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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Head to Head
By Eli Easton & Tara Lain

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Nerds Vs Jocks, Book 3

If these two don’t kill each other, they might fall in love.

Rand hates Jax because he’s the laid-back, vegan-eating, tree-hugging, total-Zen-until-I-get-a-chance-to-screw-you president of Sigma Mu Tau, the nerdy fraternity that’s the sworn enemy of Rand’s house, Alpha Lambda Alpha. What a phony!

Jax hates Rand for being the privileged, rich-heir-to-an-oil-empire, environment-destroying, soul-sucking president of the ALA jocks—but mostly because Rand hated him first. Rand has sent nothing but hateful vibes his way since the day they met. What a douche!

The enemies have never had a single conversation that didn’t involve shouting—until Jax’s old Buick breaks down on a road trip and Rand plays reluctant rescuer. Jax is forced to sit on Rand’s dead cow seats. Rand learns chickens can enter the living room and that Jax’s beliefs are more than skin-deep. The bitter rivals embark on a quest to save a family member and discover that sometimes animosity is a mask for crazy-hot attraction. With this much face time, head-to-head might become heart-to-heart.

HEAD TO HEAD is an enemies to lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, searching for his sister, clashing cultures, MM romance—with a whole lot of fracking.

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Special Release Tour Excerpt:

I’d known for a long time that Rand was the son of the founder and CEO of American Eagle energy company an oil-extracting and fracking behemoth. But it was one thing to think of it as something his father did. That Rand himself would be part of it one day, maybe even run the company—the enormity of that sent a chill of awe up my spine. “I can see that,” I said carefully. “It could be amazing. If your stockholders and dad, etcetera… if they’d let you really change things.”

He frowned slightly. “Yeah.”

I nodded decisively. “So. We’ve got it figured. You’ll be the hot young CEO running American Eagle and turning it to green energy, and I’ll be the rebel hippy lawyer watching your every step like a hawk.”

Rand laughed. He gave me a warm look that curled my toes. “Sounds about right. Do you think we’ll ever not be on opposite sides, Jax?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe it’s our karmic destiny.”

I licked sticky candy off my lips and his gaze tracked the movement. He licked his own lips, seemingly unconsciously. The warmth I was feeling toward him—an oddity itself—flared into something else. Whoosh.

I abruptly got up and tossed the remains of my candy apple in the trash. “Hey. Let’s go check out that haunted house ride.”

At the Devil’s Dungeon, Loveda and Mikey got a car near the front of the little train. Rand and I got placed in the back, several cars behind. The teenaged attendant smirked as he pushed the bar down onto our laps. “Keep your hands and arms inside the car,” he recited. “Or the ghosts may rip them clean off. You’ll be dead of blood loss before the train even returns to the station.”

My mouth dropped open. “Do you say that to five-year- olds?”

He grinned. “Have a nice ride. And no making out.”

Rand and I looked at each other and laughed. But my giggle, at least, was a little nervous.

“He has no idea,” I said, as the train headed into the dark.

“Right? We’re more likely to rip each other’s arms off.”


Inside the dark building, the train tracks shifted and jolted—on purpose. Painted scenes of horror glowed in the dark. A guillotine. A graveyard. On my side, a Dracula popped out of a box. Drac was looking pretty raggedy.

“He needs a new tailor,” Rand said, the jolting train throwing him against my side.

“He’s looking a bit peaked. Want me to open your vein for him?”

“You can try.” Rand’s teeth flashed white in the dim light.

Wax heads on a rack were next. They were probably convincing in the 50s, but they looked lame compared to modern CGI.

“Oh, man. This is so bad, it’s good.” Rand laughed.

“I know, right? To quote Mikey: it’s a classic.”

With a clang, our train lurched to a stop. A dingy white- sheeted ghost bobbed on my right.

“Probably waiting for the train ahead of us,” Rand said.

“Yup. No worries. You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” I sneaked a hand onto his leg and squeezed.

Rand grasped my hand in his for a moment and pinched it. “Stop that. Of course I’m not afraid of the dark. That would be childish.”

“Uh-huh.” That brilliant comeback was brought to you courtesy of my pounding heart and dry mouth. Rand’s hand was big and so warm as he dropped mine back into my own lap.

Aaaaand still, the train wasn’t moving. I tried to think of something else. Anything other than the feeling of Rand’s arm against mine. Anything except all the things that could happen in the dark.

“So, um… what, exactly, did your dad say on the phone this morning?”

Rand shifted. “Just what I told your dad. He wasn’t exactly shocked to hear Peyton isn’t with Jason.”

I thought about that for a bit. The train sat there. “So your dad knew your seventeen-year-old pregnant sister wasn’t really with her boyfriend, and he didn’t try to find her?”


“I mean, I heard Jason say your dad sent armed men to find him and warn him off. If your dad could do that, he could hire a PI to find Peyton and bring her home. Right?”

Rand snapped at me. “You don’t know the situation. Okay?”

I blinked in surprise at his tone. But, spark meet fuse. Like always, Rand’s anger set me off. “So what have I got wrong? That’s what happened, isn’t it?”

Even in the dim light, I could see him gripping the lap bar hard. He glanced over his shoulder, but we were in the last seat, and there wasn’t another train behind us. He hissed. “So you’re saying he should have hired goons to track her down? That’s good parenting to you? He’s been sending her money, supporting her. I don’t even know if she had the baby. She said she didn’t want to see us. Maybe my dad is just respecting her wishes.”

“But even if she fought with your dad, why wouldn’t she want to see you? You said you were close, right?”

“Look, we’re not Perfect Happy Family like you are. Okay?”

I gaped. “What?”

“Can we not talk about this?” His voice was raised.

He was annoying the hell out of me. “Dude. I’m just saying. Maybe your dad isn’t exactly being forthcoming. That’s all.”

“Fuck off!”

“Really? We’re back to that? So mature. Well, fuck you, Rand Ch—”

Rand grabbed my neck with one hand and crushed his mouth against mine.

For a moment, we both froze. What the hell was he doing?

Kissing me.

Oh God. Rand was kissing me.

I’d imagined this. Last night when I showed him the guest room. In the car. Hell, long before that. Every time we fought at Madison, I’d wanted to grab him and shake him and…

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5 Stars
Book three of the Nerds vs Jocks series was a great addition! This can be a standalone book, but I truly believe it would be enjoyable to read the entire set. Just as the series name implies, the journey these men have been on was a result of two enemy frats and a practical joke that had dire consequences.
In book one, we learned about how the competitiveness of the two frat houses had the dean giving them an ultimatum. Work together or each house will close down. The jocks had to integrate into the brainiacs world by replacing two of their members in the quiz Bowl. In turn, the jocks had to let the nerds into their fierce flag football competition. I won’t rehash it all, especially if you want to start from the beginning. The men are learning to work together, but two remain mortal enemies.
Jax is the ultimate cool vibe, beanie-wearing, smart guy that’s the head of the nerd’s house. Rand, who appears to be the privileged rich kid, is in charge of the jock’s house and seems to have a stick up his butt. Even though the houses are starting to really get along, these men can’t let up on their intense feelings of animosity.
Don’t assume, because it will only get you in trouble. Helping the stranded Jax, takes Rand inside the enemy’s family home, and he has nothing but admiration for everyone he meets. Soon he realizes his feelings towards the hipster Jax are changing. There are reasons that Rand dislikes Jax, and you will understand why the feelings were so intensified. Soon Jax’s perceptions also begin to shift.
Life is complex. The men are just learning about each other and their futures are very different. Especially for Rand, who is not even aware of how much his rich father is in control of his life. The two together really make a whole, and all you can do is hope life doesn’t take away the special opportunity of finding the perfect person to be with!
A great story with many amazing, yet imperfect people that just plain worked. I highly encourage you to read this story of love and its challenges that left me with a huge smile. Happy reading!

* * * Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. * * *

~ * ~ Jos Review ~ * ~

5 Stars
And so we come to the third, and originally the last, book in the Nerd vs Jock series (there’s definitely a hint there may be more). We knew this one was coming, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how the authors were going to get this pair together–the animosity between them jumped off the page. I should have had more faith.
We actually knew a little about Jax and Rand, and that’s where the cleverness comes from. Once we get to know their back story—thus their motivation—it all becomes clear. Rand likes to tell Jax that he doesn’t know him, and this is absolutely true. Rand is far more complex than his jock persona. As we get to know them both, the relationship develops naturally and absolutely feels right. A couple of times I did want to give Rand a slap and say “come on, don’t believe a word your Dad’s saying,” but it works for the plot.
The chemistry between them is hot but they are also sweet and funny together. A dual POV really lets us get into their head. Rand was the stand-out for me. I loved his naivety; he really wants to make the world a better place and to do it from the inside.
This is a fantastic end to the series (hopefully a new generation will be coming soon). Funny, with likable characters, these stories have enough depth and story development to move away from the predictable to the totally satisfying. A definite recommendation from me.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***


~ * ~ Missys Review ~ * ~

5 Stars
Oh! Wow. I really enjoy the jock/nerd trope. I feel like they make the best couples to read about. Head to Head was a wonderful book. Eli Easton & Tara Lain sure know how to write an outstanding book. This book has me feeling a wide range of emotions.
The way Rand and Jax hate each other was so well written that you could feel it through the pages. I enjoyed the moment when they realized that love can bloom from hate. It is a very special relationship that is so powerful. The characters were so relatable and well developed. The one thing that really stood out to me was when their spark finally ignited. Who knew a car ride could be so hot?I could definitely see myself being friends with Rand and Jax. They were two of the most interesting guys. This storyline flowed smoothly and was easy to get lost in. I enjoyed every bit of it.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***


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Coming from a background in computer game design, Eli has written over 35 books in m/m romance since 2013. The Mating of Michael (2014) and A Second Harvest (2016) both won The William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance, and Eli’s books have won many awards from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Reader’s Choice Awards. She is best known for her Christmas romances, the Howl at the Moon series of rom coms featuring dog shifters, and her Sex in Seattle series, which revolves around a sex clinic in Seattle.

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Tara Lain believes in happy ever afters – and magic. Same thing. In fact, she says, she doesn’t believe, she knows. Tara shares this passion in her stories that star her unique, charismatic heroes and adventurous heroines. Quarterbacks and cops, werewolves and witches, blue collar or billionaires, Tara’s characters, readers say, love deeply, resolve seemingly insurmountable differences, and ultimately live their lives authentically. After many years living in southern California, Tara, her soulmate honey and her soulmate dog decided they wanted less cars and more trees, prompting a move to Ashland, Oregon where Tara’s creating new stories and loving living in a small town with big culture. Tara loves animals of all kinds (even snakes), diversity, open minds, coconut crunch ice cream from Zoeys, and her readers.

She has around 57 books published or scheduled for publication.

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