Blog Tour: Of Our Own Device by MK South (Guest Post + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Of Our Own Device

Author: M.K. South

Publisher: BookBaby

Release Date: March 2017

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 874 pages

Genre: Thriller/Suspense, Historical spy thriller

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What do you do when you realize that the American Dream you’ve been working for so hard is not enough if it will be yours and yours alone? And that what you’re told to do will destroy the only true friend you’ve ever had?

Summer of 1985. Jack Smith is a rookie CIA case officer posted at the American Embassy in Moscow. Despite his gregarious nature, Jack is a lonely man: not only is he a reluctant spy, he is also gay. When he meets Eton Volkonsky, a talented nuclear physics student, Jack’s bosses instruct him to develop the Russian as a future agent. Their friendship deepens, and Jack is torn between his suspicion that Eton and friends are with the KGB and his attraction to the man. But he continues telling himself and his bosses that he is just doing his job, developing his agent. Only when he leaves Russia does Jack admit that he has been fooling himself all the while. He takes on assignments in various countries, with a hope that eventually they will get him back to Moscow.

As introspection and growing doubts about what he does for living torment Jack, the world is buffeted by a whirlwind of dramatic events – diplomatic and spy wars, the rise of AIDS, the Chernobyl catastrophe, the war in Afghanistan and the disintegration of the communist bloc.

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Blog Tour ~ Claiming Marcus (Lords of Discord #1) by Jocelyn Drake (Review + Guest Post +Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Claiming Marcus

Series: Lords of Discord #1

Author: Jocelynn Drake

Publisher: Indie

Release Date: 10/31/2019

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 100,000

Genre: Romance, paranormal romance

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Vampires slaughtered my family.

No one believed me until I met some new friends, who promised to help me get justice.

But nothing prepared me for Marcus Varik.

Tall, dark, and mind-numbingly sexy.

But he’s also shy, protective, and adorably eccentric.

Oh God, I should have never agreed to betray him.

Hopefully, it’s not too late to fix my mistake before I lose more people I love.

Claiming Marcus is the first book in an MM paranormal romance series that has vampires, betrayal, annoying brothers, music, heartbreak, hope, sexy times, and a raven named Ozzie. Continue reading “Blog Tour ~ Claiming Marcus (Lords of Discord #1) by Jocelyn Drake (Review + Guest Post +Excerpt + Giveaway)”

Blog Tour: Taking Shield Series by Anna Butler (Guest Post + Giveaway)


What’s military sci fi without a bit of conflict, eh?


Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict 
shows you the kind of people they are.
Stephen Moyer

Even if the Taking Shield series wasn’t all about an interstellar war, it would need conflict. If the characters having nothing to fight against, nothing that gets between them and what they want, then a story has no excitement and tension. If there’s no conflict, if the characters have nothing to overcome, then what’s going to make people keep on reading rather than toss the books aside with a complaint about how boring it all is?

Thankfully, I’ve got quite a bit of conflict on offer. Taking Shield is all about it, and on the grandest of scales. Humanity is fighting a war to the death with an alien race it has never even seen. So we have explosions, ships blowing up, handsome young men running around with lasers against fearsome cyborg warriors, colonies being overrun, raids behind enemy lines… for Bennet and Flynn, my heroes, that sort of thing is just the day job.

Now, I know it’s perverse, but as a reader, I soon tire of nothing explosions and lasers, and I want something more engaging than yet another big choreographed space battle.

The trick is to make that huge interstellar conflict more human.

Probably the only people who see the totality of the war with the Maess are sitting back on Albion, moving the forces hither and yon to counter attacks or to spearhead them into enemy territory. For most of the people fighting, that’s too vast a canvas to see, except in the tiny corner where they’re standing. That’s the corner Taking Shield is mostly focused on, showing how Bennet or Flynn deal with it all. The big war goes on around them, with battle and destruction and spaceships going up in a flash of flame, but as a writer I’ve been far more interested who Bennet and Flynn really are, why they’ve ended up as they have, who they love, who they quarrel with, how they grow.

Take Bennet, who’s my main hero (and quite possibly the love of my life, but that’s another story!). Bennet is not only fighting his little corner of a big war, but he’s facing up to a whole host of conflicts in his life. He’s a man who’s been shaped by his family’s long tradition of military service, used to putting duty and service first and his own desires and ambitions second. At the beginning of the series, he’s estranged from his father, and they have to work hard to reach and understanding and mutual forgiveness. He’s been in one emotionally draining, contorted relationship with his lover Joss, and now faces another when Flynn walks into his carefully controlled life when they both know the demands of the war will constantly pull them apart. As well as his day job with the Shield Regiment, he moonlights as an intelligence analyst with the Military Strategy Unit—he know far more about the conduct of the war than most people his rank and seniority, and what he knows horrifies him. He hates politics and politicians with a passion, yet is constantly pulled into the political game just because of that intelligence job. All of that, and how Bennet reacts and deals with it, is what Taking Shield is all about.

Taking Shield isn’t a romance, but it is a love story about two people caught up in something huge and threatening, who have to fight their personal battles as well as the big cyborg warriors, whose lives are all drama and conflict, stress and war. It plays out over several years against that backdrop of war and loss, where service and honour are always in conflict with love and desire. And at the end…

Yes, well. At the end, comes the greatest conflict of all.

Despite the military sci-fi tropes, despite the grand drama, I hope that you’ll give it a chance and see what sort of people Bennet and Flynn are. And that you’ll come to care about what happens to them, and hope, as they do, for a bit of peace and quiet to be together…

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Virtual Book Tour: Dancing with the Lion: Rise by Jeanne Reames (Guest Post + Giveaway)

About Dancing with the Lion: Rise

The story of Alexander before he became “the Great.”

Finished with schooling, Alexandros is appointed regent of Makedon while his father is away on campaign. He thrives with his new authority—this is the role he was born for—yet it creates conflict with his mother and Hephaistion. And when his soldiers, whom he leads with unexpected skill, start to call him “The Little King,” his father is less than delighted.

Tensions escalate between Alexandros and his father, and between Makedon and the city-states of southern Greece. As the drums of war sound, king and crown prince quarrel during their march to meet the Greeks in combat. Among other things, his father wants to know he can produce heirs, and thinks he should take a mistress, an idea Alexandros resists.

After the south is pacified, friction remains between Alexandros and the king. Hostilities explode at festivities for his father’s latest wedding, forcing Alexandros to flee in the middle of the night with his mother and Hephaistion. The rigors of exile strain his relationships, but the path to the throne will be his biggest challenge yet: a face-off for power between the talented young cub and the seasoned old lion.

Available now from Riptide Publishing!


About the Series

Alexandros is expected to command, not to crave the warmth of friendship with an equal. In a kingdom where his shrewd mother and sister are deemed inferior for their sex, and his love for Hephaistion could be seen as submission to an older boy, Alexandros longs to be a human being when everyone but Hephaistion just wants him to be a king.

Check out the series today!

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Blog Tour ~ The Shoreless Sea by J. Scott Coatsworth (Guest Post + Excerpt + Giveaway)

The Shoreless Sea - J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth has a new queer sci fi book out, the final book in his Liminal Sky trilogy: “The Shoreless Sea.” And books one and two are on sale!

As the epic trilogy hurtles toward its conclusion, the fight for the future isn’t over yet. It could lead to a new beginning, or it might spell the end for the last vestiges of humankind.

The generation ship Forever has left Earth behind, but a piece of the old civilization lives on in the Inthworld—a virtual realm that retains memories of Earth’s technological wonders and vices. A being named Lilith leads the uprising, and if she succeeds in setting its inhabitants free, they could destroy Forever.

But during the generation ship’s decades-long voyage, humanity has evolved. Liminals with the ability to connect with the world mind and the Inthworld provide a glimmer of hope. They’ll have to face not only Lilith’s minions, but also the mistrust of their own kind and persecution from a new government as homotypicals continue to fear what they can’t understand.

The invasion must be stopped, the Inthworld must be healed, and the people of Forever must let go of their past and embrace what they’re meant to become.

Series Blurb:

Humankind is on its way to the stars, a journey that will change it forever. Each of the stories in Liminal Sky explores that future through the lens of a generation ship, where the line between science fiction and fantasy often blurs. At times both pessimistic and very hopeful, Liminal Sky thrusts you into a future few would ever have imagined.

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Get Books One and Two on Sale!

Liminal Sky Series sale

The eBook for book one in the Liminal Sky trilogy, “The Stark Divide,” is just 99¢, and book two, “The Rising Tide,” is $1.99 at all vendors:

The Stark Divide Buy Links – 99¢Dreamspinner | Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play

The Rising Tide Buy Links – $1.99Dreamspinner | Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play

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Blog Tour ~ Neon Saturday Night by Julia McBryant (Guest Post + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Neon Saturday Night - Julia McBryant

Julia McBryant has a new MM contemporary romance out: Neon Saturday Night. And there’s a giveaway!

Audie and Calhoun continue their long-distance relationship through college. They sneak off to Myrtle Beach. Audie drives to Charleston when Calhoun gets the flu.

They meet for a fake fishing trip on the Outer Banks. But Audie needs to belong, and because of his traumatic past, he feels like he has little to offer in a committed relationship. While he and Calhoun have fun together, they also have a difficult time negotiating Audie’s need to give as much as he takes and build an authentic relationship together.

Calhoun says his job is to learn to be loved. But Audie wants to be more than a fun top and a tragic boyfriend.

Series Blurb:

The Southern Seduction series chronicles the interconnected lives of a group of well-off, high society young adults in Savannah, Georgia, most of whom have known each other since kindergarten. Their complicated relationships (and unconventional sexcapades) form the meat of the series, along with a careful attention to chronology, character, and prose. More than romantic erotica, the Southern Seduction series details a fully realized world of drama, theme, and most of all, memorable characters.

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Review Tour: Goalie Interference by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn (Review + Teaser + Q&A)

Goalie Interference by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn

Series (name + # in series): Hat Trick Series, #2

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date (Print & Ebook):

Ebook: September 30, 2019

Print: October 1, 2019

Length (Print & Ebook): 

Ebook: 75,000 words (approx.)

Print: 297 pages (approx.)

Subgenre: Contemporary romance, hockey romance, m/m

Warnings: tense family situations, racial microaggressions (called out on page) 

All buy links or pre-order links:

Universal link:


Book synopsis:

It’s goalie vs. goalie in this brand-new enemies-to-lovers hockey romance from Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn…

Ryu Mori has had a stellar season as goalie for the Atlanta Venom. So when he’s called into management’s office, he’s expecting to hear he’s the new starting goalie for the team, not that some new guy—an incredibly hot, annoyingly bratty rookie—is here to compete for his spot.

Not everyone gets to play in the best league in the world. Emmitt Armstrong knows that, and he’s not about to waste the opportunity after grinding his way from the bottom to the top. If the Venom are looking for a meek, mild-mannered pushover, they’ve got the wrong guy.

Ryu doesn’t want to admit the other goalie’s smart mouth turns him on. Beating Armstrong at practice feels good, sure, but there are other, more fun ways to shut his rival up.

In this league, it’s winner takes all. But there’s more to life than winning, and if Emmitt and Ryu can get past their egos and competitive natures, they might just discover they work better as partners than they ever imagined possible.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise! Continue reading “Review Tour: Goalie Interference by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn (Review + Teaser + Q&A)”