New Release Review ~ Kelvin #5: MM Fated Mates (Tangled Tentacles) by JP Sayle and Lisa Oliver

Book Five: Paranormal Gay Romance / Two Alphas / Fated Mates / Brothers Security Team / High angst / Surprise Reveal / High Steam / Lots of Tentacles/ Mpreg.

Fated mates find themselves drawn into a web of lies and deceit. Can they find the answers and protect those closest to them when danger lurks in the most unlikely of places?

Seeking answers to his sister’s disappearance two years before, FBI Special Agent Magnus Fallows will use all of the resources at his disposal. That includes Thalassa Security. Getting off on the wrong foot with the Thalassa family, Magnus struggles to figure out if there is anything the elusive Kelvin Thalassa is keeping from him.

For Kelvin Thalassa being in the field isn’t his area of expertise, yet he’ll do anything to find the answers and protect his growing family. Trust is becoming difficult, so Kelvin goes to a man who has had no issue pushing for answers─Agent Fallows. The last thing he expects is to find out that Magnus is his fated mate.

The search for Big Foot leads right back to an old nemesis: Andromeda. The battle is on to stop the heinous acts that have been happening right under the noses of the shifter council.

Kelvin #5 is a paranormal gay romance with a protective leopard who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and a Kraken who learns strength comes in many forms. This is the fifth and final book in the Tangled Tentacles Series. HEA is guaranteed, and the Epilogue will hint at what is to come in the future for these two authors.


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5 Stars
This is book 5 in the Tangled Tentacles series, and as the plot arc covers all the books, you need to have read the first four. What I loved about this series is that each book is quite different while still maintaining an overall style. I also never in a million years thought I’d be into tentacles. It shows how wrong you can be.
This story finds the final Thalassa brother, Kelvin, finding his mate, Magnus, and we get to see who has been pulling the strings that have led to such pain and suffering. There are elements in all the books that are tragic, but the overriding love and family that runs through easily make it bearable.
Kelvin and Magnus are just, well, perfect. There are no misunderstandings, just fated mates coming together, loving and supporting each other as they work together to solve the final piece of the puzzle. So nice to see all the pairs from the previous books back in action. There are some seriously sexy bits, as always, but the sweet, teasing, and emotional side is just wonderful. We also have a new character, Marvin, who will steal your heart. I’m telling you, if they don’t write his HEA, well, I won’t be responsible for my actions.
This is a must-read for fans of the series but if you haven’t read the previous four, start at book one and fall in love with the Thalassa boys. It’s a wonderful, action-packed, mysterious, paranormal series full of hot, hot shifters and wonderful fated mates. Not to be missed.
*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.*

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