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Cover Design: Meredith Russell
Length: 51,662 words 
According to Liam Series
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When you see the world through the eyes of a child, there’s magic everywhere.

And crumbs. Lots of crumbs…

But that’s not going to stop Mike and Bryn Kneller from traveling with their nephew Liam at their side. Not that deciding to take the lad to visit Bryn’s homeland was an easy decision for the two recently wedded men despite how much they adore the boy. This trip was supposed to be a romantic anniversary trip after all.

However, life, as it does, tends to lead us down a path of its own choosing. Combining an unexpected announcement from a family member with the not-so-subtle pleadings of Bryn’s parents, the decision was made. With lots of hand sanitizer and a heaping helping of patience, the journey begins, leading Bryn and Mike to discover a great deal about themselves, their marriage, and their plans for the future.

S e r i e s  R e v i e w

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4.5 Stars

This is the first of 4 related stories, and I believe there’s another coming this year. I’m a great fan of the author, so I’m not sure how I missed the series, but hey, I’m always happy to catch up.

The author has several books based around hockey, but while one of the MCs, Bryn, is a hockey player, this story is much more about finding love. In this case it’s through matchmaking when a friend’s wife suggests he read a blog with the title “Dating Bryn Mettler”. Michael is the author of the blog, but it is based around his interactions with his nephew, who is precocious and adorable. Having been thrown out for being gay, Michael has taken on co-parenting with his younger sister, who has also been rejected by their parents for getting pregnant at 16.

The story follows Michael and Bryn’s courtship; it is a sweet and funny story,with low angst levels, that charts Bryn’s pursuit of Michael—who can’t really believe his dream man is after him. Michael is just a great guy; I really loved his character. His relationship with Liam is heartwarming, and everything you would hope your child might have with a favourite uncle. Liam really does steal the show at times; his observations—priceless. Bryn, too, is a warm, likeable guy. There are some real laugh out loud moments; the poor guy’s reaction to his new Mercedes and a sick toddler—brilliant. For such a sweet story, there is a surprising amount of heat in the book. Bryn has quite the dominant side, and the two are sexy together.

I love a series where we get to see a couple’s life together developing. I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 and am off to read the next.

A winner for me; definitely recommend.

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4 Stars

This is a novella based on the character from Life According to Liam, and although…thinking about it, it would be possible to read this without having read that; I’m not sure why you would want to, though. Life According to Liam is a sweet, sexy read.

This is really a catch up to see how the guys are getting on. Bryn and Michael, unexpectedly, get to have Liam over Christmas when his mum is called away. What follows is a typical Liam adventure; funny, cute and exhausting for Bryn and Michael. We get to see the guys living their HEA, and that is definitely worth seeing.

A short, sweet tale that gave me a little fix before I moved on to the next book in the series.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement.***

5 Stars

This is the third book in the series—if you include the Christmas novella. If you’ve not read at least the first book, you really shouldn’t read this, yet. However, Life According to Liam is absolutely worth starting with. If you have read it, you will know that Liam (in the title) is actually a 5 year old boy, who also happens to be hilarious.

This story is based around the wedding of Michael’s sister, Kelly. The story takes Bryn and Michael towards the next steps of their relationship—a home in which to raise children.  The heart of the story, though, is the re-introduction of Michael and Kelly’s parents into their lives. If you have read book 1, you will understand the enormity of this. There is a difference in their reactions to this; Kelly is wishing to accept them, and Michael is struggling with both her attitude and his own feelings. I struggled with Kelly’s reactions; but when you consider that her parents’ actions were based on her behavior, and not who she fundamentally is (as it is with Michael), I can understand the author’s reasons for the storyline. I wanted to rant at them on his behalf, and was glad that Bryn is a tower of strength for him.

The story continues to be sweet, funny, with light hearted moments. However, there is a deeper heart to this book, and the range of emotions I felt through the book—as we see the pain their actions have caused Michael—made me connect with the MCs in a way the first book did not.

Sometimes sequels are unnecessary; they have no story to tell. This, however, allows us to see how their relationship grows and has an authentic feel that left me feeling happy and satisfied.

Read the first book, enjoy the novella, and then come for more in this warm, funny, and moving series.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***

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