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We Choose You
By Katy Manz

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Choice Versus Fate, Book 1

James and Aidan didn’t need fate. They had each other.

Alpha James and Beta Aiden love each other and don’t care what fate has to say about that. Mating doesn’t need to be based on pheromones and scents. And kids? There were many ways to build a family.

When fate comes knocking years later, James does what any wolf in his situation would—he runs away. He has a mate he loves more than anything, and they’re just about to get everything they want: a family. He can’t risk losing everything because Fate decided to be a butt.

Omega Riley scented his fated mate once months earlier, and the wolf ran away. He is coming to terms with his singledom. Everything is going as well as it can, that is, until his fated mate’s children walk into his classroom.

We Choose You is book one in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: Choice Vs. Fate. It features an alpha wolf shifter who mated his beta best friend, the omega sent by fate, true love, twins who will steal your heart, adorable babies, and a guaranteed happy ever after.

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Only I could end up in the ER as an adult for getting a building block stuck in my nose. It should be one of the dozen or so kids under the age of five who I worked with here right now waiting for the on-call doctor to help free the annoying toy. But no, it was me, the grown-up charged with keeping them from doing it.

I was the grown man who got such a thing lodged in his breathing hole. I tripped over Eddie’s missing shoe while Andy was holding up a building block to show me it was his favorite color. The fates decided I had to be laughed at more in life. The kids all laughed, at least, except poor Andy who cried thinking he hurt me.

Luckily, it was a quick fix, more embarrassing than anything. Now, I needed to meet my friend Leslie in the hospital cafeteria, and we could pretend this day never happened.

“Hey, blockhead,” Leslie called out from across the cafeteria, making me vow to tell anyone who would listen about when she threw up after her first time watching a five-year-old eat his own booger. Note to self: get more embarrassing stories about my best friend, pronto.

“Seriously? Can we pretend today never happened and we came here to ogle hotties in lab coats and scrubs?” I asked as a nurse strutted past us and put a bit more swagger into his walk. Yum.

“Nope. But I will let it go for now. Was the doctor cute at least?”

“There’s my bestie. Always about trying to get some action! And to answer your question, he was all right. But definitely an omega, and so not my type.”

Her eyes widened, and a slow smirk grew. “Omega? Oh, mama likes them smart and steamy. Show me.”

I laughed at Leslie. “Sorry, hun. From the ring on the finger, the bump of his belly, and mark on the neck, that omega was spoken for and very happily so.”

“Figures. Oh well. One day I will meet the omega of my dreams. Maybe they’re too busy creating the next medical breakthrough. Or discovering life on Mars.”

All I could do was shake my head. Yes, one day it will happen but for now, I need food. “Did you want to grab something to eat?” I motioned toward the prepackaged sandwiches. “Or should we go grab something from the café, perhaps?”

“Um, yeah. Let’s go with the café. I would die for one of those delicious flatbreads they had the other day.”

Leslie and I grabbed our stuff and started toward the door. As we reached the exit, we saw two alphas standing near the doors, and my world stopped.

Growing up, we were told of the moment your soul recognized its fated. And everything I was warned about happened. The instant connection pulling me to them and the heat of recognizing only that person could satisfy me.

What wasn’t covered was what to do when the fated got a look on their face like the worse news was delivered to them and took off running in the other direction.

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~ * ~ Jamies Review ~ * ~

3.75 Stars

We Choose You is a very sweet MMM story written by Katy Manz. It features chosen and fated mates, with no angst and low heat.
Beta Aiden is married to his childhood best friend and alpha, James. Being beta, Aiden doesn’t have a fated mate, but he and James fell in love years ago and chose each other. This suits them fine as they begin to plan a family together through adoption. When a sweet omega crosses the path with James, he freaks out, and instead of explaining his situation, he jets off in the other direction.
Teacher and Omega Riley feels hurt and abandoned by his fated mate before he even gets the chance to marry him. He’s trying to move on, but it still cuts deep. Months later, on the first day of school, a little girl is nearly hysterical that her dad might leave. After staying in the classroom for a while, Riley feels connected to him, and it’s a shake since the dad is already mated. So when both dads show up the next day, and it turns out to be his fated mate, their worlds are turned upside down.
These three men are entirely too cute. This was novella length, so we didn’t get to deep dive into backstories or have much character development, but I was pleased for something this length. It was definitely instalove adjacent and had fairly low heat. Most of the steamy scenes were short and implied, so if you’re looking for high heat, you won’t find it in this book.
I did enjoy this book, but it isn’t the type of story I typically read. The children have a heavy presence in the book, and that’s just really not something I find myself liking too often. But I did think that the children in this book, April and Jimmy, were super sweet.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***


~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

3.5 Stars
Firstly, this says it’s MM, but really it involves three, so I’d classify it as MMM, especially as the title says ‘We Choose You.’  I really liked the story here, that two people can choose each other despite what the fates seem to be saying. It’s an Omegaverse world where Omegas give birth. James is an Alpha and is in love with Aidan, a Beta. They are happily together and choose each other despite the fact it means they can’t have children. Their relationship is challenged when James smells Riley and realises he’s his fated mate. He runs, causing great pain, but fate can’t be avoided.
This was generally an enjoyable read, but I would have loved it if the author had just fleshed the story out a bit more, especially around the new dynamic of introducing Riley into the relationship. It all happened a bit fast for me, and I’d have enjoyed more time for them to get to know each other and realise that James didn’t have to choose, especially as they were so happy before the arrival of Riley.
It’s an easy read, low angst story with likable characters, heat, and a happy ever after, but it jumps forward quite quickly, and a longer, more developed story would have made it more satisfying.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***

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