Release Blitz ~ A Little Bit Cupid: A Pride Publishing Box Set By Eleanor Harkstead, Ellen Mint, Pelaam, Catherine Curzon & J.P. Bowie (Review)

A Little Bit Cupid: A Pride Publishing Box Set

By Eleanor Harkstead, Ellen Mint, Pelaam, Catherine Curzon & J.P. Bowie

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Book Description

Valentine’s Day Blues by J.P. Bowie

What does it take for Valentine’s-Day-hating Bryan Colby to discover that he really loves it? Meeting Officer Ben Collins, of course.

Bryan Colby doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Despite being told by his close friends that he’s silly to fester over something that happened five years ago, he just can’t get excited as yet another Valentine’s Day approaches.

Bryan, a rising star at the local real estate office, prefers to work instead, but is assaulted while showing a vacant property. In the ambulance, he meets Officer Ben Collins and Bryan wastes no time in letting Ben know he finds him attractive and would like to get better acquainted with him, in every possible way.

At first wary of Bryan’s flirty, come-hither attitude, Ben eventually warms to Bryan’s charm, and agrees to meet him for a coffee. But circumstances outside their control change that date to a much more sensual meeting.

After all, it is Valentine’s Day week, and romance is most definitely in the air…


Special Delivery by Ellen Mint

Jack never saw this special delivery coming.

Jack Dawson has been madly in love with Tan Nguyen since high school. So when his oldest crush walks into his flower shop to place an order, Jack…runs into the closet to hide.

Valentine’s Day is the worst day for florists, especially lonely ones who just want a boyfriend at least a quarter as hot as Tan. Add in Jack having to hand-deliver a special romance basket for Tan’s secret date while wearing a bright red suit and he’s tempted to flee to Canada.

But, to his shock, this is going to be a February Fourteenth that Jack will never forget.

The Moment by Pelaam

When Jason takes the chance on a blind date, it’s then that his eyes are finally opened.

Wealthy winery owner Jason is happy to claim that he’s too busy to have a love life or a romance. He has all he needs with his personal secretary taking care of his business life and an old friend looking after the yacht where they live.

When he’s invited to a Valentine’s masked ball, Jason asks his assistant Kris to find him a date for the evening. To Jason’s shock, instead of someone Jason knows and is comfortable with, Kris sets him up with a blind date—one he claims will be a perfect match. Trusting him, Jason agrees.

His date appears dressed as Princess Buttercup, and Jason is surprised at just how comfortable he is with the unknown person.

But when Buttercup is abused by another party attendee, Jason follows his distraught guest and his eyes are fully opened.

When ‘the moment’ comes, will Jason grab it with both hands?


The Dishevelled Duke by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead

Will a photographer be swept off his feet by a duke who’s more dishevelled than dashing?

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s Billy last shift at The Chelsea Bunn. His photography career never took off, so it’s time to leave London, parcel up the leftover heart-shaped cakes and head back home to Hampshire.

Rumpled Charlie and his two mischievous dogs are Billy’s favourite customers, so when Charlie turns up at closing time with a mysterious wrapped gift and the offer of a whirlwind trip on the London Eye, Billy can’t say no. But Charlie is keeping a secret that could turn Billy’s world happily upside down.

As the snow falls over London and the big wheel grinds to a halt, Billy discovers that wishes aren’t just for Christmas.


Reader advisory: These books contain cross-dressing and references to stalking and unwanted groping. There are references to parental abandonment, scenes involving mugging/assault, and armed robbery with hostage-taking. One story also includes a practical joke of a sexual nature.

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3.75 Stars

Who doesn’t love a good set of short love stories? Anthologies are the perfect thing to dive into for many reasons, one being trying new authors. This being Valentine’s themed was all the better.
These stories were all sweet, low angst, high love-filled stories. They were easy to read, quick, and full of a variety of characters. It was a perfect book to read on this particular cold and snowy day.
The first novella was one I’ve read before, but gladly read again. The others were new to me. J.P. Bowie was the only author I was familiar with, and I was glad to read more of his work. I enjoyed the other stories as well and was left with a case of the goofy grins.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***