New Release Review ~ Markov #4: MM Fated Mates (Tangled Tentacles) by JP Sayle & Lisa Oliver

Book Four: Paranormal Gay Romance / Two Alphas / Fated Mates / Brothers Security Team / Kidnapping / Hidden Secrets / High Steam / Lots of Tentacles.

When Markov finds himself in a life and death situation, can the man who rejected him be his true saviour?

Markov Thalassa is stubborn, however even he has his limits when it comes to being rejected. When his brothers need help he contacts the one man he believes can, Cassius his old Shadow Commander. Only things backfire and Markov leaves the security of his family and his ex-teammates, heading straight into the clutches of evil on a quest to help find missing dragon eggs.

Shadow Commander, Cassius hides a secret. A secret so big that it means he has to reject his fated mate. Then he finds out his mate is in danger and must make some decisions that could jeopardize everything he works so hard to protect.

His world falls apart while he searches for Markov and now he has nothing to lose. But is it too late for forgiveness as the two men fight against the clock to figure out how to keep the Thalassa’s growing family safe from Andromeda – the worst kind of evil.

Markov is a paranormal gay romance, with a hard-headed shark who struggles to share and a kraken who decides to shake things up. This is the fourth book in the Tangled Tentacles Series. Each book in this series will deal with a new couple, so while the HEA is guaranteed, the epilogue for each book will lead into the next title.

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~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

5 Stars

This is the next book in the Tangled Tentacles series and wow, I didn’t see that coming. It’s always so hard to get a redemption story right but the authors knocked it out of the park with this story. I’m sure many people who have read books 1 to 3 will wonder how Cassius can be redeemed. Take my word; your heart will bleed for him. The pain he is holding from his past; what has driven his actions; you cannot help but forgive him and love him. As they come together to fight Andromeda, Markov sees the real Cassius and stands up for him. They are perfect mates.

This story takes the overall plot forward. It is grittier in some areas than the previous books and there is a trigger warning. However, the HEA is hard-fought and beautiful in the end. It melted my heart. We get to see all the gang which I love and the cliffhanger for Kelvin is such a tease. Can’t wait.

I loved this story. It’s full of action, emotion, and such chemistry, wow, just off the charts. The series goes from strength to strength. It’s an absolute must-read for me.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***

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