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A Little Christmas is a multi-author series written by

Wendy Rathbone, A.W. Scott, Jamie Kassel, Aster Rae, JP Sayle, Kaytea Kat, Gianni Holmes, Della Cain, TL Travis, R.A. Frick, Sue Brown, Skyler Snow, and B. Ripley.


Each book is an MM Daddy/little Christmas twist on The Little Princess Classic tale.


Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope: Age Play, Daddy/little

Themes: Varied

Heat Rating: Varied

Each age play romance book in this multi-author series can be read as a standalone.



All the books are available in Kindle Unlimited

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A Little Christmas: Blake by Wendy Rathbone


A Little Christmas: Finn by A.W. Scott


A Little Christmas: Noah by Jamie Kassel


A Little Christmas: Teddy by Aster Rae


A Little Christmas: Terrence: by JP Sayle

A Little Christmas: Timmy by Kaytea Kat


A Little Christmas: Zahair by Gianni Holmes


A Little Christmas: Aster by Della Cain


A Little Christmas: Jacob: by TL Travis


A Little Christmas: Sawyer by R.A. Frick


A Little Christmas: Danny by Sue Brown


A Little Christmas: Efren by Skyler Snow


A Little Christmas: Morrie by B. Ripley


~ * ~ Jamies Review ~ * ~

4.25 Stars

A Little Christmas: Blake is a sugary sweet Daddy/boy story written by W. Rathbone. It is part of a multi-author series focusing on Daddies and Littles at Christmas. This story is an MM contemporary romance with a small age gap.
Blake is left with nearly nothing after a bad breakup and has a terrible job with an even worse boss. The only bright light in all of it is when his favorite customer, Eliot, comes into the diner. He’s kind and really sees Blake. It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly gorgeous and leaves decent tips too. If he could only find a Daddy just like him. One who won’t laugh at his teddy and will let him explore his little side in a safe environment. One who saves him when he gets fired on Thanksgiving by his jerk of a boss.
Eliot is dealing with a lot in his own life. He’s running his family’s business and is also taking care of his unwell father. Eliot has pushed away most of the people in his life and doesn’t date anymore. No one even piques his interest. Not until an encounter with Blake at the diner changes things for both men. He can’t fix things in his own life, but he can certainly help Blake fix his own.
I thought this story was incredibly cute. The chemistry that these guys have is off the charts. It’s hot and heavy with a side of kink. There are some obstacles to overcome for both of them, but I like how they communicate their needs and respect the other’s boundaries. Eliot seems like such a good Daddy for Blake. He encourages him to stand tall and proud. And Blake takes some of Eliot’s pain and daily stress away.
I enjoyed this low-angst holiday book. I do wish there had been some more resolution at the end of the book with Eliot’s dad and Blake’s creepy old boss to make it more of a HEA, but it works as an HFN. I look forward to reading more in this multi-author series.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***


~ * ~ Maris Review ~ * ~

3.75 Stars

I really liked Danny and Daddy Romeo, they were sweet together and seemed to be very well-suited for one another. I would’ve liked that we got to see them interact more as Daddy/little, though. I felt like that aspect of their relationship got lost in the rest of the plot.

I felt so sorry for Danny and all he had to go through before he met Romeo. His uncle, Josiah, was a piece of work and deserved everything he got.

Overall, this was a sweet hurt/comfort story, with a satisfying epilogue that I have no trouble recommending.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***



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