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Title and cover: An Echo in the Sorrow

Series: Soulbound 6

Publisher: Self-published

Release Date (Print & Ebook/Audio): March 1, 2021

Length (Print & Ebook/Audio):  117,943 words

Subgenre: LGBTQ Urban Fantasy

Warnings: None

Cover artist: AngstyG LLC

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Book blurb: 

Forgiveness is a hollow prayer you only hear in your dreams.

Patrick Collins has spent years handling cases as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency, even as his secret standing in the preternatural world has changed. He should have confessed to his role as co-leader of the New York City god pack when he and Jonothon de Vere took up the mantle months ago, but he didn’t. Now that split loyalty will cost him at a time when he can least afford it.

Outmaneuvered, framed for murder, and targeted by the Dominion Sect, Patrick has to face a past full of lies to regain his freedom. Revealing the truth means he’ll need to give up the life that has defined him. Everything he’s fought to build with his pack is at stake, and losing them isn’t a price Patrick is willing to pay, but some choices aren’t his to make.

Jono knows they can’t cede any more territory if they want to win the god pack civil war spilling into the streets of New York City. But the souls of werecreatures are free for the taking when demons come to town and angels sing a warning no one can ignore. When Jono’s worst fear comes to life, and he loses the one person he can’t live without, the only option left is to fight.

Facing down the demons of their past and the ones in their present, Patrick and Jono will learn the hard way that some sins never wash away clean.

An Echo in the Sorrow is a 118k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot. It is a direct sequel to On the Wings of War. Reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.


Jono bit lightly at his bottom lip, the faint sting making Patrick’s cock twitch with interest. “Not going anywhere. Won’t let you go either.”

Patrick couldn’t bring himself to voice the fear that he might, and so kissed Jono again, because that was better than thinking about everything in his life he couldn’t control. Jono let Patrick set the pace of the kiss—quick and hard, needy in a way Patrick only ever was with him.

Jono responded with just as much want, but the touch of his hands was careful and soothing against Patrick’s body. One slid down his thigh and curled around the back of his knees to hike his leg over Jono’s hip, pulling them flush together. Their cocks slid against each other, and the dry friction drew a groan from Patrick.

“Gonna make a mess of you,” Jono promised.

Patrick hummed agreement, in no way capable of arguing against that. Jono had fucked him every single day since he’d been released from prison. Patrick couldn’t smell the scent of Jono on his own skin, but he didn’t care. It was a mark that he was pack, and he’d never say no to that or to Jono.

They both had a day packed with meetings, but in the soft morning light of their bedroom, their responsibilities faded away in favor of slow kisses, shared breath, and the warm slide of Jono’s slick fingers jacking them both off together. It was easy and warm and gentle, Jono in no hurry even when Patrick pressed biting kisses against his collarbone.


4.5 Stars!
As this is the sixth book in an ongoing series, I strongly suggest starting at the beginning of this fabulous series with A Ferry of Bones & Gold. That said, I will do my best to avoid spoilers for this book, but avoiding spoilers for the series to date is near impossible.
The journey Jono and Patrick have been on has taken a lot of twists and turns so far and this part of their story was no exception.  I am forever glad that Jono is there for Patrick and makes him a priority in his life. Patrick needs Jono and the love and family that they have created together. Jono’s unwavering love and belief in Patrick is amazing and just what Patrick needs when things go very, very wrong. I loved that we finally see some of the loose threads close even as the final battle is on the horizon. I have no idea what is coming, but I can’t wait to read the next, final book in this series.
I am always in awe of the author’s ability to incorporate so many mythologies into her stories. Each book seems to bring in new mythology that I almost immediately want to look further into on my own. I can’t recommend this series highly enough if you are interested in urban fantasy or already a fan.
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5 Stars

Major spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

An Echo in the Sorrow is the second to last book of the Soulbound series written by Hailey Turner. It starts a while after the last book ended. Jono’s pack is slowly gaining more members and territory in New York. Yousef and Estelle, of course, are not making it easy for Jono and Patrick. After a murder, Patrick is put under arrest. His whole life is out for the public to know which puts him under some watchful eyes. As usual, the gods get in the way of everything and makes the pack’s lives much harder. Jono and Patrick’s soulbond is tested harder than ever. And Patrick’s grandmother and only living relative now knows he is alive. What else can go wrong?

I absolutely love Wade in this book. He is so protective over Patrick and it is absolutely adorable. He even shares his food with Patrick, which says a lot. You see him come into his dragon power more in this book. Poor Patrick is put through the wringer in the book. Emotionally and physically. I am not quite sure how much more he can take. While being a mage, he is basically still human. I know the gods need him so they will not let him die, right? Jono really shows his strength in this book. Both in his feelings for Patrick and how he cares for his pack.

This book does not end with a cliffhanger which I liked but it does leave me thinking about the next book… the last book. Just thinking the next book is the last makes me so sad. What else can Hailey Turner put our favorite pack through? They have to have a happy ever after, right? She isn’t that evil, is she? There are so many things I hope will happen and there are so many things Hailey Turner can make happen, which scares me. I cannot wait for the next book. Patrick and Jono have to be one of my favorite couples of all time and this book left me with a heck of a book hangover. Hurry up October so I can know how this ends.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review isn’t a requirement. ***


About the Author: Hailey Turner is a big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. She’s been writing since she was a young child and enjoys reading almost as much as creating a new story.


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