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About the Book:

One night with Reeve Hale wasn’t enough. I knew it when I kissed him, I knew it when I slept with him, and I was certain of it when I walked out of his motel room the very next day.

So when the shy, gorgeous man is introduced as our newest employee at Vino and Veritas, I can’t help but conjure up all the ridiculous ways to convince him to repeat that unforgettable night. Like asking him to be my fake boyfriend at my sister’s upcoming wedding.

Only, I didn’t expect him to say yes.

Playing pretend shouldn’t feel this real. Especially when Reeve is planning on leaving Vermont after the summer.

We agreed to one night. We negotiated a fake relationship. But I’m the one who broke our terms. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love and he was never supposed to be so unforgettable.

~ * ~ Maris Review ~ * ~

4.5 Stars!

Last book (for me) in the series and what a great experience it has been! This was a great collection of connecting standalones, each written by a different author, all with different couples in the same Vino and Veritas universe and now I’m sad there won’t be any new installments.

Oz and Reeve meet through an app and have a hot one-night-stand that (supposedly) can’t be more than that, even if their connection was there from the start. When Reeve starts working at V&V a few weeks later, he discovers Oz works there as well and they decide to become friends. When Oz needs to get himself a date to bring to his sister’s wedding, of course, the first one he asks is Reeve. The lines between friendship and the attraction they feel for one another keep blurring and Reeve’s time in Vermont is coming to an end, so they can’t be more even when feelings get involved, or can they?

What I Loved: Oz, for a guy who’d never had a boyfriend or a relationship, he made sure that Reeve felt comfortable with him from the moment they met and every moment after. Even during a scene when he was understandably angry because his parents kept wanting him to meet their expectations and he lashed out at Reeve, he made sure to apologize and explain what had happened. I just wanted to hug him and make it all better with his family.

Murph! He’s such a grander-than-life character and while I’ve already read his story—I read most stories out of order—I was happy to see where he was introduced in the series.

The fake relationship that was anything but fake. Oz and Reeve were just perfect for each other and it showed in every single one of their interactions.

What I Liked: Reeve, he was a sweetheart and it was nice seeing him support Oz in his endeavors. Much as I loved him with Oz, though, I was a bit disappointed that he was so near-sighted in regards to them and let his past dictate his future and not only kept Oz at arm’s length but made Oz (and me!) cry, which is the only reason this isn’t a 5-Star read for me.

I really liked Oz’s family, especially his sisters. It took me a bit longer with their parents, because they hadn’t realized how their expectations hurt their own son, but they more than made up for it.

The book was emotional, steamy, angsty, sweet, engaging and I stayed up until nearly 4am finishing it, I just couldn’t put it down and I can’t recommend it enough. It was a great way to finish the series for me.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


~ * ~ Amys Review ~ * ~

5++ Stars

I can’t believe I’ve read the full series, that this is it. I read the last five out of order, but that’s the beauty of a series full of stand-alones; you can read them in any order that you want and it ruins nothing, nor does it leave you confused.

This book begins with a bang…literally—ha ha. Our beloved characters meet up via a hookup app. Oz is an old pro, Reeve is doing this for the first time. I’ll let you discover how it goes, but I think you’ll like it…

This is perhaps one of my favorites out of the series. I knew it early on and my opinion did not change as the story went on. It is a very engaging read, and you’ll be all the better for moving it from your ‘TBR list’ to your ‘read again list’. It’s incredibly good.

The writing is beyond stellar and flows at a great pace throughout, never missing a beat. It’s one of those books that you will not want to put down. The characters are well developed, extremely dynamic, and easy to fall in love with. You will be rooting for them before the hookup even finishes. I promise you.

I’ve loved this series, and have made it through each book, in ebook format. I cannot wait to own each one in audiobook format so I can hear them brought to life by some great narrators. I’m weird and am waiting for the whole series to be out before listening to them—despite owning all of the available ones, already.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book and this series. You won’t be disappointed. Each book is worth the read. This one will be worth the many comfort reads that will be had.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***