtime. Even my best friend Sloan pulled away from me. He was struggling to make ends meet with four kids, and I had a big house. They should move in with me, dammit.

I guess it made perfect sense that after so many years of wondering, waiting, and grumbling, a single week changed it all. My “the one who got away” showed up at a kink event, and Sloan shared a drunken confession that screwed with my head.

It was time to improvise, adapt, and…start believin’ in pipe dreams.

The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.

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Release Blitz ~ Austin by Con Riley (Reviews + Giveaway)


Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Learning To Love Series

Charles – Buy Links
Sol – Buy Links
Luke – Buy Links
Heppel Ever After – Pre-Order (Out Sep 29)

Can Austin learn to love the opposite who attracts him?

Austin Russell doesn’t belong at a small school like Glynn Harber. He’s meant to be a high flyer in finance not a book-keeping bursar. Now there’s only one renovation project left to budget, it’s time he toughened his soft heart and got back to climbing the corporate ladder.

The truth is he’d rather climb Maisie Dymond’s father.

That urge doesn’t add up—Dom Dymond is his polar opposite—but when a near-miss brings them together, Austin discovers there’s more below his laid-back surface, especially as Dom’s determined to win the bid for the school’s last rebuilding project.

Working in proximity means Austin can’t deny that they’re opposites who don’t only attract, they combust whenever they’re close. Telling himself it’s only a fling doesn’t ring true when Dom opens up about what keeps him in Cornwall. He’s there to heal his fractured family, and he wants Austin as part of it.

That openness makes Austin want to share too, but will Dom still feel the same attraction once he knows what drives Austin to keep climbing his ladder?

♥ Austin is the fourth standalone novel in the Learning to Love series. Set in England’s glorious county of Cornwall, each book has a fulfilling happily ever after. ♥

Blog Tour ~ Wicked Flame by Ella Frank (Review)

He’s ready to steal his heart and never give it back.

Wicked Flame, a sizzling MM romance and the hot conclusion to the Chicago Heat Duet from USA Today bestselling author Ella Frank, is out now! 


Life is hard. I learned that at an early age growing up on the South Side of Chicago. I accepted it, even came to expect it. With a sister who was a constant source of worry, and a track record of losing anyone even remotely close to me, trouble seemed to follow me no matter where I turned.

Some people were born lucky. I was just born.

That’s what I used to believe, anyway, until GQ. The gorgeous guy in the fancy clothes who for some reason decided to look twice at me. He gave me a place to call my own, a space to feel safe, and he made me believe in the impossible—that love was more than just a four-letter word.

Life is unexpected. I learned that just recently when I walked into a bar on the South Side and found the love of my life—Jameson Clarke.

He’s everything I’ve always wanted, and yet somehow even better than I imagined. He’s brave, brash, protective of those he loves, and under all that bravado is a vulnerability that calls to my very soul.

Jameson’s a storm cloud, but he thinks I’m the sun. If that’s true, then I’m determined to break through the shadows of his past and steal his heart the way he’s stolen mine.

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Release Blitz ~ Heat by TL Travis (Review)

Title: Heat
Author: TL Travis
Genre: MM

Cover Designer: Indie Sage
Model: Simon
Photog: Paul Henry Serres
Publication Date: May 25th, 2022

Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


What do you get when you throw a burly blacksmith and the town’s poster child for clumsiness

 A whole lot of swearing and a threatening use of duct tape.

 And the need to construct a sign that reads, “DO NOT LET CAMPBELL NEAR THE FORGE!”

 Alabaster Falls’ local blacksmith, Daughtry Blackburn, was satisfied with his reclusive status.
He had iron to bend and orders to fill but he knew he needed something to take
the business to the next level. His father had fought taking their business
into the twenty-first century, but since he’d passed, it was up to Daughtry to
keep things forward moving and he knew there was no way to do so without being
on the World Wide Web. Metalworking, he got. Computers, not so much.

 Campbell Jenkins was desperate to be accepted by his peers in the little town he’d called home since birth. Problem was, he was accident-prone. Not just in the sense of an
occasional break here or there, but in a “can’t walk by glass without it
shattering – even when it seemed he was a mile away” type of thing. No matter
how hard he tried to fit in, this curse led to failure. Forced to stay stuck
inside the walls of the home his grandmother left him, he spent his time
learning all he could about computers and social media. His online friends never
cast him aside—too bad the real world wasn’t as kind.

When he answers an ad in the local paper for online marketing assistance, he wasn’t sure what to
expect. Least of all, the brawny man answering the door to a log cabin that had
seen better days.

 Can two opposites in
forced proximity learn to play nicely or will one wind up in an iron grave?


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Blog Tour ~ Waiting on Forever by EM Lindsey (Reviews + Giveaway)


The Carnal Tower #2

by E.M. Lindsey


Blog Tour

Release Date: April 20, 2022

Cover Design:
Natasha Snow Designs


Golden Czermak @ FuriousFotog


Anthony Cadrecha

Genre: M/M Romance

Trope: Friends to lovers, found family


“Heat cannot be separated from fire, nor beauty from the Eternal.”
-Dante Alighieri

Of all the Sins, Sloth is the most deceptive. A baby face and a disarming smile hides the dangerous pleasures lurking beneath.
Jet Denton has always been the sort of person who knows what life will offer.

Blinded as a teen, Jet quickly accepted that life was what you make of it, and that’s how he handles all his clients: delicate care at arm’s length, with a power he relinquishes to no one.

And then he meets Taylor.

There shouldn’t be anything special or appealing about the nervous photographer, but Jet can’t seem to stay away. Taylor is everything he’s ever wanted, and it’s in those still, quiet moments Jet realizes that for this man, he may just be willing to wait forever.

Waiting On Forever is the second book of the Carnal Tower series. It features a man of utter indulgence who brings his clients to their knees, a photographer who is just about done with every screaming child that ever crossed his path, a cat named Thursday, comfort snacks, and the steamiest happily ever after.

** Some brief violent content occurs – may be triggering to some individuals.

Release Blitz ~ The Bachelor and the Cherry by VL Locey (Review + Giveaway)


Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Length: 63,000 word approx.

Campo Royale Series

Book #1 – The Viking and the Drag Queen – All Buy Links

Is he brave enough to stop hiding behind his persona and give love one final try?

Jordan Stevens has crammed a lot of living into his fifty years. Some of those years have been good, some bad, and some he would just as soon forget. The world isn’t always kind to an aging queen. Lovers begin to scamper into forbidden fields, your padding tends to slip, and you spend more time with egg whites than most pastry chefs. Heartache is nothing new to the man who embodies the acid-tongued Sitka Patel on stage every night, which led Jordan to vow to never trust another man under eighty again. He has his club, his drag family, and his Bombay cat, Heckle. Who needs the hassle? That philosophy had served him well until a stunning young thing with dark chocolate eyes shows up at the back door of Campo Royale with a suitcase, a sad story, and a dream.

From the time he was old enough to spell the word sequin, Yampier Perez knew that someday he’d be wearing them. One of three children born to Cuban immigrants, Yampier was always a little glitzier than the other neighborhood boys. His love of fashion design and performance arts was barely tolerated at home and even less so in the hallways of his rural Georgia high school. Yet, Yampier never let his light to be doused, not even the day his older brother caught him modeling his sister’s prom dress. Beaten, disowned, and on his own before graduation, he found himself having to work seedy jobs, doing even seedier things, until he saved enough cash to head to the Big Apple. That money has now run out, leaving him stuck in Wilmington with no food, no place to stay, and no family. Little does he know that stumbling into the Campo Royale Club, half frozen and weak from hunger, is about to bring him everything he has yearned for.

The Bachelor and the Cherry is a slow burn gay age gap romance that features an aging drag queen, a virginal newcomer, lots of sass, wigs galore, hurt/comfort, family found, and a richly sequined happy ending.

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Release Blitz ~ Never Have I Evan by DJ Jamison (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Never Have I Evan

Author: DJ Jamison

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood

Release Date: April 7, 2022

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Experienced/inexperienced, jock/geek, bi-awakening, virgin, small town

Themes: Pursuing your dreams, building a new future, moving on from your past.

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: approx. 95 000 words

It’s book 1 of the Games We Play series. There’s a prequel available through the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway on Prolific Works

The book does not end on a cliffhanger. It’s a HEA!


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK




Never Have I Ev… Wait, what was the question again?

What happens when an ill-advised party game makes it obvious I’ve still got my V-card?

Embarrassment. A lot of embarrassment.

Especially when the sexy, older guy at the party who witnessed the whole thing turns out to be someone I have to see every week. Not to mention my best friend’s cousin.

He’s not only straight, but way out of my league.

It’s going to be so awkward for both of us.

Or awesome…if his protective nature and flirty attempts to teach me how to date lead to the kind of tutoring that lives in my fantasies. But how likely is that to happen? I’m not known as the sweet, naive one among my friends for nothing.

I’m probably imagining those looks he throws my way. Probably projecting my own want onto his expression.

But…what if I’m not?

Never Have I Evan features an inexperienced, shy tech geek, an assistant football coach who oozes confidence, a town full of quirky, nosy residents, and sexual awakening and discovery themes!


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Blog Tour ~ Pretty Toxic by J.R. Gray (Reviews)

PRETTY TOXIC (Pretty Broken) by J.R. Gray

Release Date: March 23rd

Genre/Tropes: Bad boy rockstar/Enemies to lovers/Best friends to lovers/Gay for you/Jealousy/Bisexual for you




Saint Vincent

I might be the best-selling solo artist in the world, but my personal life is a disaster. For every number one album, there’s a sea of my worsts, all documented in photos.

Bad break-ups. Destroyed hotel rooms. Fights. Drugs. And just as many rumors.

Every headline reaffirms the walls I’ve built around myself. Fame destroys everything it touches and I can’t let anyone close.

The only exception is my best friend— Lowe Wilder.

But I’ve fucked that one up too.

It’s all about him. Every song, every lyric. Every piece of music I’ve ever written. I planned to carry that secret to my grave. He’s straight.

Another break-up, another call to Lowe. I can’t bear to have another scandal splashed across the tabloids. At my absolute worst he’s here to pick up the pieces, and I ruined it all with a kiss.

Lowe Wilder

I’m the least famous member of the most famous band in the world. I’ve sat in the background while we toured the world and tore each other apart.

I wouldn’t have made it through any of this without Saint. He came into my life like a nuclear bomb. Unapologetic and with about as much destruction, but he’s kept me sane from across the world.

Nothing could come between us.

Until he kissed me and shattered my world.

Pretty Toxic can be read on its own or enjoyed part of the Pretty Broken Series.

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Release Tour ~ Punching The V-Card by Leta Blake (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Punching the V-Card Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Punching the V-Card
By Leta Blake

Punching the V-Card Cover

Best friend’s hot older brother? Check. A weekend alone? Check.

Finally punching that V-card? Oh yes.

Carl has a pesky “innocence” problem that requires a solution. His best friend’s brother Devon is the perfect answer.

Devon’s experienced, gorgeous, and Carl’s been secretly crushing on him for ages. Carl doesn’t want to “lose it” to just anybody. Everyone says the first time should be special—and what’s more special than sharing it with the guy of his dreams?

It’s not like Devon won’t enjoy it. Solving this so-called problem is an objectively fun experience for most people! The plan is totally win/win!

Shockingly, Devon agrees. But even though it goes better than either of them ever expected, Carl’s moving across the country soon. It’s not possible to have more. No matter how much they both want it.


Punching the V-Card by Leta Blake is a high heat, NO ANGST, new adult gay romance featuring a best friend’s hot older brother, scorching first times, and falling in love with the guy of your dreams.

Universal Link


IG Sized PTVC Set 2 Teaser 3

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New Release Review ~ More Than Enough by Sloane Kennedy

Hiding and running, that’s what I’m good at. It’s who I am. It’s who I have to be…
For Sawyer Brower, the picture-perfect town of Pelican Bay was just supposed to be another place to take refuge for a few months before moving on. One year later finds the seemingly unflappable wildlife veterinarian settling into what’s supposed to be the quiet life of contentment he’s always wanted.

But there’s nothing quiet about the arrival of the gorgeous but very bitter ex-soldier who seems intent on destroying what’s left of his life after losing his legs to an IED.

I didn’t just lose my legs in that godforsaken desert, I lost the man I used to be… the man I should’ve been. How the hell am I supposed to come back from that? I can’t. I won’t…
While it took years of hard work and determination for Jett Sharpe to prove he deserved a spot in a prestigious military academy followed by an illustrious career in the army, it took just seconds for it to all be over. With nearly all of his brothers-in-arms lost to a roadside bomb and his own future irrevocably changed, Jett’s got little left to live for.

So when his best friend shows up in Oklahoma with an ultimatum—go freely with him to Minnesota or by court order— Jett knows he has little choice in the matter. But hell if he’s going to make it easy on any of the men who keep trying to convince him he’s family.

Two men running, one from the past, the other from the future…
Nothing about Sawyer and Jett makes sense. Not after their disastrous first meeting and most certainly not the white-hot chemistry that keeps pulling them together. Scarred minds and wounded souls are forgotten when desire takes over, but masks have a way of settling back into place for two men who have nothing real to hang on to.

Can Sawyer and Jett let the walls that are keeping them safe within themselves fall or will they miss out not only on each other, but the very thing the town of Pelican Bay is offering them?

A place to call home.


Amazon (Available on KU)  |  Goodreads

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Release Blitz ~ The Real Baxter by Lane Hayes (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: The Real Baxter

Series: The Baxter Chronicles

Author: Lane Hayes

Publisher: Lane Hayes

Release Date: March 4, 2022

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 99K

Genre: Romance, Bisexual, Bodyguard, Fake Boyfriend, Humor, Hurt and Comfort

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The silver-fox and the faux bodyguard…


Who’s the true hero behind the Hollywood heartthrob, crime-fighting, adventure-seeking international man of mystery? Me. I’m the real Baxter.

Well, I wear the suit and let the action play out onscreen. You want to know the secret of my success? Sell the story you want to tell. Even if you have to bend the truth a little.

Okay…a lot.

Trust me, no one will notice. Except Trent, who seems to notice everything. And for some reason, I like that. I like him. I’m just not sure what to do about it.


Look, I’m not exactly killing it. I’m a typical struggling actor-slash-waiter, hoping for a break. And boom…in walks Sebastian Rourke. He’s a cutthroat, wickedly charming silver fox, a Hollywood legend in the making. No joke. You’ve got to sell a piece of your soul to get in this man’s orbit. Or fake a British accent, then take a job playing bodyguard to fool the press. As one does.

I know I should take advantage of the very strange situation I find myself in, but I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. However, I’m willing to take a chance, ’cause I want the real Seb.

Even though it might cost me everything.

The Real Baxter is a MM age-gap, bisexual romance featuring the man who has everything and the actor who’s willing to show him what’s real.

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Release Blitz ~ Finding Him by L.M. Somerton (Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Finding Him by LM Somerton

Word Count: 59,668
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 230



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Book Description

Sometimes, using a safe word gets you exactly what you want.

Canadian Zac Denman is young, rich and submissive. He’s also a kidnap risk who’s grown up in the shadow of bodyguards and security precautions. All he wants is to work out what kind of submissive he is in a safe environment and thanks to his very understanding father, he’s getting the chance to do exactly that. The Retreat in England is safe, discreet and willing to provide a selection of Doms for Zac to play with—a great way of discovering what he is, and isn’t, into.

Dale Gastrell is a friend of The Retreat’s owner, a member of The Underground BDSM club and a soldier turned landscape gardener thanks to an inconvenient bullet. Two weeks providing covert protection to a wealthy client who won’t even know he’s there seems like a perfect break from city life.

But life is never simple, and when Dale and Zac are thrown together, Dale has to fight his attraction. Zac is from a whole different world of wealth and privilege. He’s not for the likes of Dale who has to watch as Doms arrive at The Retreat to give Zac a taste of submission.

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