New Release Review ~ Moon Spell (Fated Book 2) by Christina Lee

🐺Cover Artist: Sarah Jo Chreene
🐺Release Date: October 4th


Werewolves only exist in fairy tales…at least that’s what most townspeople in Lunar’s Reach believe. Unless you’re a powerful healer who concocts a potion to help a fledgling shifter remain human during the full moon.

It works to Bellamy’s benefit since he’s been in hiding at Moon Flower from Ashwood, his beloved, who betrayed him two years before. But now that violet fever is sweeping through Etria and Bellamy has fallen deathly ill, not even the Madam from the apothecary can heal him.

Ashwood believes only he—his fated mate—can save Bellamy from the sickness. Unfortunately, he’s right. But Bellamy cannot bear being in his presence nor suppress the longing he still feels for the man. Despite their history, Ashwood still owns his heart, and soon it becomes clear that someone from their past presents a danger to them both.

Perhaps Bellamy could use Ashwood to exact his own revenge before dooming him to eternal loneliness without his mate. Except, that plan would require allowing Ashwood to touch him again, and Bellamy isn’t certain he can resist being cast under his spell. Not when Ashwood feels so perfect—and so right.

Please note: Moon Spell is set in an imaginary world reminiscent of our nineteenth century, with some fantastical elements, such as potions and fated mates, and without explicit rules. Reading Moon Flower, the first book in the series, is highly recommended, as some of the plot elements and characterizations wouldn’t otherwise make sense.

TW: Discussions and depictions of assault, as well as a background representation that some might find unconventional.


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~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

3.75 Stars

The blurb for this book suggests you read book 1 in the Fated series before this one, and I’d agree with that. I have read it but was still a little confused, and it took me a while to get into the story. I liked the unusual setting of the first story, so I kept with it.

The flashback at the start explains Bellamy’s back story, which was left a mystery in book 1. We then go forward to the present day. Events continue from book 1, with Bellamy sick and Ashwood, the man he believes betrayed him, trying to save him.

Bellamy denies his Wolf side and also any belief that Ashwood is his fated mate. Both characters have complex pasts that hamper their future. I felt for Ashwood, who wants nothing to be with his mate, but Bellamy cannot move past what he sees as Ashwood’s betrayal. It is clear Ashwood would do anything for Bellamy, and I did warm to him more than Bellamy.

After the slightly choppy start, the story did pick up, and the second half flowed better. Bellamy and Ashwood’s relationship grows as Bellamy starts to realise things aren’t always as straightforward as he thought. Their connection really comes through, and I was so pleased with how the author concludes the story. I was glad I kept with it to see these two get their HEA.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***



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