New Release Review ~ Little Treasure He Hides by JP Sayle and Lisa Oliver

Book One: MM Paranormal Shifter Romance / Fated Mates / Past Trauma / Daddy Kink / MC club / Huggy Daddy Bear / Little Wolf

Asher has learned to hide who he is. Can his fated mate heal the layers of pain and mistrust to claim his trust and heart?

A traumatic experience with his old pack leaves Asher having to fight to prove his worth. As a top enforcer for the local MC wolf pack, he must do as his alpha requests, even facing his biggest fear – revealing what he hides.

Asher was wrong to think life couldn’t get any worse. After being sent to help Gabai, the owner of the local BDSM club, he ends up with a fated mate he doesn’t want. Worse, Gabai is a Daddy bear.

As they work together to find out who is sabotaging Gabai’s business, it becomes too much for Asher. On the run, he crashes, and his wolf makes a life-changing decision.

Now Gabai must decide what is more important, being the man or the Daddy that Asher needs – or maybe he needs both.

Little Treasure He Hides (Book one, Little Paws Haven Series) is a paranormal, fated mates, daddy/boy romance where a bear learns that he’s not too old to change, and a wolf learns that sometimes all he needs is a patient Daddy to trust.

Check out the trigger warnings.


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5 Stars
I’m a great fan of both these authors and of shifter paranormal books. I was, however, a little (no pun intended) worried about the ‘Little’ aspect of this story. I like Daddy books but the little side can not work for me depending on how it’s handled. I’m glad to say that this was not the case with this story. I get that not everyone will be fans of this trope but it’s really well done here.
Asher absolutely broke my heart in this story. The pain he is carrying from past trauma is palpable and how he denies who is because of this past is so sad. It’s a tough one for Gabai to negotiate, and let’s be honest, he messes up at the start. The strength of the story though is that it isn’t easy; that the both of them have to adjust despite being fated mates. For Gabai, loving Asher means he has to be gentle, and lead his boy to find himself and happiness. For Asher, it’s about finding the courage to open up, face past hurts and let someone see who he is inside. It may be insta mates but it’s not insta happiness. This has to be worked at. It’s emotional, sweet, and heartwarming and they are super sexy together.
I loved Asher’s ability (no plot spoiler) and how this was used in the story. The investigation into the attacks on the club gave a great arc to hang their story on and cause hiccups as well as opportunities to discover each other along the way. Some great supporting characters as well—can’t wait for Book 2 after the teaser at the end but really want Rocco to get a story too.
A great start to a wonderful new series from these authors. A definite recommendation from me.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***

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