Retro Audiobook Review ~ Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Title: Cop Town

By: Karin Slaughter

Narrated by: Kathleen Early

Length: 14 hrs and 27 mins

Release date: 06-24-14

Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Amazon  |  Audible

Atlanta, 1974: As a brutal murder and a furious manhunt rock the city’s police department, Kate Murphy wonders if her first day on the job will also be her last. She’s determined to defy her privileged background by making her own way—wearing a badge and carrying a gun. But for a beautiful young woman, life will be anything but easy in the macho world of the Atlanta PD, where even the female cops have little mercy for rookies. It’s also the worst day possible to start given that a beloved cop has been gunned down, his brothers in blue are out for blood, and the city is on the edge of war.

Kate isn’t the only woman on the force who’s feeling the heat. Maggie Lawson followed her uncle and brother into the ranks to prove her worth in their cynical eyes. When she and Kate, her new partner, are pushed out of the citywide search for a cop killer, their fury, pain, and pride finally reach the boiling point. With a killer poised to strike again, they will pursue their own line of investigation, risking everything as they venture into the city’s darkest heart.

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Audiobook Review ~ Missing Molly by Natalie Barelli

Title: Missing Molly

By: Natalie Barelli

Narrated by: Lucy Price-Lewis
Length: 7 hrs and 56 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 01-29-19
Language: English
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC

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Publisher’s Summary

Everyone has secrets, and Rachel Holloway is no exception. She’s worked hard to keep the past where it belongs: dead and buried. And so far, she’s been very successful. But now the small newspaper where she works wants to produce a podcast on a cold case: the disappearance 12 years ago of young Molly Forster.

Some secrets should never see the light of day, and, as far as Rachel is concerned, whatever happened to little Molly is one of them. Rachel has a life now – a boyfriend she loves and a three-year-old daughter she adores – and she will do anything to protect them. But to do that, no one can ever know that she is Molly Forster.

©2018 Dreamscape Media, LLC (P)2019 Dreamscape Media, LLC


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Release Blitz: A Healing Story by Abrianna Denae (Series Review + Exclusive Excerpt)

Title: A Healing Story

Series: Stories, book 3
Author: Abrianna Denae
Get book 1 for .99¢ until July 12th:

Matthias Harthorn is drowning. For years he’s hidden his pain by hurting the one person who should have been able to rely on him—his younger brother, Jameson. Years of guilt, regret, and confusion build up until he’s barely able to get through the day sober.

Then one night a handsome stranger comes along and offers him a reprieve from it all. Making him question everything he thought he knew.

Neil Denning is the last man Matthias should be spending time with. Not only do his dark, piercing eyes see things that they shouldn’t—things that no one has before—but his connection to Jameson makes their budding friendship all the more off-limits. Yet no matter what the excuse, Neil doesn’t let Matthias get away with anything, forcing him to address his problems. Soon its not just Neil’s calm and matter of fact attitude that has Matthias ensnared.

With every touch and laugh shared together they grow closer. Until the door to Matthias’ ugly past swings back open, forcing him to deal with emotions and memories long since buried, in order to finally be happy. But the path that leads to healing will force Matthias to be honest with not only himself and Neil, but also the brother he so callously threw away. He’ll need to choose between letting go and living open or lose everything he’s come to care about.

*Though this book can stand alone, the author suggests that book 1, A Love Story be read first for better enjoyment.*


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Blog Tour: The Aztec Alphas Lost And Found (The Aztec Alphas #4) by F.R. D’Angelo (Review + Excerpt)


Book Title: The Aztec Alphas Lost & Found (The Aztec Alphas #4)

Author: F.R D’Angelo

Publisher: Self-published.

Cover Artist: Rainbow Danger Designs (Zoe Perdita)

Release Date: June 27, 2020

Genre/s: Shifter Paranormal MM Romance

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 72 500 words/182 pages

It is not a standalone book.



Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK




Catch up with The Aztec pack, as four traitors are found Azkin offers a compromise in order to save the packs Omegas, will the traitors take him up on it or will they run?

Aztec Warriors Angel and Brad are not happy to sit this one out, in order to keep many omegas safe, they agree. Many first rescue omegas are now much stronger and have been training with Warrior omega Scotty in secret.

The omegas want equality and too fully train with the main Aztec protectors and warriors, the only way to allow that is to go head to head in war games with the Aztec protectors, as mate is pitied against mate will the omegas back down?

The pack is attacked from all sides by a force of Theta wolves, attempting to steal pregnant omegas, Azkin puts a kill order on those who dare come onto Aztec pack lands.

Stragglers from packs across the United States start to arrive in a pitiful condition, Azkin turns to the Ancestors for guidance.

As the prophecy looks like it will unravel, The Warriors need to prepare to enter the Callum Medical Facility to bring home Joe’s mate, Adam, though surprise awaits Joe inside the facility.

Follow the Aztec pack, as each new rescue brings heartache, pain, and hope. More twists and turns as some loopholes are closed and others are opening up.


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Audio Tour: The Proposal by Piper Scott (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Audio Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Proposal by Piper Scott

Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo


Single Dad Support Group, Book 2

Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins


After four years spent apart, Aaron is on his way home to marry the love of his life—his best friend. The proposal? It’s about to end in disaster.

Dedicated, determined, and head-over-heels in love, Aaron is ready to settle down with the man of his dreams—his best friend, Gage. With a prestigious degree under his belt, a promising career ahead of him, and a loving boyfriend to pamper and spoil for the rest of their lives, the future is brighter than it’s ever been.

Isn’t it?

The lie Gage has been living for the last four years is about to fall apart, and there’s only one way he can see himself holding it together. The proposal? It’s everything he’s ever wanted, but something he might never be able to have…

When the steamiest summer of Gage’s life leaves him pregnant with Aaron’s child, Gage knows what he has to do. He’s made Aaron a promise, and the future of their family depends on it.

Forced to keep his son a secret from everyone—even Aaron—Gage does whatever it takes in order to keep a roof over their heads. But when his child gets sick and Gage can’t afford medical treatment, he has a difficult choice to make.

How far will he go to keep his future family together?

When an unexpected reunion brings Aaron and Gage back together, they’re faced with a choice: overcome the obstacles standing in their way to becoming a happy family, or accept that the proposal they’ve both been dreaming of is never going to happen.

The Proposal is a 70,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, a live stream you’re never going to forget, pretty pearls in naughty places, and a love that neither time nor distance can tear apart.


Universal Link (Audio)

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Single Dad Support Group Series Link

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Blog Tour: Dire Warning by Mary Rundle (Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Dire Warning Audio - Mary Rundle

Mary Rundle has just released the audio version of “Dire Warning,” book one of the Blackwood Pack series.

The Blackwood Pack saga begins…

Follow the journey of the Blackwood Pack, seven brothers who are wolf shifters in search of their fated mates – stories about love at first sight with twists and turns, angst and humor, romance and adventure. Each book has two men who meet, fall in love, mate and achieve an HEA but the stories also chronicle the continuing saga of the Blackwood Pack.

For more than 100 years, Steel, one of the last Dire Wolves, has been looking for his mate the Fates promised him. Discouraged after meeting his latest date, he takes a short cut home, seeing in a naked hitchhiker everything he envisions the man of his dreams to be. His wolf and body tell him the man is his fated mate but why can’t he pick up his scent?

Robbed of his car, clothes and money, Jackson, Alpha of the Blackwood Pack, is left with no choice but to thumb a lift, frantic to get home to his six brothers. He’s been protecting them from a rival pack who massacred most of his family and wants to finish off the rest. When Steel rolls down his window, Jackson knows he’s found his fated mate but it would be too dangerous to claim him with his pack under attack.

After the intervention of an Oracle and a Witch, Jackson finds the Fates gave him an unusual gift that made him unique– and just for Steel. Navigating the mine field this revelation brings, Jackson and Steel must figure out how to make their relationship work while dealing with external forces determined to kill them and the rest of the Blackwood pack.

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Audio Tour: The Problem by Piper Scott (Review + Excerpt +


Audio Review Tour: The Problem by Piper Scott

Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo


Length: 8 hrs and 27 mins

Single Dads Support Group, Book 1


Laurence’s new lover is half his age. The problem? His relationship is about to make his life a lot more complicated….

Successful, sensible, and settled in his ways, single dad Laurence isn’t looking for love when he runs into the young man who sweeps him off his feet…and onto his knees. With an upcoming raise on the line and a son to care for, he can’t let an unconventional relationship jeopardize the future of his family. He’s a parent first and a lover second, and that’s the way it has to be.


The only thing Alex loves more than older men is being filthy with them. The problem? Sometimes, it backfires in the worst ways.

Up-and-coming painter Alex is broken in ways others can’t see, and he copes with the pain by drowning himself in experience – especially experienced men. But when he crosses paths with Laurence, he finds himself drawn down an avenue of life he’s sworn he’ll never visit again.

Men are meant to be disposable, and Laurence is only supposed to be a hookup…so why does Alex feel so safe whenever he’s around?

When a matter of concealed identity threatens Laurence and Alex’s bond, they have a choice – rise above the forces that seek to divide them and find happiness with each other, or let their problems grow too great to conquer.

The Problem is an 81,000-word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, the naughtiest lace panties you’ll ever hear about, and the gradual development of a relationship between a Daddy and his boy.

Universal Link (Audio)

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Single Dad Support Group Series Link

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Release Blitz ~ Wreck Me Forever (Polished P&P Series Book#1) by Lila Rose (Review + Excerpt)

Title: Wreck Me Forever
Series: Polished P & P #1
Author: Lila Rose
Genre: MM Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2020


Lucas Storey’s life is all about college, studying, and finishing his medical degree.
That’s until he moves in with his older brother and meets his motorcycle club
friends. Only, new people make Lucas nervous, almost to the extent of peeing
himself, but he soon realises they’re great people and will accept him as he is.
Now, if only he can stop thinking of a certain grumpy biker, things will be good.
Never before has Wade “Wreck” Williams noticed the same sex, or at least not until
Lucas crashes into their lives. And notice Lucas he does. But that’s not all.
He wants to get to know the man, and he kind of likes looking at Lucas too.
None of it makes sense, and Wreck will fight it for that reason alone.
When Lucas thinks he can go out with a someone who’s not Wreck—and jealously rears its
ugly head to a point Wreck just has to step in—it’s clear that he may just be
wrecked forever.

New Release Review ~ Borderland by F.E. Feely Jr. and Jamie Fessenden

They were young.
In the prime of life and recently married.
And then the diagnosis came.

George and Jason make arrangements to travel back to George’s home state of Vermont so he may pass away in the town where he grew up, but a terrible storm diverts the couple into the gates of an out-of-the-way hotel called Borderland.Sure, the employees are well dressed and polite. Sure, the food and entertainment are old-time fare. But it’s all a schtick, right?Or is there something far more sinister at work here?

Welcome to the Borderland Hotel, where you may check in, but you’ll never, ever leave.

Amazon  |  Goodreads

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Release Blitz ~ Deserted (Auctioned Book 3) by Cara Dee (Reviews + Excerpt)

Title: Deserted
Cara Dee
Auctioned, Book 3
Standalone: No
Gay Romance/Romantic Suspense
May to December, Family, Organized Crime, Military, Kidnapping

Available on Amazon:



Deserted is the third book in the Auctioned Series, following book 1, Auctioned, and book 2, Stranded.

Gray Nolan had survived a kidnapping where he was supposed to have been auctioned off to the highest bidder. He had also survived being stranded on an island, under siege from a different set of foes, and throughout the hell they’d all endured, their motto had been “Leave no man behind.”

Recovery was different. Gray wanted to be left alone to fight his demons—and to get over the attachment he’d formed for the man who’d saved him more than once. But in a time when darkness threatened to consume him, salvation arrived as he set out to uphold the promise he’d made to a friend. Eight-year-old Jayden stormed into his life, fresh off the streets of Philadelphia, and lit up Gray’s bleak existence.

Darius Quinn had known that Gray was going to close himself in and run away after everything they’d been through. But he was determined to follow and watch over the young man who should have been just a paycheck. Something about Gray prevented Darius from staying in his preferred role of passive observer, and he couldn’t let Gray carry out his last commitment alone.

What started out as a cross-country road trip to guide them home to Washington was quickly turning into a journey with a destination that scared the life out of Darius. He’d never wanted that kind of future before, and now he was gearing up to fight for it.

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Audiobook Series Tour: Kick Off (The District Line Series #1) by CF White (Review + Audio Excerpt + Author Interview)

Audiobook Series Tour: The District Line by CF White

Author: C.F. White

Narrator: Piers Ryman

Length: 7 hours 38 minutes

Series: The District Line, Book 1

Release date: Dec. 11, 2019

Publisher: C.F. White

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

What happens when opposite sides of the track collide?

East Londoner Jay Ruttman has only ever wanted one thing: to be a professional footballer. But after a disastrous brawl on the pitch gets him released from his pro-academy, he has to follow plan B and enrolls as a university sports scholar. Head down, train hard, and get scouted is his motto…until he crashes into the man who might just shoot his dreams out of the park.

Kensington elite Sebastian (Seb) Saunders has only ever wanted one thing: to be a rock star. But his father has other plans for him, including taking the helm of his multimillion pound new business venture across the pond. Live it up, chase the dream, and rock out for as long as he can is his mantra…until he crashes into the man who might just rock his world off its scale.

Jay and Seb live at opposite ends of London’s District Line, separated by wealth, status, family traditions, and their own lifelong dreams. This startling and gritty contemporary romance story sees them both having to overcome barriers, face fears, and beat rejection to fight for the love they need to achieve it all.


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Release Blitz: Hazardous Things (Star Shadow #3) by Beth Bolden (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Hazardous Things (Star Shadow, #3)

Author: Beth Bolden

Publisher: Beth Bolden Books

Cover Artist: Cate Ashwood Designs

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Genre/s: MM Rock Star Romance, Friends to Lovers,

Bisexual Awakening, Forced Proximity

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 80 000 words

It is NOT a standalone story. Reviewers/readers need to have read either Terrible Things or both Terrible Things and Impossible Things.



Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link

Amazon US | Amazon UK




Felix Humphries can’t even remember the first time he crushed on Star Shadow’s drummer, Max McCloud.

It’s been an embarrassingly long time, but he’s still never acted on his feelings. One, because Max is his older brother’s best friend. Two, because Max is also his friend. Three, Max is technically his boss. And four, worst of all, Max is straight.

But when Max unexpectedly needs a caretaker for a few weeks, Felix can’t leave his friend in the lurch. He’s all ready to suffer through being so close but not close enough, when the unexpected happens.

Max isn’t straight after all, and what Max wants is Felix—but only in his bed, not in his heart.

Hazardous Things is the third book in the Star Shadow series and should not be read as a standalone.


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Review Tour ~ Stranded (In Midsummer #1) by Jessica Frances (Giveaway)

Title: Stranded
Series: In Midsummer #1
Author: Jessica Frances
Genre: M/M Mystery Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2020
One small town. One hot sheriff. One night of passion. One massive cold shoulder. One murder. One suspect. One chance.
I’m furious when my car breaks down in the small, quiet town of Midsummer, Arkansas. Then I meet the incredibly hot town sheriff and hope that things might be looking up. Unfortunately, that encounter sours fast, leaving me ready to put this town in my rearview mirror. That won’t be easy though, since my car has left me stranded here. Now I’m trapped in a town that has nothing to offer me.
Or does it?
When an opportunity presents itself that could see me staying longer than expected, I begin to notice Midsummer’s charm. I start to wonder if maybe staying won’t be such a bad thing. Even the sheriff is beginning to thaw toward me.
That is until someone commits murder and I become the number one suspect.
Can I convince everyone I’m not the murderer? Or will the real killer walk free?

Blog Tour ~ Little Hoodlum (Hood River Hoodlums, Book 2) by K Webster (Reviews + Giveaway)

Little Hoodlum

Hood River Hoodlums, Book 2
by K Webster
Publication Date: May 28, 2020
Genres: High School Bully Romance

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple Books | Eden Books

From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes a forbidden best friend’s little sister romance called Little Hoodlum!

There are few people in this world I thought I could count on.
My brother. My two best friends. And him.
Jordy Martinez.

Problem is, Jordy thought protecting me was his sole mission in life.
He gave up everything for me and my brother, including his freedom.

Losing him left me hollow and empty.
But after three long years, I’ve learned to live without him.

Until I get mixed up with a guy who has dangerous connections in Hood River and everything begins to crash down around me just in time for my senior year of high school.

Possessive boyfriend with a penchant for violence.
Best friend turned enemy.
Fights with my big brother.

Everything’s a mess and I’m not sure there’s any fixing it.
I might just need that bully ex-convict who’ll do anything—again—to keep me safe.

All I want is peace, happiness, and love.
And I won’t go down without a fight in order to get it.
I’m a Hoodlum after all.

They call me Little Hoodlum, but I’m not so little anymore…

This is a full-length high school friends-to-lovers, forbidden, and new adult romance with high angst, suspense, and gutting emotion. It’s book two in the Hood River Hoodlum series that will have interlinking storylines. Little Hoodlum shouldn’t be read as a standalone and is the continuation of a four-book planned series that gives each Hoodlum a book. The first book in the series is the only MM story. The others, including this one, are MF.

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Release Blitz ~ Better Be Sure (Harrison Campus #1) by Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday (Review + Giveaway)

Better Be Sure by Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday

Series: Harrison Campus #1

Publisher: Andy Gallo & Anyta Sunday (Self Published)

Release Date (Print & Ebook): June 1, 2020

Length (Print & Ebook): Print – 242 pages, eBook – 60,000 words


“Better Be Sure” is a sweet, slow burn M/M romance with a heart-pounding HEA. This New Adult, college, opposite sides of the tracks novel can be read as a standalone and in any order.

Start reading now:


Book synopsis:

Orphan Jackson Murphy just staked his legacy on a bet.

Holy shit, his impulsive ass is in trouble.

Bring a guy to the fraternity formal? Pfft. Easy. Won’t be him getting kicked out of the house.

So what if his luck with guys on campus has been shitty? Ed Knowles is Jack’s winning ticket.

Tall, handsome, hardworking—and he doesn’t go to Harrison. One serendipitous meeting, and sparks—and coffee cups—are flying.

But with every stolen look, every secret kiss, every clandestine touch Ed becomes more than just an answer to a bet.

And these cloak-and-dagger meetings that set Jack on fire? They mask one tiny, enormous obstacle: Ed’s not out.

What does Jack do now?

Hold on to his legacy… or his heart?

“Better Be Sure” is a sweet, slow burn M/M romance with a heart-pounding HEA. This New Adult, college, opposite sides of the tracks novel can be read as a standalone and in any order.

What authors Andy Gallo & Anyta Sunday say about this release:

We want readers to enjoy a good, new adult romance with two MCs who help each other overcome what’s holding them back from finding love.

Release Blitz Teaser:

Before the kid could pass, someone bumped him hard enough to knock him off balance. Unprepared for the contact, he watched his much needed caffeine and sugar splatter over the floor.

“Oh fuck, sorry.”

Jack twisted around, a fire in his eye that cooled off instantly. Tall Hot Guy quickly shoved his phone in his pocket, looking totally cute as he gawked wide-eyed at the mess he’d caused. The flush of red to his cheeks had Jack staring. “It’s all right.”

“Oh man, I’m so sorry.” Casting about for a place to put his bag, Tall Hot Guy settled on the counter and started snapping up napkins by the handful. He bent over to spread them on the tiles, and the waistband of his dark blue boxers peeked above his jeans. Jack’s gaze lingered a moment.

4.5 Stars

Isn’t it funny how one simple act can set up a new direction for your future? Jack is shopping for a birthday gift for his best friend when he is accidentally bumped while holding a cup of coffee. Ed, labeled in Jack’s mind as the tall hot guy, replaces the ruined drink and the two men start to chat. Jack can’t tell if he is gay and the signals are pretty mixed. Feeling slightly down, he grabs his phone and leaves the store. This sets up a new series of events that throw the men together again.

Jack’s backstory is sad but he has the support of Marcus, who is like a brother to him. Jack lives at his frat house, the Pi Kappa Phi, which is steeped in familial memories for him. A mean-spirited fraternity member named Harper goads Jack into an argument and a ridiculous bet. He dares Jack to attend their annual formal dance with a date, making them the first gay couple to participate. A bad break-up has made Jack leery of dating again and some nasty rumors were spread by his ex, so he is not so comfortable with the challenge. Unfortunately, the bully pushes him to accept the dare and the loser will have to leave the frat dorms. This place is special to Jack, so losing is not an option.

Ed and Jack find that their mutual attraction cannot be ignored. Of course, it can’t be simple. Ed is firmly and as far as he is concerned, permanently in the closet. Jack normally would never consider a relationship with these stipulations but he really starts to care for the man. Jack is in a difficult spot. He feels he can’t ask Ed to the dance as it would unfair to pressure him and on the same token he feels guilty asking anyone else to go. There are other factors at stake but I don’t want to give away spoilers so you will have to find out why this predicament is so hard for him. All Jack wants is a solid partner, not someone to pretend. Poor Ed has intense feelings for Jack but is so scared to act on them.

This remarkably tender story featured two sweet and thoughtful young men caught up in the perceived demands of societal expectations. There were no bad guys as both of the men had the right to their feelings. I found myself rooting for their different outlooks to blend into a future together.

I highly recommend this delightful story and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Reading!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement.***


~ * ~ Amys Review ~ * ~

4 Stars
I will admit, not long after starting chapter one, I wondered if I finally reached the age of being too old to read about college kids, fraternities, and college drama. Not long after that, though, the fraternity became more of just a background to the real story, and it became a non-issue. Dating, getting to know another person on a deeper level, and romance is not limited by age. The characters were likable, minus a couple of knuckleheads, and there was an easy flow to the story.

I once read that grief is not linear. Even when you leave the initial state of mourning, the loss doesn’t just disappear in thin air. It lingers, and it can be a companion for life. The authors did a great job with how they wrote Jack’s battles with the loss of his parents. I liked how they didn’t sugarcoat things and had everyone magically fix things for Jack. Ed’s character even states how he doesn’t know how Jack feels, but he offered his support. It gave a realness to the story that I really appreciated.

This is book one of the series, and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading the next book. They are connected by characters we met in this story, so it will be good to catch up with them again. If you’re looking for a fun story, some steamy bits, and low angst, this is your book. I think you’d enjoy it as much, if not more, than I did.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***

3.5 Stars!
It basically started as a bet. Well sort of, kind of, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Jackson Murphy is part of the same fraternity his dad was in, even living in his old room. He feels like he has a connection to him living here, especially since he’s there with his adopted brother and best friend Marcus. Life is pretty good on campus but of course, if he had a guy it would be better. Now with the fraternity’s big formal coming up Jackson is forced to agree to a bet with his arch-rival, he needs to bring a date or he’ll be forced to leave his room and the fraternity for good, something he simply can’t think about doing.

Meeting Ed was like fate, well that is if he’s gay. Ed isn’t just hot, he’s funny and smart. Jack can’t help but fall for Ed. Now how is Jack going to get him to agree to attend his formal? Will he lose the bet and be forced to leave the fraternity?

I’m kind of torn with this one because I really wanted to love it but while I liked some parts, others I just didn’t care for. I wanted to love the characters but I never truly got there. Jack was likable but I often found him to be a bit too immature. I felt awful about him losing his parents but there were times I felt like it was a tiny bit overdone (don’t hate me 😞). Ed was very likable, too, but I didn’t feel like he was easy to connect to. Something was just missing for me.

Overall, it was all just okay to me but I feel that it definitely could potentially be better. I figure this is the first book in the series so it will probably get better as it goes on. I think the authors are talented and I will probably be grabbing the next book when it comes out.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


About the Authors:

Andy Gallo:

Andy Gallo prefers mountains over the beach, coffee over tea, and regardless if you shake it or stir it, he isn’t drinking a martini. He remembers his “good old days” as filled with mullets, disco music, too-short shorts, and too-high socks. Thanks to good shredders and a lack of social media, there is no proof he ever descended into any of those evils.

Andy does not write about personal experiences and no living or deceased ex-boyfriends appear on the pages of his stories. He might subconsciously infuse his characters with some of their less noble qualities, but that is entirely coincidental even if their names are the same. And while Andy leaves the hard sci-fi/fantasy for his alter ego, Andrew, in his mind a touch of the supernatural never derailed a good relationship.

Married and living his own happy every after, Andy helps others find their happy endings in the pages of his stories. He and his husband of more than twenty years spend their days raising their daughter and rubbing elbows with other parents. Embracing his status as the gay dad, Andy sometimes has to remind others that one does want a hint of color even when chasing after their child.

Connect with Andy:




Anyta Sunday:

A bit about me: I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love. Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries. I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy. My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, and Thai.

Connect with Anyta:


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To celebrate the release of Better Be Sure (Harrison Campus #1), the authors are giving away 3 e-copies of Better Be Sure and 3 e-copies of a winner’s choice of any Anyta Sunday book. Must be 18 to enter and win, open internationally.

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