Virtual Book Tour ~ The Signs We Missed by Lena S. May (Excerpt + Giveaway)

The Signs We Missed

by Lena S. May

GENRE: LGBTQIA+ Contemporary Fiction


Thrown out by his mother, 17-year-old Luke hopes to overcome his narcotic addiction and
depression by changing his surroundings. At his new school, he quickly becomes friends with
Sean, but finding that his developing feelings aren’t returned, Luke retreats into old habits.
Determined to hide his self-injurious behavior and an advancing eating disorder, he soon risks
much more than a broken heart.

When Sean meets Luke, the last thing on his mind is falling in love with a boy. Grappling with his
own conflicting emotions and trying to keep them from his suspicious girlfriend, he brushes off
Luke’s strange behavior. But when Luke suddenly cuts him off, Sean is forced to confront the
truth and take action to save his best friend.

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Virtual Book Tour ~ Grayality by Carey PW (Excerpt + Giveaway)


By Carey PW


GENRE: LGBTQIA Contemporary Romance



Love knows no gender.

Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their hometown in hopes for something new.

They land in Cloverleaf, a tiny rural town in Montana, so that Oakley can care for his granny who is battling breast cancer. She pressures the two young men to enroll in a nearby college. Pate immediately becomes enthralled with Maybelle, a young, vivacious freshman to whom he fears revealing his transgender identity. Still, he finds it impossible to resist Maybelle, even after he meets her ex, Bullet, a large, violent man determined to keep Pate away from “his girl.”

But there are others who accept Pate immediately, like Stormy. An outdoorsy, rugged freshman, Stormy warns Pate away from Maybelle and Bullet, but Pate’s too infatuated to heed these warnings.

Oakley tries to support his friend’s new love but finds himself entangled in his own emotional calamity when he unintentionally falls for Jody, a gay and ostentatiously confident drag queen. This new relationship awakens deep internal conflicts in Oakley as he struggles to accept his bisexuality, lashing out at Pate and causing friction between him and Jody.

Oakley must decide if he can overcome his insecurities so he doesn’t lose the love of his life. And Pate must discover if the love between him and Maybelle is strong enough for her to accept him as a transgender man, or if she will break his heart.

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Virtual Book Tour: Old Music for New People by David Biddle (Excerpt + Giveaway)


LGBTQ+ Literary Fiction

Date Published: 12-07-2021

Publisher: The Story Plant


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


It’s the summer of 2013 and 15-year-old Ivy Scattergood has traveled with
her family to their vacation home in Maine. The Scattergoods are a blended,
mixed-race family with old Philadelphia area Quaker roots. Ivy loves the Red
Sox, one single music group at a time (this year it’s Johnnyswim), helping
make dinner every night, and this guy in Maine named Bailey Cooper. Ivy also
has no interest in makeup, heels, dresses, and most of the basic assumptions
people make about what it means to be a teenage girl ― but don’t call her a
Tomboy, at least to her face. Then her cousin Robert from San Diego (also
15) comes to visit — as a beautiful, glamorous young woman who has re-named
herself Rita Gomez. Thus begins a summer where Ivy’s worldview will expand,
where she will discover new layers to herself and those around her, and
where stepping forward into the unknown will emerge as a bold


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Virtual Blog Tour ~ Marry Him by Marina Ford (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Hello! I’m Marina Ford and I’m here to tell you about Marry Him, an MM romantic comedy.

In this story, we follow Joe, a chaos-merchant of an artist, and the history of his relationship with Harry, a man who has his life together, but whose past just won’t stop interfering in his plans. At some point, Joe decides to propose to Harry and that scene was in fact the first scene I imagined when the idea for this book was but a thin wisp of a thought.

I was inspired by my own disastrous proposal story. Let me embarrass myself in public for your pleasure – below!

Follow my tour for my personal and book-related content, and don’t forget leave a comment! You could win a $15 Riptide voucher! You know what’s better than one MM romance? More MM romance, for free, thanks to the voucher!


Joe and Harry are absolute opposites: Joe is relaxed, laid-back and easy-going, whereas Harry is dynamic, neat, organised and a little controlling. This is great when the organised person organises, and the laid-back person is there to keep a cool head and find a spontaneous solution to sudden, unexpected problems. 

It’s not so great when the laid-back person tries to organise something. 

When Joe decides he wants to propose to Harry, literally everything goes awry. 

When my husband decided he wanted to propose to me… well, we’re married now is all that matters, all right?

First thing to know: I would have accepted him if he’d just asked me, to my face, without any to-do, if I wanted to marry him. I didn’t even particularly care if he had a ring. I was pretty settled in my decision that he’s The One, and despite the genre I love writing so much (romance), I’m actually pretty down to earth in my private life. 

We were long-distance at the time, and sometimes I used to dream of him just driving down or taking the train down from Edinburgh, to pay me an unannounced surprise visit. This was an idea I shared with him, encouraging him to do this (in case he thought I might not want to be surprised in this way—not everybody does, after all, and he’s a sweetheart who wouldn’t dream of imposing himself). 

One day, he was coming down for the weekend, and told me he’d be with me late in the evening. When I called him early in the morning, he didn’t pick up the phone. My thought process was: oh, is he trying to surprise me by arriving early on a day that I am already expecting him? Hmpf. That’s not much of a surprise. I mean, really.

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Virtual Book Tour: Anyone But You by Brien Michaels (Guest Post + Giveaway)

About Anyone But You

Murder is one hell of a drag.

Jack Kieza has a problem. He’s deeply attracted to men, but his homophobic family has left him too afraid to act on it. With his thirtieth birthday around the corner, his curiosity gets the best of him, and he finds himself at a gay club. After spending a fiery night with drag queen Sheila Saltue, everything changes. Especially when he discovers her alter ego: his boss, Ryan Swift.

Ryan knew he should’ve said no the second Jack approached him. Now he can’t stop himself from texting Jack every chance he gets. But Jack won’t let him take the wig off during sex, and being Sheila off-stage is wearing thin.

The more time they spend together, the more intense their feelings get, but Jack isn’t ready to date a man yet. When drag queens start turning up murdered, it forces Jack to reexamine his feelings, because what if Ryan is next? While Jack wants their burgeoning relationship to work, it would mean having to admit who he is to the world. And that’s an idea as frightening as death.

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Virtual Blog Tour ~ Counter Culture by JL Merrow (Giveaway)

Hi, I’m JL Merrow, and I’m delighted to be here today to celebrate the release of my new rom-com, Counter Culture, which features a clash of cultures between a socially conscious steampunk and a stressed-out department store retail worker.

About Counter Culture

Customer service has never been this personal.

Robin Christopher, beleaguered retail worker, isn’t having an easy November. His boss is raising stress levels planning a Black Friday to end all Black Fridays, his family doesn’t understand him, and his best friend thinks his new crush is a hallucination brought on by watching too many episodes of Doctor Who.

Archie Levine dresses in Victorian style and divides his time between caring for his young son and creating weird and wacky steampunk gadgets from bits of old junk—when he’s not looking after his mum and trying to keep on good terms with his ex. The last thing he’s got time for is a relationship, but the flustered young man he met while disembowelling a fridge is proving very tempting.

When his mum’s social conscience is roused by a local store with a cavalier attitude to the homeless, former rough sleeper Archie shares her anger. Little does he know that Robin works for that same store. When Archie finds out he’s sleeping with the enemy, things could cut up very rough indeed.

Available now from Riptide Publishing!

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Virtual Book Tour: Dancing with the Lion: Rise by Jeanne Reames (Guest Post + Giveaway)

About Dancing with the Lion: Rise

The story of Alexander before he became “the Great.”

Finished with schooling, Alexandros is appointed regent of Makedon while his father is away on campaign. He thrives with his new authority—this is the role he was born for—yet it creates conflict with his mother and Hephaistion. And when his soldiers, whom he leads with unexpected skill, start to call him “The Little King,” his father is less than delighted.

Tensions escalate between Alexandros and his father, and between Makedon and the city-states of southern Greece. As the drums of war sound, king and crown prince quarrel during their march to meet the Greeks in combat. Among other things, his father wants to know he can produce heirs, and thinks he should take a mistress, an idea Alexandros resists.

After the south is pacified, friction remains between Alexandros and the king. Hostilities explode at festivities for his father’s latest wedding, forcing Alexandros to flee in the middle of the night with his mother and Hephaistion. The rigors of exile strain his relationships, but the path to the throne will be his biggest challenge yet: a face-off for power between the talented young cub and the seasoned old lion.

Available now from Riptide Publishing!


About the Series

Alexandros is expected to command, not to crave the warmth of friendship with an equal. In a kingdom where his shrewd mother and sister are deemed inferior for their sex, and his love for Hephaistion could be seen as submission to an older boy, Alexandros longs to be a human being when everyone but Hephaistion just wants him to be a king.

Check out the series today!

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Virtual Book Tour: The Musician and the Monster by Jenya Keefe (Review + Giveaway)

About the Book

Hatred is a spell only true love can break.

Ángel Cruz is a dedicated session musician, until loyalty to his estranged family forces him to work for Oberon: the feared and hated envoy from the Otherworld. Overnight, Ángel is taken from his life, his friends, his work, and trapped in a hideous mansion in the middle of nowhere, under constant surveillance, and with only the frightening fae for company.

Oberon’s poor understanding of humans combined with Ángel’s resentment and loneliness threaten to cause real harm to the pair. Then a long winter together in the mansion unites them in their love of music. Slowly, Ángel’s anger thaws, and he begins to realize that Oberon feels alone too.

Gradually, these two souls from different worlds form a connection like none other. But hate and prejudice are powerful things, and it’ll take all the magic of their love to stop the wider world from forcing them apart.

Now available from Riptide Publishing!

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Virtual Book Tour: Love Under Glasse by Kristina Meister (Guest Post + Review + Giveaway)

About Love Under Glasse

This runaway might want to get caught.

El Glasse’s mother controls her life. What she does, who she dates, even what she’s allowed to say. El only has two ways of holding onto her freedom. One is her popular anonymous blog, hidden from Mama Glasse. The other is what she so often blogs about: her feelings for Riley, the girl who works at the ice cream parlor. Riley is fierce, free, and rides a killer motorcycle, and El cannot help but love her. But Mama Glasse can never find out about her sexuality—unless El is willing to rebel. 

When El runs away, Riley feels responsible. She knows what it’s like to be alone, and she can’t deny her deep desire to learn El’s story. In a move she might end up regretting, she makes a devil’s bargain with Mama Glasse to hunt El down.

Riley isn’t trying to bring her home though, because she knows an evil spell when she sees one—a spell of fear and shame El is finally starting to break. This huntress might lose her own heart, but it’s a risk she’s willing to take. 

Available now from Riptide Publishing!

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Virtual Book Tour ~ Relationship Material by (Guest Post + Review + Giveaway)

Hi, I’m Jenya Keefe. Welcome to my blog tour! I’ve been writing for my own pleasure for too many years to count, and now my first novel is being published by Riptide Publishing! It’s called Relationship Material, and I’m delighted to talk with you about it.

Relationship Material is about a guy who had a terrible childhood and suffered a violent assault when he was a teenager. He suffers from PTSD and chronic anxiety, and though he functions well enough in society, he doesn’t feel worthy of the love offered him. It’s about Portland, the love of a good dog, learning to be brave, and being open to joy.

About Relationship Material

It’s not always possible to meet in the middle.

Registered nurse Evan Doyle doesn’t consider himself fit for more than occasional hookups. He has a good life, but the emotional aftermath of a horrific crime makes him feel too damaged to date. So when his sister’s hot bestie, Malcolm Umbertini, comes on to him, he turns him down flat. Mal is Relationship Material: the kind who thinks in the long term. What would Evan do with a man like that?

As a prosecuting attorney, Mal’s learned how to read people, and he knows there’s more to Evan than meets the eye. Mal has faced his own hardships since his family kicked him out as a teen, and he respects Evan’s courage and emotional resilience. More than that, he wants Evan—in his bed and in his life. But can he weather another rejection?

Both wary, they agree to a no-strings fling. Mal knows that Evan wants things to stay casual, but he’s falling in love a little more with each encounter. With health, happiness, and bruised hearts on the line, Mal and Evan must risk everything for love.

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Virtual Book Tour: Dancing with the Lion: Becoming by Jeanne Reames (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Xairē! That’s ancient Greek for “Howdy.” [KHAI-rae]

Welcome to my blog tour for Becoming, Book 1 of the Dancing with the Lion duology, about the young Alexander before he became “the Great.” It’s an historical coming-of-age tale with a love story embedded.

Best known for conquering most of his known world before the ripe old age of 33, Alexander made even Julius Caesar weep (for not being him). But who was he before his meteoric rise? And how did his best friend and lover, Hephaistion, give him the emotional support needed for him to become Megalexandros (the Great Alexander)?

Dancing with the Lion Website:

Contains everything from cut scenes, to videoblogs of Macedonia (Northern Greece, where Alexander grew up), to audio pronunciations of those weird Greek names!

For our GIVE-AWAY, I’m going to offer something a bit different. Yes, there’s a $10 gift certificate from Riptide Publishers. BUT, for the lucky winner, you get your very own scene request. Want to see a scene in the novel from a different character’s point-of-view? Want to know what happened after a scene ended, or before it began? Or is there something you’d like to see that wasn’t in the novel? Ask for it! I’ll write it just for you.

About Dancing with the Lion: Becoming

Two boys, one heroic bond, and the molding of Greece’s greatest son.

Before he became known as Alexander the Great, he was Alexandros, the teenage son of the king of Makedon. Rather than living a life of luxury, as prince he has to be better and learn faster than his peers, tackling problems without any help. One such problem involves his increasingly complicated feelings for his new companion, Hephaistion. 

When Alexandros and Hephaistion go to study under the philosopher Aristoteles, their evolving relationship becomes even harder to navigate. Strength, competition, and status define one’s fate in their world—a world that seems to have little room for the tenderness growing between them. 

Alexandros is expected to command, not to crave the warmth of friendship with an equal. In a kingdom where his shrewd mother and sister are deemed inferior for their sex, and his love for Hephaistion could be seen as submission to an older boy, Alexandros longs to be a human being when everyone but Hephaistion just wants him to be a king.

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