New Release Reviews ~ Double Trouble by Barbara Elsborg

Seven years ago

Fifteen-year-old Raffety freaks out the moment he arrives at summer camp. Something isn’t right about the place, parents, kids and the counsellors. The only good thing is Jonah—and their first kiss.

Trouble is Jonah’s middle name. He can’t just ignore that Raffety clearly doesn’t belong at the camp, and risks everything to help him escape, even their budding friendship.

Jonah’s actions have damaging repercussions for both boys. Raffety returns to a very different world than the one he left, one where his mum is terrified of strangers who insist they’re pack. As for Jonah, his father decrees he’s gone too far. His memories of Raffety are wiped and Jonah’s exiled to Faerieland.

Present Day

Breaking cover for his mum’s funeral lands Raffety back in the claws of a pack that never stopped searching for him. The alpha is claiming Raffety’s an omega, and prime breeding material. Erm, no way. Raffety would rather eat his own eyeballs. He needs to figure out a way to escape—and quick.

Indentured to Paranormal Resolutions for his sins, which are many, Jonah’s ordered to extract a mark from the clutches of a pack of werewolves. The mission fills him with dread: the wolves know he stole their gold and if they catch him, they’ll eat his guts, with or without ketchup―gulp! But defying his boss isn’t an option. Not if Jonah wants to live.

Is it chance that Jonah and Raffety end up in the same trap, or is it more? Could fate be giving them both a helping hand, or have they just landed in the worst trouble of their lives?


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~ * ~ Annies Review ~ * ~

4.5 Stars

Double Trouble is decidedly different from any of this author’s contemporary romances I’ve read thus far. What wasn’t different was the interesting story, fantastic array of characters, descriptive scenes and world, and sweet romance.

I love when a book is more than I am expecting and Double Trouble is most definitely that. I truly enjoyed Raffety and Jonah. They were dynamic, complex characters in an intriguing world. I found their initial meeting and reconnection exciting and original, and loved the adventure that unfolded from there. I also loved how fun and quirky they remained despite the action and adventure they took part in over the course of the book. The fun aspects in Double Trouble offered a good counterpoint to the conflict that persisted through the bulk of the story making this a pleasant, fast-paced read I was always eager to pick up.

I so enjoy when authors whisk me away to different places and Barbara Elsborg completely transported me to this descriptive, complex universe. At first, there did seem like a broad cast of characters to keep track of, but I never got lost and felt the author did an excellent job fleshing out each character and their role. In fact, I was left with an eagerness to revisit this world for more exciting adventures. I’d recommend Double Trouble to fans of paranormal fantasies and action-adventure stories, especially if you are looking for a new world to discover.

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~ * ~ Jessicas Review ~ * ~

4 Stars

Double Trouble is the first book in the “Lost and Found” series written by Barbara’s Elsborg.

Rafferty is a werewolf. He is not yet aware. He is thrown into summer camp only to find out every other camper is a kind of paranormal creature. There he meets Jonah, who is a fairy. Jonah explains everything to Rafferty not to have to help Rafferty escape. He gets away, but a pack leader catches him. One who explains he is not only a werewolf, but he is a unique wolf that every other pack would love to have. Rafferty escapes again only to come back to his mother’s funeral.—where all hell breaks loose. Jonah is aware and was also forced to go to summer camp. After helping Rafferty escape, he is forced to live with his grandparents in fairyland—where he loses his best friend. He is blamed for his best friend’s death, and in repayment, he is forced to work in a paranormal police force of sorts. He is made to track down Rafferty. They meet once again, but Jonah washed been compelled to forget Rafferty with magic.

I liked Jonah and Rafferty well enough. They fit very well together and have clicked since their first meeting. I liked Briar a lot and had hoped we see him more in the book, but sadly we never see him after he has to make his big choice and the next book is not his. I will, however, read his story if it ever comes out.

This book was a wild ride. The beginning is a little slow and confusing up until the big time jump. Then it gets good fast. I couldn’t put it down. The last time jump makes me sad as I would have liked to see what happened in between. Overall, the book was good.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***