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April Kelley has a new mm paranormal romance out, Wingspan Book 4: “A Little Unsteady.” And there’s a giveaway.

Nigel wouldn’t mind if Asher called him Daddy if the age-gap didn’t bother him so much.

Nigel Blackburn has lived a full like as a private investigator. His job means he travels solo a lot, which is something he enjoys. He’s a grouchy, stubborn dragon shifter who is better off alone. The last thing he wants is a mate and certainly not one so young. It doesn’t matter that he finds little bobcat shifter, Asher Burkhart, sexy. But all Nigel’s dragon wants to do is protect, which is good because danger drives into town.

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A Little Unsteady bannerBy the gods, Asher looked young. How young, Nigel didn’t know, but he needed to find out.

No one would mistake the age difference. Nigel had life etched into his skin. Not all of it bad. Sun and laughter did their best after he hit his prime.

He shook his head and ran a hand down his face. The kid made him feel every damn year he’d lived, and all Nigel had to do was look at him. Considering he was a dragon shifter, there had been many.

“Are you asking me if I’ll let you find your brother?”

Asher nodded.

“You’re not a damn prisoner. I’d rather you didn’t wake them, though. They’ve all had a long day and need the rest. So do you, for that matter. Why don’t you lay back down and try to sleep?”

Asher darted his gaze to the closed bedroom door. “Can I have clothes, please?”

Nigel stood and walked over to the dresser. He opened the second drawer from the top and pulled out one of his t-shirts before closing it again. Sweatpants were in the third drawer down. Nothing he had would fit, but that wasn’t the point. He wouldn’t have the kid thinking he had to stay, not after being held captive in the panel room and then at that lab. Somehow, Nigel thought the hostage situation with Terrance caused the most damage. Still, Nigel would follow the kid around like a pet dog before letting him believe his captive status extended to Nigel’s home.

He’d never have to go through anything like that again.

Nigel carried his bundle to Asher, handing it over. He sat on the bed next to him. “The sweatpants have drawstrings.”

Asher nodded and held the clothing to his chest. His eyes shifted to his cat, and his teeth dropped down. Despite the physical response, he sat there as if scared of Nigel.

They were strangers, so the uneasiness made sense. Still, he didn’t like it. “My name is Nigel.”


Nigel smiled. “I know yours. Leaf talks about you often.”


“How old are you?”

Asher narrowed his eyes and met his gaze. To say Nigel was surprised by the sudden change of emotion was an understatement. It made him question his assessment of Asher’s earlier behavior. “I could ask you the same thing?”

Nigel lifted his eyebrows and tried not to smile again. “I would answer that I’m a lot older than you.”

The corner of Asher’s mouth turned up in a half-smile. “Fine. Then I’m a lot younger than you.”

“Are you over the age of eighteen?”

Asher smirked and rolled his eyes. “I can even legally drink alcohol. Imagine that.”

“How many years have you been able to drink alcohol legally?”

“Two.” Asher covered his mouth with the back of his hand when he yawned. Some of the tension in his shoulders disappeared.

“Just a kid.”

Asher shrugged and lay his bundle of clothing on the bed beside him. “Compared to you, probably.”

“Was that an old-man joke?” Nigel stood, taking the clothes and placing them on top of the dresser.

Their age difference might bother Nigel, but talking about it eased Asher’s tension enough that fatigue washed over him. Asher forgot about being guarded. Nigel could tell by the way he lay back down on the bed. “Will you talk to me until I go to sleep? Leaf does that back at home.”

Nigel pulled the covers up around him before turning back to his chair. If he stayed too close, he’d push the kid into bonding. His dragon already roared in protest that he hadn’t mated Asher yet. Nigel sat down, keeping the room between himself and a kid who seemed far too traumatized by the last few months of his life. “What do you want to talk about?”


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4.5 Stars

Firstly, I need to apologise to the author, somehow I’ve managed to miss her books. As a lover of shifter and paranormal books, I’m not sure what planet I’ve been on. I mean, these are dragons, got to love Dragons. However, I will be rectifying my error and catching up on her back catalogue.

There are four books so far in this series. Book 4 is the newly released addition to the series. In order they are:

New Addiction – 5 Stars
Finding Happy – 5 Stars
Solid Ground – 4 Stars
A little Unsteady – 5 Stars

Wingspan is a spin-off series from her previous Saint Lakes series. As you’ve probably picked up on, I hadn’t read this either. The only one of the series that I felt this affected was book 3, as there is a slight shift in style, mainly to incorporate overlapping timelines/story arcs.

Book 1 is set in Wingspan and deals with Caerwyn, a dragon tracker who is asked to help a neighbouring town, and there meets and is rejected by his bear shifter mate. This couple is feisty and it’s a rocky road to them sorting their issues, especially Rory who really doesn’t do social. It’s funny, sweet, and sexy.

Book 2 has a real twinge of sadness as it deals with Sawyer, Caerwyn’s brother who we meet in book 1, and from that, we know that he is suicidal. The fact his mate turns out to be a sweet, slightly “batty” bat shifter, that just happens to be able to get pregnant, is not what he is expecting. This book differs from the first and they meet, mate, and then have to sort their issues. Sawyer getting his HEA for me was just perfect.

Book 3 re-introduces Teagan, from Book 1 who it appeared had a thing for Caerwyn. We have been led to believe that he has rejected his mate Leaf, but the first third of the book takes us back to before Book 1 and explains the slightly complex situation involving a prophecy, a power-mad father, and two mates. It’s slightly more complex than the first two, with more time spent getting to the point where the 3 mates can meet. Still enjoyable though and they make a wonderfully complex but loving trio. It also sets up book 4.

Book 4 cannot be read without book 3 but that’s not a hardship. This is Leaf’s brother, Asher’s story, who we meet in book 3 where he became separated from Leaf and suffered at the hands of a scientist. He is rescued at the end of book 3 and we pick up from there where he meets the much older Nigel, an enforcer. Asher has become introverted and scared but feels the mating pull straight away. Nigel does too but though he feels the need to protect, he worries about the age difference. The pair though is a perfect match and I loved the protective nature of Nigel, how sweet he is with Asher, and how Asher’s playful side gradually reappears as he starts to feel safe.

This is a really great series; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the cast of characters and the way the author built the plot. A nice balance of emotional, angst, love, and heat; I was quickly enthralled with each book and found them hard to put down. Books 3 and 4 felt more like a continued series whereas 1 and 2 were more matched as a pair. I’d definitely recommend reading them all but if you’ve been waiting for book 4, you won’t be disappointed.

A definite recommendation from me, particularly to lovers of all thing shifters. Really looking forward to Morgan’s story coming out near Christmas I believe and I’ve also missed a Valentine’s novella so I’m off to download that as well as the Saints Lakes series. A very happy me.

** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

1. New Addiction
4 Stars

I loved getting to met Caerwyn and Rory though I felt we didn’t really get much information on why Caerwyn was sent to Saint… I liked the back and forth reactions between the two.

1.5 A Cautious Valentine
4 Stars

Even with this being so short, I was really glad to have met Cooper and really see who Grunge was besides an enforcer helping out.

2. Finding Happy
3.5 Stars

When we met Sawyer in book one, I was hopeful that when he got his story that I would love it, but I didn’t, not like I did Caerwyn’s. I did really like Happy though, I don’t think I’ve come across a Bat shifter before so that was good.

3. Solid Ground
4.5 Stars

I’ve got to say I think I liked Teagan, Leaf, and Etienne the best. Great chemistry and the direction that this story took caught me by surprise and I loved it.

4. A Little Unsteady
4 Stars

So Asher and Nigel had me a little nervous at the beginning of the book but as they slowly began to open up it soothed my mind a lot.

Asher was such a strong character that I really adored. Even when he was scared he was kind. But he was so fierce and had a strong will to survive.

Nigel, oh Nigel, I had several reservations about him…not that he was bad, but if he was right for Asher. Once everything was said and done, I knew no one else could have been better for him.

I am so glad I decided to pick up this series by April Kelley, it was a rollercoaster of emotions at times but that’s exactly what drew me into this town called Wingspan.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement***

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