Release Tour ~ The Prince’s Poisoned Vow by Hailey Turner (Review)

Get ready for an epic Steampunk-inspired fantasy adventure, with romance, deceit, magic, and mayhem, this one is sure to have you hooked!

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Every country is built on revolution.

THE WARDEN. Soren is a nameless, stateless man, tasked with keeping watch over Maricol’s borders. He isn’t meant for politics, only dealing with the dead. His past was buried in the poison fields, but after a fateful encounter with a prince, Soren comes to realize he can’t keep what magic burns inside him hidden forever.

THE PRINCE. Vanya Sa’Liandel was the spare who survived the Houses’ murderous games to become the Imperial crown prince of Solaria. He has a duty to his country, but he’ll owe his life to the wardens. Payment of any kind is costly, especially when he’s at risk of losing his heart to the man who saved his life.

THE COG. Caris Dhemlan hears the siren song of clarion crystals better than anyone in Ashion. That skill for inventing has enriched her bloodline, but it’s who she can become that will ultimately entangle her with the Clockwork Brigade.

THE PRINCESS. Eimarille Rourke should have been raised to be queen of one country; instead, she is prisoner of another. Guided by a star god, Eimarille bides her time in a gilded cage, spinning a political web to gain a throne and start a war the world isn’t ready for.


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~ * ~ Maris Review ~ * ~

4.25 Stars!

I’m a huge Hailey Turner fan, The Metahuman Files and the Soulbound series are among my top favorite ever, so of course, I was going to want to read The Prince’s Poisoned Vow.

The first thing you need to know, this is a Steampunk-inspired fantasy adventure with a lot of political intrigue and some romantic subplots—MM, FF, and MF—and there’s a lot of world-building in this installment, which is understandable. It’s also a very long book, 174,000 words, and it features a daunting 14 different POVs, so you might need some paper or a spreadsheet to keep up with everyone and everything happening. There’s also a very helpful glossary at the end of the book, so keep that in mind while reading. And last, but not least, keep in mind that this book ends on a cliffhanger.

The writing, as always, was masterful and there was an array of interesting characters, all of which will play an important part in this series. I loved Vanya/Soren and I’m intrigued by Honovi/Blaine, Eimarille/Terilyn, and Caris/Nathaniel, who are all the potential pairings. While there’s not much romance in the story yet, it’s still an integral part of it. I will admit, that despite trying my best to keep up, there were some parts in which I struggled, and even if I find the story engaging, I’m still a bit unsure if I will read the series as it comes out or if I’ll wait until it’s done. At any rate, I have no trouble recommending it, if nothing else you’ll be in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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