New Release Review ~ Hedonist King’s Mate by Roe Horvat



About Hedonist King’s Mate

  • MM romantic paranormal erotica, 2nd of two books
  • omegaverse non-shifter mpreg
  • extremely high heat, various kinks and fetishes, including male pregnancy, male lactation and sexualised birth
  • a hedonist omega king & a rough, free-spirited alpha commoner
  • HEA

Hedonist contains: heat sex, knotting, breeding, penetration of womb, male pregnancy, spanking, rough sex, cum play, nipple play, male lactation, lactation kink, double penetration, fisting, alpha-alpha and omega-omega pairings, orgies, sharing, virgin kink, pregnancy sex, sexualized birth. The relationships depicted in the books are loving but not physically exclusive.





Something has changed with the heat. Not just my body but my soul has changed too. I can’t sleep without Jonah in my bed or touch my belly without my mind drifting to him. This wasn’t a part of my plan—I wasn’t supposed to care for this man at all, let alone crave him by my side constantly.

Rumors circle that a peasant has become my favorite lover, but nobody knows the truth. Jonah means so much more to me. Can a commoner become the king’s true mate?


Like wind and water, he escapes through the gaps between my fingers when I try to hold him. He’s all-powerful, my Sebastian, the god of passion and fertility, and I’m a believer now. But no matter how much I love him, I can’t claim the king as mine. Or can I?

A mere horse handler, I walk freely in and out of the king’s bedrooms, and his noble guards hold the doors open for me. No other alpha is allowed to call the king by his name, it’s my touch he seeks when he’s tired or upset, and I am the only man he’s ever begged for pain and pleasure.

Maybe I am strong enough to collar wind and water.




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Excerpt (NSFW)

“Are you sure?” I whisper. My fingers shake as I comb through Sebastian’s tangled hair.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Ky smiles softly and lets go of Sebastian’s hand, placing it back on his chest. “He’s doing well, but his heat is strong. And correct me if I’m wrong, but when you breed him, you can’t pull out of his womb until the knot goes down.”

I nod on a heaving breath. We’ve been locked for the past five heat waves. I adore the feeling even as guilt nags at me. Sebastian has been confused, feverish, and barely conscious.

“He’s exhausted,” Ky says.

“What can I do?”

“Nothing. Let it happen. He’s delirious most of the time. Just look at his face.”

I roam Sebastian’s features. His cheeks are pink, and he seems to be smiling in his sleep. His beauty pierces my heart. “He looks happy.”

“He’s perfectly content. He simply needs to rest. But if you think you don’t have the strength to take care of him by yourself, you only need to ask.”

Instantly, I recoil from Ky’s suggestion. “No other alpha touches him.”

Ky tilts his head and appraises me with his clever eyes. “You’ve fucked Iker, Deri, and Arie,” he says mildly. “So you are allowed to fuck other omegas, but Sebastian can’t touch another alpha.”

I purse my lips and look back at Sebastian’s peaceful expression. I feel Ky’s gaze on me. I have nothing to say. I suspect Ky knows better than I do what makes me so weak and irrational.

“He doesn’t even wish for any other alpha to be here, Jonah. Not during his heat. But you want to be allowed into his body even after, don’t you?” I don’t need to answer. I can’t hide what I desire, and Ky’s eyes see more than most. “You’re a wise man. Do you truly believe that if you forbid him from touching other men, he’ll fall for you? Do you want to own and control him and pretend it’s love?”

Squeezing my eyes shut, I shake my head.

“Do you love him?” Ky asks in a whisper.

“We all do, don’t we?”

“No. Not in the way you seem to love him.”

Strange relief floods my aching chest at Ky’s words. It’s true, and I’m not a fool for feeling so—my love for Sebastian is different. Sebastian’s eyelids twitch in his dreams. They’re pale lavender now that he’s deeply asleep.

“You can’t collar your king, Jonah.”

Sebastian once told me the same, and the reminder stings. He’ll have my child. We’re connected forever, aren’t we?

“But if he gives himself to you freely,” Ky continues in a quiet voice, “his promise will outlive any collar or shackles you could put on his body.”

I run my hand from the center of Sebastian’s chest to his throat. I find his pulse, calm and steady, thrumming against my fingers.

“Thank you, Ky.”

Ky pats my shoulder, and soon, his footsteps fade away.

When he leaves, I carry Sebastian’s limp body to the bath. He doesn’t wake up, not even when I wash him. I lay him by the fireplace in the bathing house and curl around him, so I’m keeping his back warm while the glow of the fire dries his front. His head rests on my arm. His eyes quiver under his eyelids, and I wonder what he dreams about. Is it silly of me to hope I’m with him in his visions?

Palming the small pouch underneath his belly button, I nuzzle his neck. I stroke his swollen belly over the spot where his womb nestles, full of my seed.

We have barely spoken for the past couple of days. We make love, then he sleeps. I fed him this morning because he was unable to lift his hands. I’ll never forget the absolute trust in his gaze as he stared up at me, curled in my lap, eating the pieces of fruit from my fingers.

I love how he needs me.

When his skin is warm and dry, I carry him back to the bedroom. The boys have changed the sheets in the meantime, and a plate of fresh fruit and sweet bread waits for us on the table.

“Sebastian,” I whisper.

I kiss his eyelids, and his lashes flutter.

“Sebastian, my king.”

Parting his lips, he sucks in a slow breath. “Jonah,” he murmurs when he exhales.

“You must eat and drink, darling.”


I hold a cup of milk to his lips. “Drink. You need this.”

After the first sip, he wakes up more and drinks the entire cup. Then I feed him small pieces of bread. When the plate is almost empty, he opens his eyes and stares at me drowsily.

“Where’s my baby?” he asks.

I smile. “You’ve been dreaming. He’s not born yet.”

I take his hand and place it on his belly. Mild surprise crosses his tired features. “Just a dream?”


On a sigh, he closes his eyes again. “It was a good dream.”

He skims his chest with his weak hand. It goes limp over his left nipple. “My chest is empty, too.”

Unable to resist, I kiss the other nipple. “Not for long.”

A corner of his impeccable mouth lifts in a feeble smirk. “I know it’s just a ghost of a feeling, but they seem to ripen already.”

“They are swollen with the heat. And they will only get bigger.” Oh, I like the fantasy. I want to see his chest bloated and dripping with milk.

“Suck them,” he says. “Drink my milk.” The command is barely a breath, but it sets my mind and body on fire. Sebastian is imagining the same as I am, he dreams of nursing me, of sharing himself with me in all the ways he can. Does it mean he might love me?


~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

5 Stars
This book is not for everyone, I get that. I, however, loved it. There is something about the way the author writes that manages to make the story scorchingly hot and yet still be full of heart. This is a love story but as the title says—pleasure, sexual pleasure to be precise, is at the heart of the book.
You need to have read part one, Hedonist: Kings Heat to fully appreciate this part. Sebastian and Jonah move beyond an Alpha servicing an Omega in this story. Sebastian is Jonah’s Omega but as a commoner, can Sebastian allow him to claim him and how will that affect the court dynamics? Will Jonah be able to accept the other lovers In Sebastian’s life?
This is surprisingly sweet and loving while at the same time, as I said, scorchingly hot—I mean panty-melting, hot flushes, give me a fan sexy. The way their love grows, the trust and faith they have in each other works perfectly against a backdrop of pleasure-seeking.
If you’ve read the author before, you’ll be glad to hear that they are at the top of their game with this one. A perfect ending to the story. If you’re looking for heat sex, knotting, mpreg all at its hottest, this is the series for you.
**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.**