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The Defiant Alpha By Susi Hawke

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West Coast Wolves, Book Two

An unwanted alpha and omega long-presumed dead…
fate has a way of righting old wrongs.

Stolen from his mother’s arms and reported stillborn at birth, “Thirteen” has spent nearly twenty-one years in structured captivity with other stolen omegas. His brothers. A few have disappeared over the years, but twelve remain. An even dozen omegas, each with a secret superpower.

Working together under the light of the full moon, their combined gifts help Thirteen escape—he’s their only hope of finding outside help to rescue them all. Except Thirteen is injured and nearly dies as he flees into the night. Collapsing on the side of a desert highway with the sound of a rumbling motorcycle in his ears, Thirteen is sure all hope is lost.

Until it’s not…

Found by his true mate, Thirteen is saved—and mated—before the full moon begins to wane.

Buckle in for a heart-filled adventure. Omegas are rescued, babies are made, a pack finds its heart, and a birth family is reunited with the one miracle they never could’ve dared imagine possible.

The West Coast Wolves is an mpreg series about five alphas. A small pack of bikers who spent years riding the highways and helping those in need until fate gave them each a pack to lead. The second in series, this 50k full-length novel is Lucian’s story. Prepare yourself for a few tissue moments, lots of laughter, and a birth scene you won’t soon forget. But then again, this is a Susi Hawke book so what else can you expect? Possible trigger for child abduction, betrayal from a medical provider, and off-page mention of stillbirth.

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The closer I got to home, the more the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and my stomach clenched. Whatever was about to happen in my life, it was close. My eyes automatically started scanning the road, my shifter-enhanced vision helping me see more of the dark ground off to the sides than a human ever could.

I eased off the throttle and slowed as I came around the first curve taking me higher into the mountain. If I hadn’t, I might have missed the brown dog lying half out of the ditch. At this speed, I was able to stop in plenty of time to check it out.

The poor thing looked dead. Hopefully not, though, since I was feeling strangely drawn toward it. Had someone’s dog been hit by a car? Or even worse, had an animal been abandoned and left to die? While sickening, such cruelty wasn’t unheard of, especially on high traffic roads like this. No matter. I’d always wanted a dog. If this one could be saved, I’d give it a home with all the love its heart could handle, since I knew a thing or two about being tossed aside.

Parking my bike as close to the side as possible with the attached sidecar, I hit my flashers and crossed my fingers no one would come hurtling around the corner and crash into my ride. My headlight lit up the area, letting me see the unprotected stomach and balls of a medium-sized, toffee-colored wolf. Huh. Seeing such sensitive areas on display told me the wolf was either dead or knocked out.

Before I took a step away from the bike, my wolf howled and tried to jump forward. He slammed against my chest, pushing to take over. Fighting him back took more strength than it ever had in my life, and within three more steps, the wind shifted, and my human nose understood what my wolf had already discerned.

This wasn’t a wild wolf, and he wasn’t dead. This was my mate.

I took off at a run, rushing to his side and frantically checking for a pulse. Between the thick fur and my own nerves, finding the fluttering proof of his heartbeat took longer than it should have.

Even as I breathed out in relief, I felt almost foolish. On some level, I’d known he was alive since he didn’t smell like death. No, he smelled like candied ginger and some soft herb I couldn’t quite name at the moment. And more importantly, he smelled like… home. Like my home. The one place where I would always belong.

His weak heartbeat concerned me, as did the dried blood covering his paws and the ridiculous amount of burrs and nettles matted into his fur. He clearly needed a healer. Sliding a hand under his head, I gently lifted it and brushed my fingers over his muzzle while I considered my next steps.

A human doctor was out of the question, but the one thing lacking in my new pack was anyone with medical skills. The sole epsilon I knew of was an hour away, give or take, in Lucerne Valley.

Shit. Of course I should’ve thought of Matt’s pack immediately. Not only did they have an epsilon, they were better set up to help protect and defend my omega mate than my newly trained deltas. The men in my pack had fighting skills, but they weren’t soldiers. Matt sent a couple of his Delta captains over to help with my newly formed squadron, but it was a work in progress. Not until this week had we finally been able to start zeroing in on possible captain candidates to take over when Matt’s men left.

Carefully lifting him, I cradled my mate against my chest, shielding his body from further injury. A semi rumbled by, throwing a blast of heated air our way. Seeing the truck reminded me of our vulnerable position, further hammered home as several cars roared past.

Moving carefully, I hustled as much as I dared, carrying him to my bike, where I settled him on the sidecar’s floorboard. I snagged a blanket from one of the compartments, tucking it around him as best I could to help protect his smaller body from the wind. I wasn’t sure if it would hit him down there, but better safe than sorry.

Once I had my helmet on, I fired up the beast and merged with traffic while I tapped the button for my Bluetooth. As soon as Raul came on the line, I explained the situation and asked him to oversee the pack run tonight. Raul had already proven himself to be efficient and the perfect beta for me, so I wasn’t surprised at his easy acceptance.

“No problemo, Lucian. I’ve got things here. Your mate comes first. We’ll be here waiting to meet him when he’s well. I’ll let Mamá know—she’ll want to light a candle. Be safe. Don’t drive like a demon tonight. Remember, getting in an accident will only prolong getting him to a healer.” Considering the way he drove, I grinned at his warning, but appreciated the concern.

“Thanks, Raul. I’ll be in touch.” After I ended the call, I pushed aside all worries about my pack. For the rest of the drive, I focused on two things—the road and keeping one eye on my mate for any sign of further distress.

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~ * ~ Amys Review ~ * ~

4.25 Stars

This is the second book in the series, and I would recommend you read book 1 before this one. While some elements of this story can stand alone, there are some major factors that would be confusing if you don’t. Book one was enjoyable; it currently comes with the option to listen to it on audiobook, which is narrated by the very talented Nick J. Russo.

When we last saw Lucian, he had shown up on Matt and Eli’s door, with very little warning. He had a dying wolf in his arms, begging their healer to save him. When this book starts, we rewind a bit and not only discover who the wolf is, but what Lucian’s been up to with his newly appointed pack. He had rightfully killed their previous Alpha, thus inheriting his pack. Despite never being claimed by anyone, he felt like it was time for him to put down roots. Thirteen is a prisoner; he’s also an Omega. He has never known life outside of captivity, along with his twelve brothers of the heart. With careful planning, and assistance from a mysterious friend—along with ‘gifted’ brothers—he manages to escape, but gets wounded in the process. When he passes out, he is soon discovered by Lucian. Curiosity caused Lucian to stop, but it’s quickly revealed that it’s something much more powerful that pushes him to help the injured wolf at all costs. He’s his fated mate.

This story was just as sweet as its predecessor. It had action, humor, and was full of great characters of all kinds. Again, I found myself grinning throughout the book, and chuckling a few times. The interaction between the brothers was endearing, and you can’t help but love the 13 rescued omegas.

This was another well-written addition to the series, and I cannot wait to read what’s up next, for Nick. There was a scene, towards the end, that pretty much gives away the two main characters for book three. I’ve revealed the first one, and I will encourage you to read the book to find out who the second one is.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***  

4.25 Stars! 

The Defiant Alpha is book 2 in the West Coast Wolves series and I strongly suggest reading it in order. 

Thirteen (Charlie) manages to escape from his captors with the help of his ‘brothers’ and Lucian stumbles upon him during a late-night drive on his motorcycle, quickly realizing the half-dead shifter is his mate. 

Lucien was steadfast and strong and Thirteen/Charlie was resourceful and sweet. It was lovely seeing how perfect they were for each other, especially since they both had gone through their fair share of hard times. 

Susi Hawke has such a knack for writing novellas that feel very complete upon themselves. There is romance and sexy times, sweetness, action and a great cast of characters to root for, bad guys to hate, and an intriguing plot. It was great catching up with Mat and Elisha and meeting some of Charlie’s brothers. I can’t wait to see whose story will be next! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

Check out where is all began with Book 1:

The Reluctant Alpha Now on audio!


Narrated by Nick J Russo

“As much as I felt bad for this Elisha person—God, my heart was breaking for the young man and all he’d been through—I was also angry. I’d left that pack in my rearview ten years ago for a good reason.”

Matthias Longclaw is happy living his life on the back of his beloved Harley with his five best friends and brothers-in-arms at his side. The West Coast Wolves are a rare pack of alphas, made up of unwanted orphans and second-born sons. The packs they were born to may not have wanted them, but they’ve built a solid family of their own. They help where they can, doing random acts of kindness and expecting nothing in return, just helping to build a world they want to live in.

Then Matt gets a call from an old childhood buddy. He’s being called back—begged to return—to reclaim his birthright and save a life in the process. The problem is… to do it, he will have to take a mate. And if he refuses? The omega will die.

Torn between his duty to help others and his resentment of his old pack, Matt never expects for Elisha Whitetail to tilt his world and change everything. Can Matt and Elisha rebuild a broken pack while tending to a new love and a growing family while dealing with outside threats from neighboring packs?

They’re wolves. Strong, proud, and willing to do what it takes when their community needs them… whatever it takes.

This is the first in a new mpreg series about finding joy in a hard world, building family, and discovering that life can surprise a person when they least expect it. Although this world has harsher themes than my previous books, it still has the same heart you’d expect. Plus a dose of my irreverent humor and all the naughty, knotty heat that comes with true mates. It wouldn’t be a Susi Hawke book without it. Be sure to read the author’s note at the beginning for possible trigger warnings.

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~ * ~ Amys Review ~ * ~

4 Stars

This was a surprisingly sweet story. After reading The Assassin’s Claws series, I knew to expect some humor along with action. This story has all that, plus some really tender moments, with a few bordering on fluffy content, but just missing it by a smidge.

At the beginning of the book, we are introduced to a dying Elisha, an omega who’s Alpha mate has been killed, and has been left to meet a similar fate. We also meet Matthias, an Alpha who chose to leave his pack, when given the chance, because of his father’s abuse. He has since joined up with other homeless, unwanted, or second-born Alphas, and formed the West Coast Wolves motorcycle club. They have a history of helping when they can, so when Matt gets a call from an old friend, his sense of right and wrong won’t allow him to say no. Things in his hometown have drastically changed since he left, but nothing could’ve surprised him more than the sight he was met with when he got there. He was wrought with anger on the behalf of the pack. Once he crossed paths with the dying Omega, his anger only increased. Fate stepped in, and had one last surprise for Matt, upon his return home. The dying Omega—Elisha…is his Fated Mate. This kicks off a chain of events that set up the series.

I enjoyed Matt and Elisha’s interactions and growing relationship. I adored Matt’s nickname ‘Little Wolf’ for Elisha. It was stinkin’ cute! Seeing how they were fated mates, their instalove was absolutely understandable. Seeing Matt’s paternal sidekick in with Elisha’s little brothers was heartwarming. I hope we get to see more of the young Omega wolves later on.

This story was well written and easy to get lost in. The characters draw you in and make you like them without even trying hard. I cannot wait to dive into the next book. This book is already available in audiobook format. It’s brought to life by Nick J. Russo, who is super talented, and one of my favorite narrators. So, whether you read the book, listen to the audiobook, or both, I highly recommend this book.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***  


4.25 Stars!

The Reluctant Alpha is book 1 in Susi Hawke’s new series following the West Coast Alphas, a group of Alpha friends who formed a sort of MC and have been roaming the roads after being thrown from or leaving their previous packs. 

First in line is Matt, who is called back home so he can save Elisha, his uncle’s pregnant omega mate, who is in danger of dying after Elisha’s father killed his Alpha and left his own son to die. Unable to refuse such a request, Matt returns home only to find out Elisha is his true mate. Once he saves Elisha and mates with him, they need to take the pack back from Monty, Elisha’s father, and avenge what he tried to do to Elisha. Unfortunately, it’s not only him that is after them.

I really liked Matt and Elisha, they were really well-suited for each other. Matt, strong and reliable, who unlike his own father and uncle was willing to do whatever it took to make his new pack thrive and to treat Elisha as his equal and not just a baby incubator. And Elisha, who despite being only 19, was very mature for his age and very competent in handling a lot of the things needed to help settle their new pack into their homes and rebuild the town. Them being true mates means this is very insta-love, yet Matt made sure to make Elisha know he had a say in everything in their relationship and always treated him with love and respect, which I loved. Of course, Elisha and Matt having so much chemistry helped a lot.

There’s some action and some bad guys, although there’s also a lot of world-building, which wasn’t quite as exciting, but was to be expected since this is book 1 in the series. Still, it was lovely getting to know some of the shifters in their pack and Matt’s Alpha friends, whose stories I can’t wait to read, and I hope we’ll get to catch up with Matt, Elisha and their family in future installments. Recomendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


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I’m a happily married mom of one snarky teenage boy, and three grown “kids of my heart.” As a reader and big romance fan myself, I love sharing the stories of the different people who live in my imagination. My stories are filled with humor, a few tears, and the underlying message to not give up hope, even in the darkest of times, because life can change on a dime when you least expect it. This theme comes from a lifetime of lessons learned on my own hard journey through the pains of poverty, the loss of more loved ones than I’d care to count, and the struggles of living through chronic illnesses. Life can be hard, but it can also be good! Through it all I’ve found that love, laughter, and family can make all the difference, and that’s what I try to bring to every tale I tell.

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