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The Base Book 4 by H.M. Wolf and Evera Ellis

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Will these three men realise their strength or will their enemies tear them apart?

Brennan is more content with his life than he has ever been. After having been a lab rat and an assassin in his previous existence, he never believed he’d end up being engaged to a prince and finding a family of his own. Life is never simple, though.

Cillian is a prince who was kidnapped and abused. When he was rescued, he’d lost trust in everyone until Brennan showed him kindness. Falling in love had not been his intention, but he couldn’t resist the pull of the man. He never expected love to happen twice.

When his college research paper implicated some royal aristocrats, Elijah was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison. Eight years later, after being released and stationed at The Base until retrial, Elijah tries to reconcile his new normal. What he never envisioned was to find not only his family but the loves of his life.

Is love strong enough to intertwine three souls together forever?

A MMM Romance

Cover Designed by C.J. Bishop

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Dancing in the Dark (The Base book 1):

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“You are so warm and soft, and all things good. I could stay like this forever, but I’m afraid he wouldn’t be so happy about it, so I better not. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me.” Elijah’s voice, suave and melancholic at the beginning, had a harsh edge when he indirectly mentioned Cillian’s abuser.

“And who do you think would give me a hard time over spending time with you and trying to help you get over the nightmare you’ve been through for so long? Brennan? He is the one who sent me here in the first place.” Cillian’s melodious, soft voice calmed Elijah even more, but he still had unanswered questions.

“What does Brennan have to do with it? I was talking about the scum who mistreats you, the one who wrapped his hand around your neck and squeezed it. I involuntarily saw the scene yesterday and felt so sorry for you. I was…” Seeing the gentle smile on the blond’s face, Elijah cut himself sort, confused and somehow irritated. “What’s so funny? Or are you into pain?”

“What you saw was my promised one tenderly caressing the back of my neck, while his lips were whispering the sweetest words of love into my ear. Brennan chose me as his soulmate, and I feel grateful and blessed to be part of his life, in spite of me hurting him in so many ways.” Cillian fell silent, his low voice tinged with regret and sadness.

“Ardan’s brother and you…are engaged to each other? And how in the world did you hurt him? I don’t see you capable of harming a fly.” Confusion and surprise were mixed on Elijah’s face as he studied the blond.