Book Review ~ Tell No One by Barbara Elsborg

It’s not every day that a total stranger asks Tag if he’s…ahem…well endowed. Of course he’s not going to say no. When he’s offered a life-changing amount of money to go to a party, he’s not going to say no to that either, even though he suspects sex will be involved. But sense prevails and Tag decides to stick to his principles and not go, except things take an alarming turn. Suddenly, he can’t say no. Not if he wants to see another day.

Tell no one. Trust no one. The unbreakable rules that keep Delaney alive. He’s got a role to play at this so-called party, but the cheeky upstart who’s supposed to be part of his cover seems to be going out of his way to be as aggravating as possible. When Delaney finally registers that unlike the rest of the entertainment, Tag isn’t a willing participant, they join forces and set in motion a chain of events that leads to them both running for their lives.

Tag might be one of the most irritating guys Delaney has ever met, but his resolute cheerfulness and bravery begin to have an unexpected effect as Tag worms his way through Delaney’s defences. Keeping him safe now seems the most important job Delaney’s ever had. Suddenly the operative who’s never trusted anyone finds himself letting Tag into his heart. And wishing for a future that can never be.

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5 Stars

In a word, Tell No One is shocking. I’m still not entirely sure what I read, but I do know I was utterly pulled into this different and memorable story. Admittedly, as bad as I am about skimming blurbs, particularly for those authors I reliably liked or who are auto-reads, I often go in with minimal assumptions and am frequently surprised by plot elements. Even with those allowances, I couldn’t have anticipated the story that unfolded in Tell No One.

Tag and Delaney made for quite the unexpected pairing. These two men fell for one another in a most unusual way, and I enjoyed seeing them accept their partner’s needs and past. I found Tag especially likable. His sweetness and want for a better life made him easy to root for, and, given his heartbreaking story, I was eager to see him get a happy ending.

The suspense in Tell No One had me on the edge of my seat for much of the book. There were so many twists and action sequences in this book. Eventually, I just gave in and enjoyed the ride. If you are looking for a well-written story that will surprise you many times over and completely reel you in, I’d definitely recommend Tell No One.

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