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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
C*ck Blocked
By K.C. Kassidy

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Blockers, Book One

Grayson Darling is suddenly the new “it” guy. An American actor turned heartthrob, Gray rose to superstar status through his portrayal of a handsome and brave American military captain in an epic WWII love story now in its fourth season on a popular streaming service.

But Gray needs a break from stardom, from the flashing lights of celebrity and his legions of female fans that mob him at every turn. He needs peace and quiet, and a real holiday during the show’s hiatus and summer break.

Instead of returning to his home in Hollywood, Gray books a month stay at a small B&B in rural Ireland, where he hopes to write his first screenplay and free himself from outside distractions. And time away to decide who and what he wants to be to the world.

What he didn’t expect to find was an attraction to the grumpy innkeeper, Niall O’Reardon. A retired football player now home managing the family’s inn with his sister, Niall is completely unfamiliar with his handsome new guest, and only knows how Grayson makes his insides feel strange and fizzy whenever they interact.

Niall only wants to live in peace and solitude, not interested in the fame or notoriety that his past football career gave him. But when word travels that Grayson Darling is staying in Boyle, the wolves descend, bringing in hordes of rag photogs, ruining his peaceful existence.

At which point, Niall must choose between protecting Gray’s reputation or protecting his own heart.

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“How the hell do you stand the smell? It’s vile.”

I scoff because I’ve lived with it all my life and is simply part of farm life to me. When I’ve had to visit Dublin or London, I wondered the exact same thing about the city. The smoke, noise and car exhaust were stifling, and I could barely breathe.

“Sorry to exploit your delicate sensibilities, man. Maybe I can grab you the special scented air freshener I keep just for my city guests.” I reply drolly.

A burst of self-deprecating laughter escapes his mouth, and the sound is fucking glorious. Like church bells ringing on Easter Sunday morning. Except instead of filling my soul, it goes straight to my groin.

He raises a hand and claps me on the back, the warmth seeping through my over clothes. I whip my head to stare at him and he offers me a wink.

A sexy, goddamn wink.

Jaysus, what is this man doing to me?

“I like this about you, Niall. You don’t see the need to filter anything. You’re not only funny but good looking, too. A dangerous combination.”

My mouth dries up like a well in a drought and I swallow down sand particles lodging in my throat. Did he just reveal something about himself? Or am I projecting with wishful thinking?

The last thing I need to do is make a mistake with a guest who may or may not be homosexual like me.


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4 Stars
I really enjoyed the story, although the title didn’t grab me—it conjured up a different image to me. It grabs attention but doesn’t seem to match the plot, apart from one little bit. This is a coming out, opposites attract story; Geoffrey is a closeted actor, who’s hiding away on an Irish farm trying to write his own screenplay. Niall is the tough and ready farmer, whom he finds himself attracted to. It’s mutual, but is there a future?
The issue with the title didn’t stop me from reading and enjoying this sweet, funny story with characters that made me smile. The mix of humour with emotional and touching elements to the plot really helped make Niall and Geoffrey wonderful characters. Opposites on paper, they just work. I really liked the fact that so much of the book is the two of them together, working their way through the obstacles life puts in the path of their HEA. As for Da, well wonderful and sad. The epilogue really drew everything together and left me feeling warm, happy, and satisfied.
A funny, sexy story, that’s absolutely worth the read.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***

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