New Release Review ~ Out of Bounds (Browerton University #7) by A.J. Truman

Out of Bounds (Browerton University #7)

by A.J. Truman

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The plan was simple: Play the Game. Get the glory. Stay in the closet.

But the plan didn’t include my childhood crush walking back into my life. First, he wrecked my concentration. Then my body.

For college jock Cliff, crushing it on the court is all that matters. Yet his tightly maintained status quo begins to unravel when he discovers Brennan, his brother’s smooth-talking best friend, is also on campus.

Brennan’s last minute transfer to Browerton was an escape from a relationship that left his heart in shambles. When he offers to help Cliff with a class project, lessons in sketching give way to sizzling sexual tension – and some fun with neckties.

But as Cliff’s star rises on campus, their relationship becomes less of a release and more of a liability to his NBA aspirations. Brennan fears his heart is bound to be broken again, while Cliff grapples with a decision that’ll come down to the buzzer: the game or the guy?


~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

4 Stars
This is actually book 7 of the Browerton University series but definitely works as a stand-alone. The books share a setting but there is only very slight overlap—a nod in this book but the characters don’t really play a role.
This is a brother’s best friend, closeted jock trope but I liked it because the jock, Cliff, is not your typical jock in attitude and it’s actually Brennan, the artist, who’s more experienced and confident. When he discovers his feelings for Cliff are reciprocated, he acts on them but it starts out very much as friends with benefits to give Cliff the experience he craves. Cliff becomes Brennan’s muse. Brennan has struggled with his art since his move to the college, having just gotten out of a manipulative relationship. It’s quite a slow burn and slow build-up to more than that, and when feelings are developing, it becomes complicated by Cliff having to step into the team and becoming recognised around campus. He feels quite isolated by the weight of expectations on him. It’s ever so slightly a little heavy-handed in the pressure of the school paper asking him about a girlfriend and pressure from the local homophobic college pastor making him struggle more to come out. It’s to give the angst at the end before they find their HEA.
All around it’s an enjoyable read with more heat than I was expecting between the two of them, especially with Brennan’s control in the bedroom. I’d have liked them to spend a little more time together and a little less time apart; it would have helped the connection. So saying, I did really like them as a couple and was smiling when we got their sweet ending.

** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. **


~ * ~ Missys Review ~ * ~

5 Stars

This book was exceptional, and A.J. Truman is a new favorite author of mine. This is the first book I have read by him. I look forward to reading more. The attraction that sparks between Cliff and Brennan is practically combustible.

When Cliff takes an art class he finds himself struggling, and Brennan finds himself offering to help tutor him. Boy, do things heat up between them—neckties and t-shirts may be involved.

The storyline was well developed. I was blown away by everything about the book.  The one thing that stood out was the closeness that was between Cliff and Brennan throughout the book. The one thing that made me upset was how Brennan was treated in a previous relationship. I was glad he finally found someone who would treat him the way he deserved.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***