New Release Review ~ A Special Kind of Perfect by HM Wolfe (Excerpt)

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by H.M. Wolfe

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What happens when they meet their soulmate, but they cannot be together?

Peyton has a wonderful life but lives with a secret that they believe would turn many people against them if it was revealed. When a new boy arrives, Peyton’s gains a friend. This friend has secrets of his own, but he brings with him several people who become important to Peyton, including their soulmate.

Ezra has lived through hell. Taken in by two amazing people who help him to recover and recuperate, he can’t help but wish that would be his life from them on, especially when he meets Peyton. Peyton is a breath of fresh air and they quickly become close, making plans for their future.

But when old enemies come knocking, Ezra and Peyton are in their path. 

Will their enemies tear them apart or can true love prevail?

An MM hurt/comfort romance.


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Cover Designed by C.J. Bishop


“Um…hello, I’m Peyton, happy to meet you at last. Alasdair told me I can come to visit, but I can leave if you don’t feel comfortable around me. I totally understand, and…” They left the sentence unfinished, getting themselves lost in the other one’s stunning, sapphire-blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Ezra. Please excuse my lack of manners, happy to finally meet you in person.” He took Peyton’s extended hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, enjoying the softness of the skin against his own. Looking at the other one’s lips, Ezra wondered how it would feel to kiss them, the thought making him blush.

“Hey, you guys, don’t tell me you are still in the doorway, staring at each other! Move your skinny asses in here. You won’t believe what’s in this package!”

“That one may be a pest sometimes, but in this case, he’s right. Again, sorry for being so bad mannered, usually I’m not like that. Please, come inside.” Ezra bowed a little, gesturing to the entryway. “Can I help you with anything?”

“What?” Peyton blinked a few times to convince themselves the teen in front of them was real and not a product of their imagination. “Sorry, that was rude. No, thank you. I know the way.” Giving Ezra a sweet, shy smile, they headed to the living room, followed by the older kid.


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3.5 Stars

I need to start with the fact this is the first book I’ve read by this author. It seems I might have jumped into something without already forming an attachment for any of the characters. That said, I didn’t feel lost or confused; I’m just meeting everyone for the first time, and including two characters that I’m guessing were just side characters in the original books. That’s what I gather from my brief research of the author’s backlist.

This was a story about two flawed characters that will take you through a journey of many emotions. Something felt unique about how it was written, but I cannot put my finger on it. These boys/men have been through so much in their life and deserved their HEA.

I am curious about the other books now. As soon as I get some free time, I’d like to read them. For now, they’re being added to my TBR list!

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