New Release Review ~ Teacher by Roe Horvat (Excerpt)


  • MM erotic romance, omegaverse non-shifter, 75,000 words
  • Sex worker and single dad
  • HEA

And because not everyone is into everything, I attach the following list so there are no unpleasant surprises:

  • heat sex, knotting, breeding, omega tops alpha
  • all sexual interactions depicted are consensual
  • monogamous couple, no cheating or sharing
  • MMM scenes before the main couple meet each other, double penetration, fisting



I have the best job in the universe—I treat omegas in heat. I’ve been doing it for seventeen years and can safely say that I’m immune to that inconvenient sickness called love.

I’m the great Walter Sébastien, the preeminent heat teacher with an internationally famous magic dick and the self-control of a martial-arts monk. I’m a sex god with a heart of stone, an invincible pleasure master, your can-go-all-night-long fantasy lover, the emperor of orgasms… He Who Would Never Fall Again.

Then one day, a nerdy little single dad with trembling fingers and inconspicuous glasses smiles at me, and I’m screwed. I’m not supposed to go down like this. I’ve never even kissed a client, let alone fallen for one.

Except Daniel Chevalier isn’t like any other client.

Potential trigger: Sexual assault is briefly mentioned as one character’s memory in a way which could be triggering to some readers.




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The mystery of my one-word note about Daniel Chevalier got resolved the next day after lunch.

It was horrifying.

I walked in on him when he sat hunched over his aging laptop in the atrium. Apparently, the Wi-Fi signal in the client bedroom was not as strong as it was in here. I would have to remedy that. I couldn’t see the screen, but I heard a child’s shrill voice come through the speaker. Was he calling his son? I was about to give them privacy, but something stopped me in my tracks. Might have been plain old curiosity, I didn’t know. I froze and stared at him.

He looked small on my oversized sofa, but his arms in the short-sleeved shirt he wore were wiry and capable. He adjusted his glasses in a gesture I now found familiar, and his finger shook subtly as he lowered his hand. If forced, I’d admit that his trembling hands fascinated me. He must have been through a lot because of them—the constant misconception, the useless pity, doubt, even suspicion. I could imagine how people who didn’t know him treated him, yet he still had a job standing in front of the harshest crowd there was, performing daily. Daniel was way tougher than he seemed, wasn’t he?


“Will you call tomorrow?” the kid asked.

“I’ll try. I’m not sure. But I really hope I can.”

“Granddad says I can have ice cream every day after dinner.”

“Does he? Hm.”

“But he told me it’s a secret. I think secrets are difficult.”

And at that moment, Daniel broke me.

He smiled broadly at the screen, love and tenderness pouring out of his eyes.

“I know they are.”

That smile. It flooded the atrium with color and warmth.

It hit me like lightning. Or like a slap in the face. With a chair.

I immediately backed out of the room, but not before Daniel’s eyes flashed to me. His smile dropped, and he frowned, confusion on his face.

I had to get out. To somewhere I could fucking breathe. My heart pounding, I rushed through the hallway and out onto the back patio. The sliding door refused to budge, and I swore. You’re pulling the wrong way, dumbass. In your own house.

Exhale. Inhale. Choke.

The pines swayed in the chilly breeze. Birds shrieked at each other. I drew in the smell of moss and the rich forest soil, cleansing my lungs from Daniel’s scent.

A memory resurfaced and it got so vibrant and intense, I immediately understood why my subconscious had so effectively suppressed it. Daniel sitting in front of me at a café in Dalton City, smiling wide at something I’d said, his eyes gentle. His entire face had changed. As if dark gray clouds had opened, the sun shining through, white doves flew high, and fucking rainbows flashed across the sky. His eyes had crinkled, full lips curved, teeth glistening, and his features had rearranged into beauty so staggering, I’d had trouble breathing.

Stunned, I’d only written that useless word. And then my brain had erased the memory of Daniel Chevalier’s smile, as if the encounter had been some kind of trauma.

I should have written an entire paragraph of warnings and maybe even a recommendation to send him to another heat teacher. And I’d thought him unattractive. How unbelievably stupid of me.

Well, fuck.

That smile was a deadly missile. It would be a difficult job, after all.

Fuck it all to hell.


~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

5 Stars

This book is a wonderful contradiction; it’s one of the hottest things I’ve read in and a long, long time and yet it’s also one of the sweetest, most heartwarming stories I can remember. I loved this combination.

Set in an Omniverse; Walter is a heat teacher, someone who helps Omegas through their difficult heats. He’s the best in the business and has never made an emotional connection doing his job until Daniel, a single father, becomes his client. Watching Walter fall for this quiet, shy man is just beautiful. He may be the Alpha, but it is Daniel that holds all the power as Walter will literally go on his knees for him as he breaks all his rules to give Daniel the perfect heat. They are hot, seriously hot together. It’s definitely a fan yourself book.

Daniel blossoms through the book but he still finds it hard to believe someone like Walter wants him. It’s such fun to see Walter turn from a cool, efficient man in charge to a bumbling mess as he tries to show Daniel how much he wants him forever.<

I loved this book so much, a one-sitting reading for me—I couldn’t put it down. Omniverse at its best, an absolute recommendation from me.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***


~ * ~ Kys Review ~ * ~

* 4 Stars *

When I heard that Walter was getting his own story I got so excited! From his past appearances, it was apparent that he felt as if something was missing from his life, he wasn’t happy. He was lonely…

Once again, the first half of the book is heavily packed with sex scenes, but that’s no surprise. There’s still a plot to be found, though, even in those pages, and that’s what makes these books so appealing. There are still emotions, development, events.

Here, the characters used the first half of the book to get to know one another and to form an emotional connection on top of a physical one. Walter had to make sense of what he was feeling and to make some decisions about how he wanted to handle the situation that he found himself in.

Eventually, Walter and Daniel decide to spend their time together as if they were a couple. They don’t talk about the future, but it’s apparent that they both want something more. They know that their lives aren’t compatible the way they are, so they decide to just enjoy what little time they can have together.

And then, reality crashes in – in the second half, when they venture to the world outside.

Walter is my favorite character in the series, hands down. He’s a genuinely good person who cares about those around him and takes care of everyone. He can appear arrogant or flippant at first, but those are just fronts. In reality, he’s compassionate, loyal and an awesome friend to have on your side.

Daniel had been through a lot with his former partner and now he is a single father raising his four-year-old with only the help of his parents. He was dedicated to his son and he put him above everything, as he should. His parents sounded fun, I wouldn’t say no to a story about them.

Old characters make some appearances as well as some new ones, but this works fine as a standalone. I don’t know if there will be more books in the series, but I keep thinking that Walter’s old mentor with his partners may have an interesting one to tell.

~ I read an ARC of this book. ~