New Release Review ~ Hear Me (Finding Free Book Three) by AM Arthur

Title: Hear Me

Series: Finding Free Book Three)

Author: AM Arthur

Published: January 6, 2020

Pages: 323




On the run from the mate who poisoned and nearly killed him, omega Khory Landry finds unexpected support from a lawyer with influential friends. The entire Danvers clan promises to keep Khory safe and help him press charges—especially eldest son Aeron.

After screwing up big time as a teenager, alpha Aeron Danvers has a plan: finish university, attend the constabulary academy, and become a decorated constable. His plans don’t include feelings for a pregnant omega mated to a dangerous con man. Khory has enough stress without worrying about Aeron’s unexpected feelings for him. The friendship Khory offers has to be enough.

While his lawyer fights Khory’s legal battles, Aeron and Khory fight their blossoming attraction to each other. When Khory’s mate shows up and tries to force him home, Aeron will have to step up or risk losing Khory for good.

A slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romance, HEAR ME is the third book in the “Finding Free” omegaverse series, which is a spin-off of the fan-favorite “Breaking Free” series. This is an original universe featuring mpreg, A/B/O dynamics, heats, knotting and an alpha-dominated society that is starting to see advances in omega rights. Content warnings for dark themes apply. Please see ebook’s interior blurb for an additional content warning.

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Release Day Review ~ Lucky Break (A Clean Slate Ranch Novel) by A.M. Arthur

Title: Lucky Break

Series: Clean Slate Ranch

Author: A.M. Arthur



Welcome to Clean Slate Ranch: home of tight jeans, cowboy boots and rough trails. For some men, it’s a fantasy come true.

Shawn Matthews never imagined he’d be living out of his car, trying to make ends meet, but life doesn’t always go your way—he knows that better than most. When an accident leaves the Clean Slate Ranch shorthanded, Shawn is enlisted to help cook and finds himself bunked next to the sexiest cowboy he’s ever laid eyes on.

The first time Robin Butler spots the new chef, he thinks he’s seeing an actual ghost. Shawn is the spitting image of his late husband, and it spooks the hell out of him. The former rodeo-star-turned-ranch-hand does his best to avoid the soft-spoken cook—except it’s kind of tough when the man makes the best damn grub this side of the Mississippi and has a boy-next-door charm that’s impossible to resist.

Even though the tension between them practically sizzles, Shawn doesn’t do hookups and Robin isn’t ready for a new relationship. Besides, Robin can tell Shawn’s been hurt and deserves a partner who isn’t saddled with a tragic past. But chemistry doesn’t lie. Maybe finding each other—and a second chance at love—is the lucky break they both need.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

This book is approximately 99,000 words

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New Release Review ~ Waiting For You: Neighborhood Shindig #3 by A.M. Arthur

Title: Waiting For You: Neighborhood Shindig #3

Author: A.M. Arthur

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Clancy Jons never expected to fall in love while attending Reynolds College, never mind falling in love with a man, but he did. Clancy fell hard and fast, but his strict, Catholic upbringing and personal insecurities pushed Samir away—and out of the state. Four years later, Clancy accepts a job as the general manager of Neighborhood Shindig—a trendy local place full of food trucks and small businesses—and it brings him face to face with Samir again.

Samir Ford left Reynolds for Philadelphia to start over after Clancy refused to come out and broke his heart, but now Samir is back to help his beloved aunt after a serious stroke. His food truck in Neighborhood Shindig is thriving, and he’s creating new friendships there, but he’s never truly gotten over his first love. A first love who strolls back into his life as Samir’s brand-new boss. A super-hot boss Samir still has feelings for.

After an unexpected, sizzling-hot encounter, both men know they still love each other, but there’s been too much hurt. Too many broken promises. Clancy is a changed man, though, and he vows to prove himself to Samir and earn back his lover’s trust—even if it means coming out to and losing his family’s love. But Samir’s heart is still bruised and wary, and he isn’t sure he can risk it being shattered a second time.

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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Release Day Review ~ Burning For You (Neighborhood Shindig #2) by A.M. Arthur

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Bran Foxwell has crushed on Joel Fisher from afar for years, and now that Joel is happily in love with another guy, Bran has lost his chance. But when uber-sexy Keenan Pratt stumbles over an upset Bran, it’s the perfect opportunity for a no-strings hookup. Except sex with Keenan is hotter and more intense than Bran ever imagined, and despite their no-strings agreement, both men agree to an actual date.

As the middle triplet, Keenan Pratt is devoted to his brothers and they’ve spent the last ten years supporting and protecting each other. When Keenan has the chance to screw around with his own long-time crush Bran, it’s an itch he can’t wait to scratch. But there’s chemistry there neither of them expects and, slowly but surely, what should have been a single hookup turns into more.

But when their family is targeted, the Pratt brothers circle the wagons hard, and Keenan pulls away from Bran exactly when he should be leaning on the other man. Bran wants to be there for Keenan, but old habits run deep and if Keenan can’t learn to trust, he risks losing the best relationship he’s ever had.

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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Blog Tour ~ Melting For You (Neighborhood Shindig Series, Book #1) by A.M. Arthur (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Melting For You Tour Banner

Melting For You

Neighborhood Shindig Series, Book #1

A.M. Arthur

Contemporary MM Romance

Release Date: 06.13.19

melting for you copy

Cover Designer: Sloan J Designs/


After his father’s heart attack, Isaiah Morrell gave up cooking in his own high-end Atlanta restaurant to return home to Reynolds, North Carolina, in order to help his father Thomas heal and to keep an eye on his business Neighborhood Shindig. A collection of food trucks and other small businesses, Shindig is a popular destination in this college town, but Isaiah longs for the fast pace of a big-city kitchen. Until he meets Joel…

Joel Fisher has been out of commission from a serious illness for the better part of a year, but now he’s ready to reclaim his life—except his apartment has been sublet, his partner is missing, and their shared food truck is stripped of everything not attached. In short, Joel has nothing. After an uncomfortable night sleeping on the food truck floor, Isaiah and Thomas Morrell give Joel an offer he can’t refuse: a rented room in their house, as well as their help creating a new food truck concept. Joel hates accepting charity, but he’s hit rock bottom and has nowhere to go but up.

Working with seemingly uptight Isaiah is actually pretty fun, and the pair bonds over a challenge to create a unique grilled cheese sandwich. Light flirting melts into a deeper connection neither man expects, but Isaiah isn’t in Reynolds for much longer, and Joel can’t get attached to the gorgeous professional chef. As Isaiah’s feelings for Joel strengthen and grow, he entertains the idea of staying in Neighborhood Shindig for good—but Joel hasn’t asked him to…

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

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New Release Review: Loved (Breaking Free #8) by A.M. Arthur

Kell Iverson Cross never imagined he’d find so much joy in his life, and he doesn’t take a single moment for granted. His tireless work championing omega rights have made him a bit of a celebrity across the territory, so when his brother Braun suggests Kell be the first omega to run for public office, Kell doesn’t say no right away. It’s a huge risk to their family, though, and Kell isn’t sure the political statement is worth it. It may be more change than the traditionalist citizens of Sansbury are ready for—especially the ones who’ve already painted a target on Kell’s back.

Demir Higgs is barely staying afloat with both university exams and the upcoming medical school entrance test. Add in spending time with his younger brothers, cultivating his relationship with his two boyfriends, and winning over a grieving ten-year-old? He’s exhausted in the best way, because Demir is happy, healthy and in love with two amazing men—men he isn’t always sure truly need him in their lives.

Brandt Lars’s greatest wish came true when his missing bondmate Oliver and their son Eriq came back into his life. Eriq is still grieving the death of his beloved uncle, and he’s standoffish with Demir. But their family is trying to come together—as well as come out to more of their friends as an alpha/omega/beta triad. But when Oliver’s traditionalist parents refuse to accept Demir and threaten to take Eriq away, Demir can’t help wondering if it’s time for him to back out of their relationship for good…

Settle in for the final full-length installment of the BREAKING FREE series, where an accidental secret, a possible surprise pregnancy, a blast from the past, and an unexpected kidnapping combine to shake up the lives of everyone Kell and Demir know and love. But they’ll survive these challenges and changes the same way they always do: as a united and loving family.

NOTE: This is a non-shifter Omegaverse story with alpha/omega/beta dynamics, heats, knotting, mpreg, and MMM pairings. In this world, omegas are second-class citizens, but they are working toward gaining more civil rights and protections under the law. Series warnings for mentions of past physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This series is best read in numerical order.

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