Release Day Review ~ Rhone’s Rebel (The Road To Rocktoberfest Book 5) by TL Travis

Release Day Review ~ Rhone’s Revel

(The Road To Rocktoberfest Book 5) by TL Travis

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Rhone Horne, drummer for the band Embrace the Fear, bleeds rock ‘n roll. Being the son of legendary drummer Sage Horne, the first time Rhone picked up his father’s old drumsticks, he knew he was destined to follow in his footsteps. But filling such big shoes would not come easily.

Ely Pearcy, made a promise to himself on his eighteenth birthday that he would never again hide who he was. His love of lace, silk, and six-inch heels got him banned from his childhood home the day he graduated high school. Alone and penniless, Ely sought solace in a local LGBTQA+ shelter amongst his peers.

Rhone’s Rebel is the 5th book in the multi-author Road To Rocktoberfest series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not stay and enjoy the whole show? If you like scorching tales of hot rock stars and the men who love them, then you’ll adore the untamed musicians of Rocktoberfest!

Rhone’s Rebel takes place between Derek’s Destiny, book 2 and Jaxson’s Nemesis, book 3 of the Maiden Voyage series.

5 Stars

I wasn’t sure when I started this book that I was going to completely love it, but I definitely got hooked on these guys. They were fun and accepting of everyone around them but even then, they were really humble about which direction the band was going.

Rhone was a little wild at times in his excitement about being at Rocktoberfest and being surrounded by groups he had looked up to but he was also really down to earth and I loved seeing Dez again briefly, too.

Ely was so beautiful inside and out. I loved how comfortable he was with his makeup and clothes that he wasn’t going to let anyone talk down about him, but he was also filled with so much anxiety that I was very impressed with his ability to go to culinary school and work at the same time.

I don’t know if there will be any more books set around these guys but I know I definitely need more.

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4.5 Stars

I love romances with rockers and TL delivers. Rhone is an up-and-coming hit on the drums with his friends. Their group Embrace the Fear is opening for some major bands and they are finally getting their big break. They won this honor by beating all the contestants on the Battle of the Bands.

During the tour, Rhone accidentally mistakes the caterer for a woman. Ely reacted intensely because all his life he had to fight to remain true to himself. Long hair, makeup, and a slight build has made him have to fight many a homophobic verbal battle or worse. His father was disgusting towards him and he was kicked out of his home as soon as he turned 18. So yes, when Rhone made the innocent mistake, Ely did not take it well.

After a heartfelt apology for mistaking his gender, Rhone is crushing on the feisty and tempting man. He finds excuses to be near him and much to Ely’s surprise, the drummer is getting under his skin. Up until now, all Ely wanted was to work towards his goal of becoming an executive chef, so staying focused on the endgame is imperative. But now a gorgeous drummer that seems to sincerely like him could be an obstacle he should avoid. Rhone can’t let this guy leave his head and he is determined to get to know him. Ely soon falls under the gifted drummer’s spell and the two together were adorable. Rhone is a very gentle soul and perfect for the shy and reclusive Ely.

Music, mayhem, danger, and keeping your eye on the prize swirl around the pages. Another great rocker story from the talented TL Travis. If you enjoy sweet romances and don’t mind insta-love this pulsating story is sure to please. Happy Reading!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement.***