Virtual Blog Tour ~ Marry Him by Marina Ford (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Hello! I’m Marina Ford and I’m here to tell you about Marry Him, an MM romantic comedy.

In this story, we follow Joe, a chaos-merchant of an artist, and the history of his relationship with Harry, a man who has his life together, but whose past just won’t stop interfering in his plans. At some point, Joe decides to propose to Harry and that scene was in fact the first scene I imagined when the idea for this book was but a thin wisp of a thought.

I was inspired by my own disastrous proposal story. Let me embarrass myself in public for your pleasure – below!

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Joe and Harry are absolute opposites: Joe is relaxed, laid-back and easy-going, whereas Harry is dynamic, neat, organised and a little controlling. This is great when the organised person organises, and the laid-back person is there to keep a cool head and find a spontaneous solution to sudden, unexpected problems. 

It’s not so great when the laid-back person tries to organise something. 

When Joe decides he wants to propose to Harry, literally everything goes awry. 

When my husband decided he wanted to propose to me… well, we’re married now is all that matters, all right?

First thing to know: I would have accepted him if he’d just asked me, to my face, without any to-do, if I wanted to marry him. I didn’t even particularly care if he had a ring. I was pretty settled in my decision that he’s The One, and despite the genre I love writing so much (romance), I’m actually pretty down to earth in my private life. 

We were long-distance at the time, and sometimes I used to dream of him just driving down or taking the train down from Edinburgh, to pay me an unannounced surprise visit. This was an idea I shared with him, encouraging him to do this (in case he thought I might not want to be surprised in this way—not everybody does, after all, and he’s a sweetheart who wouldn’t dream of imposing himself). 

One day, he was coming down for the weekend, and told me he’d be with me late in the evening. When I called him early in the morning, he didn’t pick up the phone. My thought process was: oh, is he trying to surprise me by arriving early on a day that I am already expecting him? Hmpf. That’s not much of a surprise. I mean, really.

He did arrive early, and of course I was chuffed to see him. But he also brought a surprise. An actual surprise. Tickets for a weekend trip to Ireland! Okay, he got me.  Continue reading “Virtual Blog Tour ~ Marry Him by Marina Ford (Guest Post + Giveaway)”