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The Quiet House
By Lily Morton

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Blank and Blue, Book 2

Levi Black has mostly recovered from the events of a year ago. The only lingering effects are that he’s much more well known in York than he’d like to be, and he’s a lot more cautious about walking around his house naked. However, those events brought him the capricious and fascinating Blue, so he’s not complaining. On the contrary, he’s happy, in love, and looking forward to Blue finally moving in with him. And if sometimes he wonders what Blue sees in a boring cartoonist, he keeps that to himself.

Blue Billings is finally ready to throw off the memories of his past and move in with the person who means the most in the world to him. His psychic abilities have grown in the last year to his mentor Tom’s consternation, but Blue is determined to look on the bright side. He’s also focused on ignoring all the warning signs that he’s received lately.

However, even deeply buried secrets have a way of rising to the surface. And when a surprise from Blue’s past turns up and draws them away to a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors, Levi and Blue must fight for their survival once again.

From bestselling author, Lily Morton, comes the second book in the Black and Blue series. The books should be read in order.

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It’s ten in the morning before I remember the old man from last night. I’m unpacking a new box of books, sitting cross-legged on the floor in the book shop surrounded by stacks of books and bubble wrap, while Tom sits at the counter clutching his ever-present cup of tea with his face screwed up into grumpy lines.

“I’m just saying that you’re opening yourself up too much, Blue.”

“That’s never been a complaint before,” I say lightly, grinning up at him as he rolls his eyes.

“Lovely as this glimpse is into your private affairs, I must move you on.”

“Private affairs? I’m not Prince Charles.”

“And that’s a shame. That lad talks to plants. You struggle with humans.”

I shake my head. “I’m pretty sure that comment wasn’t meant for me. Know yourself.”

“I’m very good with humans.”

“What about yesterday?” I say, putting down my scissors and staring at him. “I’m pretty sure it was you who told the lady asking if we took cash that you weren’t the Bank of England.”

“You’ve been dreaming again.”

I roll my eyes. “If I’m dreaming about you, I definitely need to get some professional help.”

He huffs and helps himself to another biscuit from the Incredible Disappearing Biscuit Tin. I don’t know where the fuck he hides that thing. One minute he’s chomping down on a Hob Nob, then I come to take a biscuit, and it’s gone. Vanished.

I eye him affectionately. This crotchety old man is one of the most important people in my life. I’ve known him since I was a scrawny, scared kid who hitchhiked my way to York and never left, pinned here by a sense that I’d found my place. Tom never asked questions, just fed me and then later on when he revealed himself to be psychic too, he became my mentor. Sort of like Alec Guinness as Ben Kenobi, but with very poor people skills. Tom and my best friend, Will, are only topped by Levi. No one will ever shift Levi from heading the list of my most favourite people in the world.

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4 Stars
Considering how much I enjoyed the first book of the Black and Blue series, I was pretty excited about what the couple’s second adventure would entail. And while I hadn’t initially intended to wait for the audiobook release of The Quiet House, I had heard a lot of praise for Joel Leslie’s performance in The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings, so I was more than happy it worked out that way.
The Quiet House had a very unique feel and storyline. I always enjoy stories featuring established couples because we get the opportunity to see a magnified chemistry that has had a chance to develop and solidify with time. I loved seeing Levi and Blue together on this adventure in a house with quite the reputation for its powerful spirits. Truthfully, I was a little surprised at how uncertain both men were concerning their importance and role in one another’s life. While that feels like an honest characterization of a newer relationship, I don’t know that it completely gelled with how I saw Levi and Blue at the end of the first book. That said, I enjoyed watching their bond and trust in their relationship deepen over the course of The Quiet House as much as I enjoyed their playful banter and teasing.
The paranormal aspect also felt pretty different than I initially expected. Once again, I enjoyed how unique the setting and experiences were in The Quiet House. The author’s descriptions are always so colorful and fantastic, and the scenes really do come to life. Of course, this is only enhanced by the fun and consuming performance Joel always puts into his narration. But where The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings had a great spooky factor, The Quiet House had a more theatrical haunting vibe. That isn’t to say that the images and story weren’t great and incredibly unique, because they certainly were, it just didn’t have that scary vibe that had me jumping or anticipating the next sudden reveal.
All in all, I enjoyed the audiobook of The Quiet House. The narration is boisterous and fun, and the story very unique.


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