New Release Review ~ Billionaire’s Muse by JP Sayle

Billionaire’s Muse by JP Sayle

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A body resembling a piece of string, no filter and a waffle to word ratio that causes confusion. None of that seems to matter to Marcus. Will he last the distance when it comes to loving Finlo?

When world renowned photographer, Marcus Crestwell, agrees to do a favour for a friend, he thought it would be a boring photoshoot, but it’s anything but. When he meets Agnes, aka Nanna, and Finlo, the laughter that has been missing from his life returns, thanks to the antics of interfering women, and a man who is fast becoming irresistible every time he opens his mouth.

Finlo Denning’s mind is a lot like spaghetti junction, on a good day. He often finds it hard to stop whatever is in there from spilling right out of his mouth. This means people don’t stick around for long. That is until Nanna and Marcus show up. All Finlo has to do now is survive an interfering Nanna with good intentions, to claim Marcus’s love. What could possibly go wrong?

Billionaire’s Muse (book 3) in Billionaire’s Playground series, is a light-hearted gay-romance with a quirky guy, a hot as hell photographer and a Nanna who always knows best.

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5 Stars

Sometimes you want sweet and funny; you want light-hearted; you want something that will make you feel warm and happy as you read and leave you smiling to yourself at the end. This is the perfect book for that.

It’s book 3 of the series and while I’d recommend you read all three; it can be read as a stand-alone. The stories don’t overlap, just the characters.

Finlo is a student, undoubtedly on the spectrum, and totally adorable. He has such an honest soul and is just perfect for the world-weary Marcus. I loved them together, how quickly Marcus comes to dote on Finlo and Finlo’s total amazement and slight disbelief that this is the case. Their interactions are funny, touching and then there’s the chemistry between them, very sexy. There’s low-level angst caused by family; lots of humour especially from Nanna who’s as interfering and crazy in the best way and a perfect HEA.  I love a book where the couple and their interactions are the focus. Dual POV means we really get to know the characters too.

An absolute recommendation from me. The author writes a variety of tropes but these fun, lighthearted romantic comedies are possibly my favourite. I love a book that makes me laugh out loud and swoon within a page. Perfect.

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