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A Chance With His Alpha
By Ava Beringer

A Chance With His Alpha Cover

Seven Corners Shifters, Book 2

I’m having a baby with my best friend to save the family business. He’s NOT in love with me. Is he?

Channarong Saithong, omega tiger shifter, only has time for two things; running his family’s restaurant, and pining after his best friend since the third grade, hot and playful alpha wolf Tristan Bolder. Pine is all he can do; Tristan wants them to be together for life, but only as best friends and bachelors. When a tragedy befalls the family, Channarong’s conniving uncle resurrects an ancient law to steal the business for himself. The only way to stop him is to…have a baby? There’s only one person Channarong wants this baby with. Tris agrees to help, but in saving his family’s business, will Channarong sacrifice his heart?

Tristan Bolder is a carefree, fun-loving alpha wolf, content to goof off forever with his best friend Channarong by his side. Who needs a mate, right? But when Channarong comes to him desperate for help, with a proposition that will turn Tristan’s world upside down, he can’t say no. Now he’s got a baby on the way, an evil uncle to ward off, and no way to tell his best friend about the new-found feelings for him. What’s an alpha to do?

Can Channarong save the family business? Can Tristan step up to protect what he loves? Can making a family bring out the truth of their love, and bring them together once and for all?

This is the second book in the Seven Corner Shifters series. Reading book one isn’t necessary to enjoy this story, but it is strongly recommended. This book has a HEA and contains occasional strong language, MPREG, and hot, spicy grownup stuff. The omegas are heating up and the alphas are very knotty boys.

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Special Blog Tour Excerpt:

“You said you’d do whatever it took to help me. You promised.” Channarong stroked my hair softly with his free hand. I groaned. I did promise. I told him I’d fix it, no matter what it took. His shoulders drooped. His face crumpled with heartbreak and I couldn’t stand it. “I’m sorry. It’s wrong for me to pressure you into this kind of help. Should I find somebody else, then?”

Channarong having a baby by some unknown alpha? Tied to them forever? Tied to them, like, knotted?

“I said, hell no!” I barked. He’s mine. I checked myself, calmed my racing heart and flaring temper. “No,” I said softer, trying for a teasing smile. “If you need a sperm donor, hot stuff, it might as well be me.”

He lit up, shuffling on my desk, making his quads tighten and flex and his thyme scent stronger. “So we’re having a baby together. And we’ll still be bros? Bachelors together forever, like you said? Just with a cute mini-me.”

“Damn. That sounds really good, actually.” Better than it should for such a crazy idea, but I was about to hit the big three-oh. I wanted to settle down and have a couple of sprouts at some point. Why not have a little one with my best friend? We knew each other better than anybody and we’d make a great team.

His scent was overwhelming. Every ounce the Channarong I’d always known, laced with hints of receptivity.

“So, uh,” I chuckled nervously. We were still all up in each other’s bubbles, still holding hands. Channarong still had no pants on and my brain was fuzzy, struggling to process logical thoughts. “You got a turkey baster ready?”

Channarong bit his lip, looking down at the floor, waving a hand in front of himself, as if I needed to be reminded of his beautiful body right there and how he wanted to give it to me. At least for the moment. “I was thinking we could do it the old-fashioned way. Fast. Convenient. Free.”

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~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

4.4 Stars

This is book 2 in the Seven Corners Shifters series, and although characters overlap, it isn’t necessary to read book 1 as the plots don’t really. So saying, I did enjoy book 1, so it’s well worth reading that as well. This book is sweeter and funnier than book one as we have a clueless Alpha Tristan, who’s one of the boys and best mates with an Omega, Channarong. He doesn’t see what’s right in front of him, although just about everyone else does. It isn’t until Channarong’s family’s business is under threat that he steps up and agrees to help his friend by getting him pregnant. Of course, feelings and being fated mates throw everything they both know into confusion. Having to admit these feelings, well, that’s another matter.

I loved Tristan. He’s so protective of Channorang even without realising it. His view of the world is so ingrained that he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. He believes that Channarong only wants to be friends when he realises they are more. It’s funny and sweet, and of course, hot. The plot moves along nicely with the threat of losing the business keeping them together. It’s a shortish read but well-paced.

This is developing into a great shifter series. It’s always good when you have a cast of characters that you like, and you know they will get a story. It’s also great when it’s not just a rehash each time of the previous book.

I love fated mates, and this is an excellent addition to the genre—a definite recommendation, especially for all fans of shifters.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***


~ * ~ Jens Review ~ * ~

3.75 Stars!

This story could either be frustrating or cute depending on the reader. For me, it was cute, mostly fluffy, and helped me get over my massive book hangover. If you really don’t like when characters avoid a discussion that could solve all their issues, you may want to skip this one. There are definitely some threads from this story that would have been nice to see wrapped up more, but this book reads very similarly to the first in the series. While you meet both of the main characters in the first book, His Protective Alpha, I think you could read this as a standalone.
Channarong and Tristan are best friends for life, but everyone is convinced they should be mates. If not for a horrible accident and a scheming uncle, it’s hard to say if these two would have ever had the conversation that they should have had before now.  While I enjoyed Tristan’s antics to a certain point, he is certainly in denial. When he realizes and accepts Channarong is his mate, he still hedges about saying anything. Channarong has loved and wanted Tristan as a mate for years, so I could sympathize with his avoidance since Tristan was beyond clueless for so long. I was happy that they finally figured it all out.
I loved how much the whole town supported Channarong and his family and cheered on the relationship forming between Tristan and Channarong.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***

Catch-Up on Seven Corners Shifters Series with Book 1: His Protective Alpha

His Protective Alpha

The last thing I wanted was to run from my past straight into my fated mate.

Omega wolf Rashad Hall is running. He needs a safe place to start over, and the last thing he wants is an alpha. When he steps into Seven Corners and immediately scents “mate,” he fights his most basic impulse to seek out his one true love, Bronx Bolder, the lead alpha who has to grant permission to stay on his territory. Instead Rashad trespasses, courting disaster, but he’s irresistibly drawn the strong, tempting, in-control alpha. Rashad can’t let go of his fears. What happens when he can’t stay away from Bronx, either?

Alpha wolf Bronx Bolder can’t find an omega strong enough to stand by his side, and he’s tired of looking. When he discovers omega wolf Rashad started a small successful business on his territory, Bronx starts out feeling irked but soon comes to admire Rashad’s fighting spirit. When he realizes they’re fated mates, it’s easy to fall in love- and into bed- with the alluring, mysterious omega. Rashad pulls Bronx close, then pushes him away. Rashad’s keeping a lot of secrets, including the result of their tryst- a pregnancy. When Rashad’s past comes back to bite him, can Bronx protect him and the new life in his womb?

What’s Rashad running from? How will his past come back to haunt him? Can Bronx help his fated mate overcome his fears for a chance at true love?

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About the Author:

Ava Beringer is a major-league nerd who started off writing fanfiction and fell in love with mpreg and omegaverse. She loves to heat up a slick omega and a knotty alpha. By day she’s a good thirty-something midwestern girl, but she has a dark side. Okay, not really. She’s as bubbly as champagne but she can be pretty darn cheeky when you get her going.

She’s an aspiring digital nomad who’s traveled to thirty-two countries and counting. If she’s lucky, a cat will adopt her along the way.

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