Release Blitz: Shoot the Moon by Jacqueline Grey (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Shoot the Moon

Series: Suit of Harte’s, Book Two

Author: Jacqueline Grey

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: June 29, 2020

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 27700

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, BDSM, romance, contemporary, gay, sex industry, prostitution, D/s

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All Adam Kern was looking for when his best friend dragged him to the club Harte was some good dancing and a little flirting to distract him from his troubles. He never anticipated meeting the club owner, Jesse Harte, and having a whole new world of experiences opened up to him. On an impulse, Adam follows Jesse to the upper, kinkier floors of the club where an informative tour ends in a steamy scene that both men are looking forward to repeating. The attraction between the two is scorching and over the next few weeks their adventures into kinky sex are nothing short of daring.

Adam loves the thrill of sex with Jesse but soon a gnawing fear sows doubt into his mind about the possibility of a relationship with the other man. Though he loves every moment he spends with Jesse, he fears what these sexual explorations may mean for him. Jesse is successful, an entrepreneur, and a well-known Dominant in the BDSM community, but Adam cannot see himself as a submissive. What sort of future could they have if he is unable to give his lover what he needs?

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Release Blitz: Screens Apart by Charlie Novak (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Screens Apart by Charlie Novak


Simon has one secret and two problems.

The secret? An anonymous blog featuring satin and lace.

The problems? Two crushes. One on his gorgeous, charming roommate, Taylor. And another on his charismatic online admirer, Mr. Smith.

When Taylor suggests they start hooking up, Simon is more than happy to agree, even if it means putting a lid on his feelings. After all, no-strings fun is better than nothing at all, right?

Except Simon’s not sure that lid will stay shut, especially when he starts to fall in love. But with Mr Smith in the same situation, advice is in short supply.

And there’s no chance Taylor and Smith are the same person… is there?

Screens Apart is a 55,000-word comedy of errors featuring panties, pining, and two men falling in love, complete with plenty of heat and fluffy feels. Originally released as a serial, this is the full collection with a new bonus epilogue. It contains no love-triangle and no cheating.

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Blog Tour: Classified (The Elite Series #3) by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine (Review)

Classified - BT banner

Classified, the thrilling conclusion to the action-packed contemporary MM The Elite Series from USA Today bestselling authors Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine, is available now!

Classified AMAZON

Classified is the final book of the Elite Series and should only be read after book one, Danger Zone, and book two, Need for Speed.

They train to serve their country.

They strive to be the best.

But only a select few can be…

The Elite

* * *



Reckless, arrogant, and bold, Solo is as known in the U.S. Navy for his bad-boy reputation as he is for his skills as a fighter pilot. It’s a surprise to his peers, then, when he’s chosen to train and compete at the most prestigious naval aviation academy in the world.


  1. Kick everyone’s ass.
  2. Do whatever it takes to win.
  3. Do your best to distract the competition.
  4. Especially when that competition is a gorgeous blue-eyed perfectionist who makes your blood run hot.

* * *



Disciplined, smart, and confident, Panther can’t afford not to play by the rules. As the son of a top Navy commander, all eyes are on him, and being anything less than number one is unacceptable.


  1. Keep it safe in the air.
  2. Prove you’re more than Commander Hughes’s son.
  3. No distractions. Stay focused.
  4. Don’t fall for your competition—especially not the rebellious heartbreaker with lips made for sinning.

In the heat of the hot California sun, tempers flare and desires ignite as Solo and Panther try to resist their attraction while fighting to be number one.

With passion this intense, the question remains:

Who’s gonna come out on top?

Classified - AN

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Release Blitz: Secret Admirer by DJ Jamison (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Secret Admirer

Author: DJ Jamison

Publisher: DJ Jamison

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood

Release Date: June 25, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Brother’s Best Friend, Secret Admirer

Themes: Bisexual awakening, friends to lovers themes

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 59 000 words

It is a standalone story.



Buy Links

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You deserve all the kisses you want …


I just want you to know how amazing you are. You won’t believe me, because I’m just your brother’s best friend. But everything I feel is undeniable.

A few anonymous love tokens change everything, though. I finally have an outlet for all the things I can’t say, and with each gift and note, you smile. For me. Not your brother’s friend, but something new. Something more. Something that will change everything if we can both find the courage to believe.

All I have to do is confess who I really am:

Your Secret Admirer

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Release Blitz ~ Wreck Me Forever (Polished P&P Series Book#1) by Lila Rose (Review + Excerpt)

Title: Wreck Me Forever
Series: Polished P & P #1
Author: Lila Rose
Genre: MM Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2020


Lucas Storey’s life is all about college, studying, and finishing his medical degree.
That’s until he moves in with his older brother and meets his motorcycle club
friends. Only, new people make Lucas nervous, almost to the extent of peeing
himself, but he soon realises they’re great people and will accept him as he is.
Now, if only he can stop thinking of a certain grumpy biker, things will be good.
Never before has Wade “Wreck” Williams noticed the same sex, or at least not until
Lucas crashes into their lives. And notice Lucas he does. But that’s not all.
He wants to get to know the man, and he kind of likes looking at Lucas too.
None of it makes sense, and Wreck will fight it for that reason alone.
When Lucas thinks he can go out with a someone who’s not Wreck—and jealously rears its
ugly head to a point Wreck just has to step in—it’s clear that he may just be
wrecked forever.

Release Blitz: He Shoots, He Scores by Tricia Owens (Review + Excerpt)


Book Title: He Shoots, He Scores (Skate to Love Book 1)

Author: Tricia Owens

Publisher and Cover Artist: Tricia Owens

Genre/s: Sports M/M Romance

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 70 000 words

Release Date: June 16, 2020


Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK


“There’s more than one way to score.”



When superstar winger Neil Shannon is injured in the Stanley Cup Finals, he loses more than the hockey championships. With his confidence shot, his career begins to fall apart and an early retirement seems inevitable. Unwanted by his former team, Neil is traded to one that’s starting over. Even worse, he’s joined there by his biggest rival, the sexy Swede Adrian Magnusson. Adrian feels responsible for Neil’s fall from grace and is determined to revive his career, but Neil wants to stay far away from this Swedish temptation, or else he’ll lose the last thing of value he owns: his reputation.

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Release Blitz: Rewritten (Unscripted #2) by J.R. Gray (Reviews + Excerpt)

Title: Rewritten
Series: Unscripted #2
Author: J.R. Gray
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2020
Movie star 102: The headlines are never what they
Quellcrist wasn’t new to fame or the effect it had on a
relationship. He’d been married in the spotlight for as long as he’d been
famous. But that was before Hale. He knew it was going to test him but even he
hadn’t known the toll that months apart would take on his fledgling
Long days of shooting, different time zones, calls every day
dwindled to days without calls, and rumors were all over the rags. Through it
all Quell had to battle his own worst enemy but he didn’t know how to win
against something inside him. Depression ate him whole and pain took
There was so much more at stake than losing his boyfriend,
he was losing his best friend. His lifeline, the love of his life. Was there
any way to come back from the damage done? 
Can they rewrite their ending?


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Free in Kindle Unlimited

I woke up wrapped in Quells arms. We were home. Wed been here for weeks and I still wasn’t used to it. The light streamed across the foot of our bed in a fractal pattern. I could smell the ocean or maybe it was my imagination. How easy this was. We had a ticking clock, but it had been a small taste of how our time off would be. How waking up with Quell would be when we didn’t have to be on set eighteen hours a day. Our life was slow and I loved him more every day we spent here. Our demeanor had changed with the pace of our life.
He was lovely lying there still asleep. Id never seen a more beautiful human in my life and he was my partner. It was hard to believe we had a week left of this.
And then uncertainty. 
I didn’t like going into a drastic change in our relationship without building up to it, but we didn’t have much choice. I guess it was going to be trial by fire. Because for as many times as Id tried to talk to Quell about it he hadn’t seemed to want to. So Id left it. We loved each other. Wed find a way to make the time apart work.
I had nothing booked for the next nine months, and Quell had two movies.
I was about to detangle myself to go make coffee when Quells phone started to ring. I reached for my phone to check what time it was. After seven. I was shocked hed slept so long. More often than not, since being home, he was off wandering the house before I was even awake. Id gotten so used to it—it was strange to wake up in bed with him. Maybe he was settling into our life here.
I pressed into him and kissed along the back of his neck. Maybe I would stay awhile. Quell was better than coffee any day.
Is that my phone?” Quell mumbled, sleep evident in his tone.
I think so.”
He groaned and rolled towards me. Who would be calling me so early?”
No clue.”
What time is it?”
Just after seven. Im shocked youre still in bed.” I pushed my fingers through his hair.
He turned and kissed my palm. I am too. I slept hard.”
You needed it.” More than I even think he realized.
Im sure I did. Maybe it will be a trend.”
I hope so.” At least until he left.
The phone quieted and he kissed me. I lost track of time in Quells lips and soft touches. It was an entirely new way to wake up. One wed not even had filming Pirate Night. Then we were eating, rushing off to call or Quell had been up on days off. Lots of training sessions. I liked that hed moved them to a different time.
I stroked my fingers down his sides and over his back. He grabbed me in a hug so tight I could feel his heart beating against mine. We laughed and kissed and I was happy.
Happy felt good. Not that Id been particularly not happy before meeting Quell, but this was a whole new level of the experience. Now if only my career was less uncertain Id feel a whole lot better, but I guess that was the nature of the job. Quell would get a contract for another season of Pirate Night before he left. I had faith.
The vibrating started back up.
Who is calling me this early?” Quell said through a yawn rolling half out of my arms to grab his phone. He squinted at it then
No idea. Who is it?” I asked before realizing it might not be the best to expose the fact we were in bed together, although
anyone calling his cell would probably know.
He put his hand over the speaker, as if that did anything, and said, It’s our publicist.”
Wed shared one now since hed left his other because of the conflict of interest with Rachael. Mark was good at his job and more on top of things than Quell’s last one had been.
Yes, Hale is with me,” Quell said with a chuckle and I was sure I knew what was running through his mind. Naked wrapped up with
me.’ “I’m going to put you on speaker.”
Quell clicked the button and held the phone between us.
Hey, Mark.”
Hello, Hale. Since I have you both—” He wasn’t one to beat around the bush, so he dove right into it. There are some pictures from last night I woke up to questions about. They are already being widely run… so the concern is more: do we have a comment?”
4.25 Stars!
Rewritten is book 2 in the Unscripted series and it needs to be read in order since it starts right where the first book ends.
Quell and Hale have been living in bliss after wrapping the second season for Pirate Night, unfortunately, work engagements and having to live apart for months are looming on the horizon. Can they make their relationship work even if they’re so far away from each other?
Long-distance relationships are hard enough without taking Quell’s depression into account. Add to that that Hale is still feeling unsure about the depth of Quell’s feelings for him and you have a recipe for disaster. Even so, they’re both obviously as in love with each other as they were at the end of Unscripted, and their chemistry is definitely there, which was more than proven when they meet again in the Pirate Night set.
I loved Mel and Ella, they proved to be great friends for Quell and Hale and I loved that it was Mel’s machinations that got them back on track.
I’m not going to lie, this was angsty and I kept putting the book down because my anxiety levels were at an all-time high while reading it. I felt so bad for both of them and at the same time, I wanted to shake some sense into them. I won’t spoil this any more than I did, other than saying that thankfully it all works out for the best in the end with both men working hard to make their relationship work, but just know this was not an easy read. I have no trouble recommending it, though, just make sure to read Unscripted first.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

4 Stars!
Quell and Hale fell in love in Unscripted, but knew that they had challenges ahead. Rewritten picks up where Unscripted ended, with Hale and Quell spending what time they have together before Quell is onsite for shooting back to back movies. Then, they hopefully get to shoot another season of the show that brought them together.

I loved these men in the first book and was so happy to see them moving forward together at the end of Unscripted. This book brought home the challenges of not only being celebrities (or becoming a celebrity in Hale’s case) and having schedules that keep them on opposite sides of the world from each other, but also the difficulties in dealing with their own doubts and fears as well as Quell’s depression and anxiety.

Written from both men’s POV, it’s easy to see where things are going wrong for each of them. It hurt to see them suffering. They had so many things pulling them in different directions. I wished that Quell had been more open about his depression with Hale, but I also understood that it’s hard to flay yourself open that much, even to your best friend and lover. All I can say is I’m thankful for their friends’ interventions and a shooting schedule that put them in a place that they could hash out their issues. In the end, I was happy that Quell found a compromise that worked for him and made a plan to work on himself instead of burying his problems in his work. It was wonderful to see him more at peace with himself. What was even better was seeing them working together to build a strong foundation for their relationship and make changes so when they have problems they don’t get as bad.

All in all, it was a good read and I felt better about their relationship afterwards, but it is hard to watch the breakdown before they manage to clear the air.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

Gray is a cynical Chicago native, who drinks coffee all day,

barely sleeps, and is a little too fashion obsessed. He writes realistic and
damaged characters because everyone deserves a happily ever after. 
Author Links

Release Blitz: Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox (Reviews + Giveaway)

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox

Cover Designer: Cate Ashwood

One dilapidated cabin in need of renovation.

Two stubborn men pretending to be a couple.

Three summer months to get the job done.

Four tangled legs in only one bed.

Five cameras catching it all for YouTube.

Six hundred thousand Instagram followers.

Seven nosy family members with Opinions.

Eight thousand reasons they should never fall in love.

Nine million reasons why they will.


Say You’ll Be Nine is a standalone novel.

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Release Blitz: Inside Affair (Prime Time Series #1) by Ella Frank (Review)

Inside Affair, the first in an all-new contemporary MM series from USA Today bestselling author Ella Frank is available now!



If I had to describe Sean Bailey, it would be: a surly, temperamental pain in my ass. Never in that equation would I ever include the word boyfriend—and not just because he’s straight.

The older brother of my life-long best friend, Sean is a detective for the Chicago PD, and is also known as Detective “Dick” for being…well, a surly, temperamental pain in everyone’s ass. He also happens to be the best they have, which is why I find myself on his doorstep the night my life is threatened by an anonymous stalker.

I only wanted the name of a bodyguard; I didn’t expect for Sean to volunteer for the job. Now, not only do I have a bodyguard, I also have a fake boyfriend.


It must be so hard to be Alexander Thorne, the number one prime-time news anchor in the country, with millions of dollars and a car that costs more than my house. I mean, I’m allowed to give him a hard time about it, but when some creep decides to cross the line and go after him, they’re gonna have to answer to me.

Going undercover has never been an issue in the past, so I don’t see why there’d be a problem now. Xander and I have known each other for years, so this should be a breeze. Except suddenly my stomach’s flipping when he looks my way, and my body comes alive whenever he brushes by me. I know I’m good at my job and playing a character and all, but this is getting out of hand.

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Release Blitz: Never Say Never by Felice Stevens (Reviews + Teasers + Giveaway)

Title: Never Say Never
Series: Lost in New York
Author: Felice Stevens
Genre: M/M Romance

Release Date: May 21, 2020

One taste leaves them wanting more…
Francisco “Frisco” Martinelli. Hot and spicy. Beautiful on the outside, dark and damaged on the inside. Handle with extreme caution.
Salvatore “Torre” Rossi. Sweet with a kick of spice. Gentle at first, can become swiftly and irrevocably addictive to the heart.
One snobby food critic who doesn’t believe in love
One down-to-earth food blogger who does
Add a touch of suspicious brother
A heaping serving of best friend who’s been waiting for this to happen
Blend with secret identities, past hurts, and judgments.
Stir in equal portions of desperate longing, desire, fear, and snarky humor.
Set over open flame, step back, and wait for sparks to fly.
Serve as is for an explosive love story that will leave you with a full heart and a ridiculously happy smile at the end.

Blog Tour: Nailed (Four Bears Construction #2) by KM Neuhold (Reviews + Excerpt)



Four Bears Construction Series, Book 2

KM Neuhold

M/M Romance, Enemies to Lovers

Release Date: 04.28.20



My new neighbor is a total tool

He hated me from the second he laid eyes on me, and I don’t have the first clue why…

But, if he wants to hate me, I’m happy to give him a few reasons: mowing the lawn at dawn on the weekend, leaving garbage cans in front of his driveway, renting a petting zoo for my backyard…making a list of ways to drive him crazy is half the fun.

He deserves it with the way he’s driving me crazy right back without even trying— walking around without a shirt on, sweaty rippling muscles on full display, well-worn denim jeans perfectly molded to his…well, you get the idea.

My point is, if he wants a war, I’ll give him one.

***Nailed is an enemies to lovers, neighbors who can’t stand each other, omg the anger banging, drool worthy, low angst story, which happens to be the second in my Four Bears Construction Series. It CAN be read as a stand alone. There are NO shifters in this series, only the OTHER kind of bears.

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Blog Tour ~ In Your Hands (Joy Universe #3) by Louisa Masters (Reviews + Giveaway)


In Your Hands (Joy Universe #3) by Louisa Masters 

Release Date: May 14, 2020

Cover Design: Reese Dante Designs

Genre: M/M Standalone



When Grant Davis stepped into the job of assistant director at Joy Universe, he knew he was taking on a challenge. The AD before him left a mess nobody thought could be cleaned up—but Grant loves nothing more than beating the odds. Over a year later, he’s convinced there’s something hinky going on. The solution: an independent audit. What he doesn’t expect is that the head of the audit team will be his old college crush.

Luke Durrant’s come a long way since he last saw Grant, the man he had a steamy night with back in college. He’s been married, divorced, has a successful career, and is now a parent. But one look at Grant brings all the old feelings crashing back.

With Grant’s job in Luke’s hands, two insecure kids, and a host of nosy coworkers, it seems like professionalism is the only option… but who wants that? Grant and Luke are willing to take the shot for a second chance at happily ever after.

And then Luke’s ex turns up….




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Release Blitz ~ Tamarillo Tart (Southern Lights, Book 2) by Jay Hogan (Reviews + Excerpt)

Title: Tamarillo Tart

Series: Southern Lights, Book 2

Author: Jay Hogan

Genre: MM Romance

Amazon Universal:



CASSIDY MARTIN is a country boy through and through. He loves his horses, his Lord of the Rings tourist business, and his isolated paradise at the foot of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Not that everyone appreciates the seclusion he craves. Take his ex-wife for example.

The sexy-as-hell guy on his latest tour might be whip-smart and push all of Cass’s buttons, but he’s about as country as a pair of Louboutins, and Cass has been there and done that.

Broken heart with the T-shirt.

STEFAN HAMILTON doesn’t do ‘outdoorsy’, he’s a city boy, born and bred. The closest Stef gets to the country is ‘Cowboy Night’ at his favourite Auckland gay bar even if the music makes Stef want to rip his hair out by the roots.

But Stef is also a hardcore Lord of the Rings fanboy. So, when he gets the chance to go on a horse trek to the iconic film locations in the Southern Alps, he sucks up his fear of the gigantic animals and his allergy to camping for the chance to let his nerd flag fly. But when his mate pulls out at the last minute, Stef is left to negotiate the horses, the wrath of mother nature, and an inconvenient crush on the cowboy leading the tour.

City meets country and the sparks fly.

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Book Reviews ~ His Accidental Daddy by Luna David


His Accidental Daddy by Luna David

Out Now!


With the deck stacked against him from birth, Asher Simmons lives a quiet, simple life. He talks to plants more than he does humans and prefers it that way. Though he’s always felt like something is missing, understanding what that is and how to get it feels like an insurmountable task.

Making a living out of helping others achieve their professional dreams serves to help Thornton Hayes realize his own. He’s also a Daddy, through and through, and Thornton’s one dream of finding a boy who needs a man to take care of his every need is one he’s had no luck of fulfilling.

When a terrible accident brings the two men together, neither of them expect their intense connection. Has Daddy found a little he can pamper, protect, and provide for, or will Asher deny every instinct he has to regress?

Universal Link

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Book Reviews: Lucien (The Marchesi Family Book 1) by Silvia Violet

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Lucien is Out Now!

Lucien Ebook

The Marchesi Family, Book 1

I never imagined the protector I longed for would be a mob boss who demanded complete control.
I should never have gone to Lucien’s office.
Once I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t leave.
He commanded me to kneel.
I couldn’t help myself.
One taste, and I craved more.
Lucien vowed to protect me from his enemies…
But who’s going to protect my heart from him?

Lucien is the first book in Silvia’s new The Marchesi Family Series and contains BDSM, impact play, questionable consent, scenes of mafia violence. It’s not extremely dark, more dark-lite

Universal Link

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