New Release Review ~ Billionaire’s Muse by JP Sayle

Billionaire’s Muse by JP Sayle

Amazon | Goodreads


A body resembling a piece of string, no filter and a waffle to word ratio that causes confusion. None of that seems to matter to Marcus. Will he last the distance when it comes to loving Finlo?

When world renowned photographer, Marcus Crestwell, agrees to do a favour for a friend, he thought it would be a boring photoshoot, but it’s anything but. When he meets Agnes, aka Nanna, and Finlo, the laughter that has been missing from his life returns, thanks to the antics of interfering women, and a man who is fast becoming irresistible every time he opens his mouth.

Finlo Denning’s mind is a lot like spaghetti junction, on a good day. He often finds it hard to stop whatever is in there from spilling right out of his mouth. This means people don’t stick around for long. That is until Nanna and Marcus show up. All Finlo has to do now is survive an interfering Nanna with good intentions, to claim Marcus’s love. What could possibly go wrong?

Billionaire’s Muse (book 3) in Billionaire’s Playground series, is a light-hearted gay-romance with a quirky guy, a hot as hell photographer and a Nanna who always knows best.

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New Release Review ~ Out of Bounds (Browerton University #7) by A.J. Truman

Out of Bounds (Browerton University #7)

by A.J. Truman

Goodreads | Amazon


The plan was simple: Play the Game. Get the glory. Stay in the closet.

But the plan didn’t include my childhood crush walking back into my life. First, he wrecked my concentration. Then my body.

For college jock Cliff, crushing it on the court is all that matters. Yet his tightly maintained status quo begins to unravel when he discovers Brennan, his brother’s smooth-talking best friend, is also on campus.

Brennan’s last minute transfer to Browerton was an escape from a relationship that left his heart in shambles. When he offers to help Cliff with a class project, lessons in sketching give way to sizzling sexual tension – and some fun with neckties.

But as Cliff’s star rises on campus, their relationship becomes less of a release and more of a liability to his NBA aspirations. Brennan fears his heart is bound to be broken again, while Cliff grapples with a decision that’ll come down to the buzzer: the game or the guy?


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New Release Review ~ Pet Me (Toye Shoppe #1) by Angelique Jurd


SERIES: Toye Shoppe #1

AUTHOR: Angelique Jurd

COVER ARTIST: May DawneyDesigns

RELEASE DATE: July 1st, 2021

LENGTH: 80,000 words approx.


There is a lot more to Bailey Richards than just being a shy, awkward man who trips over his own feet and has never been on a date. There is more to Sam Thurston than being the owner of an adult toy shop that has trouble shaking off its skeevy image. Together, they’ll find out what.

After stumbling onto an interesting form of play online, Bailey needs to know more. To explore. Unfortunately that means he needs to buy a … thing. He can’t even say the word in his head without blushing. He needs to buy a tail. Ponies need tails right?

Bailey has found the one he wants and oh how he wants it. The trouble is, not only is the glorious rainbow tail for a unicorn, it’s also been out of Bailey’s price range … until now.

After working in construction most of his life, Sam Thurston bought The Pleasure Palace six months ago with a plan to revive it as something a little more upmarket. It has, however, been more challenging than he expected. Even coming up with a better name than The Pleasure Palace has been problematic.

As if trying to get the shop to finally show a profit while finding a name that doesn’t make him cringe when he answers the phone isn’t hard enough, he keeps getting distracted. There’s a young man who comes in regularly to look at one piece of merchandise: the rainbow tail on display at the back of the store.

Having checked his ID, Sam knows the beautiful man is twenty-five and that his name is Bailey. He also knows that with his long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and fine features, he may be the most beautiful man Sam has ever seen.

Pet Me (The Toye Shoppe 1) is a contemporary MM romance featuring mild kink, a rag-tag group who discover that found family is as strong and beautiful as blood family, and an age-gap romance between two men discovering that the other is exactly the person they were looking for. Oh … and a very beautiful unicorn.


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New Release Reviews ~ Code Red by N.R. Walker

Code Red
N.R. Walker
Publication date: June 24th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

The brighter the spotlight, the darker the shadow.

Maddox Kershaw is the main vocalist of the world’s biggest boy band. He’s at the top of every music chart, every award show, every social media platform, and every sexiest-man-alive list. He’s the bad boy, the enigma, the man everyone on the planet wants a piece of.

He’s also burned out and exhausted, isolated and lonely. Not in a good headspace at the start of a tour.

Roscoe Hall is Maddox’s personal manager. His job is high-flying, high-demand, high-profile, and he loves it. Maddox has consumed his entire life for the past four years. Roscoe knows him. He sees the real Maddox no one else gets to see.

He’s also in love with him.

When the tour and stress become too much, when the world begins to close in, Roscoe becomes Maddox’s lifeline. But as Maddox knows already, and as Roscoe is about to learn, the brighter the spotlight, the darker the shadow.

Goodreads / Amazon

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New Release Review ~ Moon Flowers by Christina Lee


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When Galen flees his home and travels to Lunar’s Reach, he does what he needs to survive. But trading his body for food in his belly is always a risky undertaking. After he’s found injured in an alleyway, his new friends take him to Moon Flower apothecary, where the madam in charge offers him the proposition of a lifetime.

Little does he know that the Moon Flower flourishes at night—in more ways than one. Gentlemen gather in secret, yearning for an evening with Galen and the others, where they offer pleasure willingly while exploring their desires.

But Galen’s eye is continually drawn to the most unassuming man in the room—Azriel, the resident healer, who has the most unusual aura Galen has ever seen. There’s an understated melancholy in him that Galen longs to soothe, and the more time they spend together, the more he craves to know Azriel’s touch.

But security is only a threadbare veneer for those like him, and soon danger is upon their doorstep. Galen has only ever needed to protect himself, but now he belongs to an ensemble of unlikely characters who’ve become the family he never had. So he’ll put himself on the line, along with his heart, if it means keeping them safe—especially Azriel, the man who quiets his restless soul.

**Please note: Moon Flower is set in an imaginary world reminiscent of our nineteenth century, with some fantastical elements and without explicit rules. Some liberties were taken for the sake of fiction—and, of course, romance.

**Warning: Discussions and depictions of assault which are physical and sexual in nature, as well as a background characterization that some might find taboo or unconventional.

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Release Blitz ~ True Blue by Patricia Logan (Excerpt + Giveaway)


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
True Blue by Patricia Logan

02_TrueBlue for Amazon 1867-x-2800 copy
Prosper Woods Chronicles, Book 2

An ancient rival? A gay unicorn? A crusty old witch who should be in diapers? The dumbest progeny anyone could ever have? Shifters who come in herds?
Kill me, right effing now!

Vincent and Sheriff Romeo are my chance to find peace at last. I’ve been waiting for someone to notice I’m gone for a long time. Until the vampire showed up, I wasn’t sure anyone could help. All I want to do is move on to the next step… and I really need to rest.

Vincent and Romeo, you’re my only hope.

Strange things are happening in Prosper Woods, California. Ever since moving here, my life has turned upside down. Some things have been amazing, like falling head over heels for Vincent Lasco, a gorgeous vampire. Other things have been weirder than I could ever imagine. I’ve learned a truth about myself, and it came as a massive shock. Most of the town residents have quirks of their own. Let’s just say, nothing is boring about this bizarre place.

Supernaturals flourish here!

Sheriff, Romeo Harmon makes me happier than I’ve ever been. He’s kind, funny, and honest to the core, just the kind of man I used to be, centuries ago. I have a new lease on my long life. Things could go on just the way they are but there’s something I’ve been asked do before that happens. I need to help Romeo find a sweet little boy and finally lay him to rest.

Who knew ghosts could have broken hearts?

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Audiobook Reviews ~ Nothing Special Boxset (Books 1-5) by A.E. Via


Nothing Special Series Box Set, Books 1-5
By: A.E. Via
Narrated by: Aiden Snow
Series: Nothing Special Series, Book 1-5 | Audible | Goodreads

Publisher’s Summary

A bundle of the award-winning Nothing Special series by internationally best-selling author A. E. Via.

To be accepted into the most notorious narcotics task force on the East Coast is an incredible honor. A rogue collection of the most feared and unorthodox detectives, independent of standard departmental jurisdiction. Headed up by two of the baddest lieutenants with the Atlanta Police Department – Cashel “God” Godfrey and Leonidis Day.

“We were a unit tonight, moving as one. Even apart, we are deadly, but when combined – we are f–kin’ unstoppable.” (God)

Set contains books one through five:

  1. Nothing Special (God and Day)
  2. Embracing His Syn (Detective Corbin Sydney and Furious Barkley)
  3. Here Comes Trouble (Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green)
  4. Don’t Judge (Detective Austin Michaels and Bounty Hunter, Judge Josephson)
  5. Nothing Special V (Detectives Edwin Steele and Shawn Murphy, “Tech”)

©2014 A.E. Via (P)2020 Tantor

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New Release Review ~ Gruff Touch (Geek Ink 4) by R. Cayden

TITLE: Gruff Touch



SERIES (Same Universe): Geek Ink Book 4

AUTHOR: R. Cayden

PUBLISHER: Self-Published (Kindle Unlimited)

LENGTH: Novel, 210 pages


RELEASE DATE: May 24, 2021

PRICE: $3.99



Sometimes, love shines where you least expect it.
There are a million reasons I shouldn’t crush on growly, grumpy Caesar Marin.
For starters, the man is probably twice my age.
He’s a famous tattoo artist, a biker with a pit bull, and he’s made it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with my geeky butt.
He’s also apparently my father’s old friend.
Not that I ever met my father. I only learned his name this year, and as soon as I tracked him down, I discovered that he had already passed.
And with Mom gone now, too, that leaves Caesar as my only hope for learning more about the man.
Caesar with the sexy growl, silver hair, and thick neck.
Caesar who pushes me away even as his eyes beg me to stay.
He’s the last man I should fall for, yet something deep inside insists that Caesar should be mine.
If I can only shine bright enough to warm his grumpy heart…
Gruff Touch is an age gap, grumpy/sunshine, geek and bad boy romance with a guaranteed HEA. It features a growly tattoo artist, a geeky sweetheart who loves repairing pinball machines, and two opposites who spark when they attract. Book 4 in Geek Tattoo, it can be enjoyed alone or as part of the steamy M/M series.

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Release Blitz ~ Cowboy Shep (Lonely Heroes #3) by Sam E. Kraemer (Reviews)

TITLE: Cowboy Shep

SERIES: Lonely Heroes #3

AUTHOR: Sam E. Kraemer

COVER ARTIST: Arden O’Keefe – KSL Designs

RELEASE DATE: June 4th, 2021

LENGTH: 89,000 words approx.




When a man I revere and his wife are killed in a freak auto accident in Greece, something feels off about the accident. He’d been my savior when I was at my lowest, and if it hadn’t been for Saber, I’d have likely not lived to see the sunrise the day after being dishonorably discharged from the Army. That great man put me on the path toward a new life and saved my old one in the process.

My sense of honor and gratitude push me to go to Georgia to offer support to his son, Parker Howzer, and any assistance I can to help him through his grief. What will it take to repay my debt to Saber? I didn’t anticipate it might take my heart.


Parker Buckley Howzer –

With one phone call, I’m an orphan again, but this time, there is no one to love me through the pain. On top of that, someone is looking for something belonging to my parents that they believe I possess. How can I find it when I don’t even know what to look for? 

I didn’t expect Shepard Colson to burst onto the scene like an avenging angel from heaven. He somehow knows I’m in danger and vows to keep me safe, but at what cost to both of us? Whether I’m ready or not, my life as an unknown chef is about to change, but I didn’t anticipate just how much.

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Cover Reveal ~ Dirty Daddies: Pride by Various Authors

Dirty Daddies: Pride

Multi Author


Release Date: 06.25.21

Cover design by Allycat’s Creations


Dirty Daddies presents PRIDE

Love is Love and romance comes in all shapes, sizes, and pairings. So do Daddies.

Eleven authors. Eleven brand new stories. Eleven Dominants that prove being a Daddy is about more than just your gender identity or who you desire. They have the attitude, the need to protect and provide, and a certain someone they can’t wait to make their own.

With stories from some of the top authors in the genre and pairings of MM, FF and MMF, Dirty Daddies Pride is sure to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and rainbow-colored-stars in your eyes!

The Daddies are waiting. Get your copy today!



The anthology includes the following stories:

Dirty Hand (MM) by Nora Phoenix

Sculptures and Snuggles (MM) by Della Cain

Butcher’s Babygirl (trans FF) by Siobhan Smile

Van: Dr. Richards’ Littles® #32 (MMF) by Pepper North

Dirty Deed (MM) by Gianni Holmes

Daddy, At Your Service (FF) by Eden Bradley

A Leap of Faith (MM) by M.A. Innes

Daddy’s Rent Boy (MM) by Chara Croft

Slippery When Wet (MM) by Morticia Knight

Daddy Abroad (MM) by P.D. Carter

Secrets and Princess Dresses (MMF) by Jamie Merrick

New Release Review ~ Unburied by Various Authors

Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction

Edited by Rebecca Rowland

Dark Ink Books (an imprint of AM Ink Publishing)

Available in print, Kindle eBook, and Audible audiobook

Release: June 1, 2021

ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-943201-50-1 ($26.99)

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-943201-43-3 ($19.99)

Library of Congress 9781943201501

280 pages

An asteroid miner recovering from an accident learns that the cure might be scarier than the trauma. A man discovers a mirror in an antiques shop that allows its gazers to climb inside and visit paradise. A teenager is haunted by the memory of a strange boy who appeared in his bedroom when he was a child. A future pandemic survivor is forced to make a terrible sacrifice in order to save the world’s gay male population. A cult survivor sees a man who reminds him of someone from the past and begins to lose a bit of his hard-earned control. An entity that exhibits characteristics of both angel and vampire tells its peculiar story to an anonymous confessor and potential lover in the shadows of an LGBTQ club.

Silent film actresses who haunt a Hollywood Hills mansion, mysterious beings who lurk in the closet, and witches who may or may not live under the bed: these and many other dark fiction entities from this twisted box of curiosities come together to serve the reader a cornucopia of chilling horror, sci-fi terror, and dark fantasy. In a bloody twist on the antiquated trope of “burying the gays,” sixteen established and award-winning genre fiction scribes from around the globe, including Felice Picano (Lambda Award nominee and co-founder of The Violet Quill), Greg Herren (Lambda Award winner and co-founder of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival), Daniel M. Jaffe (Rainbow Award and American Fiction Prize finalist), Robert P. Ottone (2020 Bram Stoker Award nominee), and Thomas Kearnes (2019 Lambda Award nominee), put forth a dazzling array of creature features, shadow fables, and dreadful delusions spotlighting LGBTQ+ characters.

Prepare to unearth your deepest nightmares.

For more information on authors and stories, visit the editor’s book page:

Target audience/genre: adult, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans, speculative fiction, short stories, horror, fantasy, science fiction

Buy Link: Amazon

Available on KU

 All proceeds from sales of the anthology during the month of June are going to Rainbow Railroad  if you’d like to include that detail to help the charity.

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Cover Reveal ~ Ache by Marley Valentine

 Marley Valentine has revealed the cover for Ache!

Releasing June 22, 2021

I couldn’t tell you when I fell in love with Gael Herrera, but I wish I knew how to make it stop.

Falling in love with a straight man is a rookie mistake. But falling in love with my soon-to-be-married-to-a-woman best friend is nothing but heartache.

Through all the years, and all the men I’ve fooled around with, he’s always been at the back of my mind. An unrequited crush I wish I could shake. A dream that was never going to come true.

When I whisk him off to a surprise bachelor party weekend in Vegas, I surrender to the idea that this is an opportunity for me to finally let go of my feelings for him and say goodbye.

But after a heated exchange and an even hotter kiss, everything I thought I knew about our friendship changed.

Maybe I had it wrong. Maybe, after all this time, we were more than best friends. Maybe, just maybe, he felt it too.

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Cover Reveal ~ Coven (Carnal Pleasures) by Claire Marta

Title: Coven

Series: Carnal Pleasures

Author: Claire Marta

Release: June 15, 2021

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Cover Design: Raven Designs




Coven Eos is sent to Carnal Pleasures at the urging of his dying Master. Though he’s unhappy about the situation, Coven knows as an incubus, he needs somewhere safe he can feed. Angry and hurting, he doesn’t want to make a connection with someone new. With his emotions and life spiraling, he finds himself on a dangerous and destructive path.

Brayan Barone is a gargoyle warrior. Part of an elite task force for the supernatural council, he’s on a mission to see if the complaints about the club are true. Undercover, he goes in as a Dominant, never expecting more than temporary playtime with a few submissives. When Coven gets into trouble, Brayan steps in as the young man ignites his protective instincts.

With threats drawing in around the members of the exclusive club, the two men find themselves trapped in a growing attraction. When things start to fall apart, will they be strong enough to see past all the secrets they both harbor or is it too late to save their spark?

*The Carnal Pleasures series will be a mixture of various M/M and M/F pairings following the lives of the employees and patrons of the club. While this series has romantic elements, not all books will be romance. Due to language and explicit sexual interaction, it is recommended for readers 18 and up*

PreOrder Links (Kindle Unlimited):


Amazon US:

Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

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New Release Review ~ Naked Games by Roe Horvat

Naked Games (Naked Series Book 2) by Roe Horvat

Goodreads | AMAZON

Completely naked, Curtis is stumbling through a dark maze at a sex club while three strangers hunt him. Scary? Except he wants to get caught. The hottest game ever! One epic night turns into a weekend, and he keeps coming back for more. George, Jack, and Ethan. Each different, all of them blindingly perfect. He’s just their toy, but he loves it. He’s savoring every minute of the wild ride, scratching off items from his erotic bucket list one by one. There are no promises, no useless romance. Their casual arrangement suits him perfectly. So what’s the niggly, squirmy feeling in his chest when he sees George and Jack share a tender kiss, or when Ethan stares at him with those soulful, blue eyes? Ugh. Better ignore it.

Ethan loves his partners deeply. Their relationship builds on mutual respect and a great deal of desire. He doesn’t feel like he’s making any compromises, yet there’s something Jack and George were never able to give him. Then there’s this boy—face of an angel, sex appeal of a demon, and a fragile heart behind a wall of snark. Jack and George are smitten, too. Except Ethan wants more than a few nights of fun. Curtis stirs cravings in him that not even the hottest sex can soothe. He needs to convince his sweet boy to stay with them.
Contemporary MMMM erotic romance novella. Second in the series Naked. All stories can be read as standalone.

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Release Blitz ~ The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels (Review)

The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels is now live!

Bachelors, beware. For those who keep secrets and prey on the innocent, you will be exposed, with all your dirty little secrets laid bare to one and all. You have been warned…

Lady Olivia Haliford has had enough. Tired of seeing women lose their reputations, futures, and sometimes even their lives to scandal while the men walk free, she is ready to take back power and stand up for women everywhere. Along with her two closest friends, she plans to start an anonymous publication dedicated to dishing the dirt and exposing the secrets of society’s most eligible bachelors. But in order to do so, she will have to make a deal with the devil…

Sebastian Colver, known as the Bastard of Baker Street, is feared throughout London as the city’s most notorious gambling den owner and undisputed king of the underground. His life is nothing but darkness and danger, so he is shocked when the petite lady gracing his doorstep seems anything but frightened of him. He agrees to be a silent partner in the publishing of the Gazette if she will use her connections to sponsor his sister and launch her into Society and away from his dark world.

But exposing the secrets of the rich and powerful can be dangerous. Almost as dangerous as a lady falling in love with the king of the underground. Continue reading “Release Blitz ~ The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels (Review)”