Release Tour ~ The Ruiner by Nem Rowan (Excerpt + Giveaway)

The Ruiner 

by Nem Rowan 

Release Date: June 21, 2021

Publisher: Gurt Dog Press
Genre: LGBTQIA+ Thriller Romance
Content Warnings: Violence, transphobia, stalking, sexual language, graphic sex, harrassment



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The night Tenny first meets shy, socially awkward David at the Oubliette Club is when it all begins: the feeling of being watched and followed, the lewd adverts posted by an imposter, the random phone-calls, strangers turning up at his house… The tirade against him seems never-ending. He has no idea why it began, and living alone makes it difficult for him to cope, forcing him to rely on his best friends for protection. Someone is out to ruin him, targetting his home, his car, his job, his life…

Despite what his friends say, Tenny is nevertheless drawn to David, who is timid, inexperienced when it comes to BDSM, and reminds Tenny somewhat of his former self. There’s no way he can believe that David is responsible for the frightening goings-on when he’s so sweet and willing to do whatever Tenny wants; it doesn’t matter that troubling evidence points to him as the source.

After all, why would David try to ruin his life when Tenny is so happy to be in his?

THE RUINER is an updated and revised version of Nem Rowan’s previously published novel, ‘The Things We Hide At Home’, only this time, there’s as much terror as there is romance.



“Can I help you?” I asked with some trepidation as I approached the gate. 

The figure turned around and I saw that it was a man; he was wearing a sporty raincoat over jeans and had a cap on his head. He was perhaps about my age. When he saw me, he smiled.

“Hi there. I guess I’m a little early. We arranged for me to arrive at eight?” he spoke, seeming friendly enough. “I brought the things you asked for.” He gestured to the bag on his back.

“What?” My frown wrinkled my nose. “What are you talking about?”

“Your ad on SXChat. You asked me to come at eight, so here I am,” he explained, seeming confused by my reaction. 

“I didn’t make an ad. I don’t even know what SXChat is. Who are you?” I questioned, beginning to feel unnerved by what I was hearing.

“We literally had a conversation about this. You’re Tristen, right? Tristen Fleetwood?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t make an ad and I haven’t spoken to you before; I don’t even know who you are or why you’re here,” I insisted, my whole body beginning to tremble.

“Is… Is this part of the role-play or something?” He cocked a brow and squinted an eye at me. 

“I’m not role-playing; this isn’t a game. Please leave, right now, or I’ll call the police,” I threatened, and his smile soon faded. 

He came down the steps and I stood aside to let him pass. As he did so, he turned to me and said: “Guess you changed your mind at the last minute, huh? Fucking cock-tease, wasting my time.”

I didn’t answer, instead scowling and watching as he stalked off along the road with his hands in his pockets. 


Notes from author:

BDSM is practiced between consensual adults, but the same activities when not consented to are abuse. It’s important to communicate with your partner. 

If you are ever stalked, you should stay in contact with friends and family, and report everything to the police.


About the Author:

Nem Rowan is originally from the UK, but despite Brexit, he still considers himself to be European. He was born in the West Country of England, but later moved to Wales, where he lived for almost a decade before deciding to move to Sweden in the summer of 2019. He shares his home with his wife, his girlfriend, their rapidly-growing triplets, one cat and a demon.

Nem started writing when he was very young. He always loved Horror stories and has an undying fascination with the creepy, the bizarre, the shocking and the unusual. Coupled with his enjoyment of love stories, his writing became a fusion of Horror and Romance, often with characters that have been through terrible hardships but who eventually reach the happy ending they deserve.

Nem’s books were originally published by the now defunct Less Than Three Press, and also by JMS Books for awhile. He is the owner of Gurt Dog Press, where he hopes to bring fresh, new LGBTQ+ fiction into the world.


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