Release Blitz ~ Angels of the Night (The Base Book 3) by H.M. Wolfe and Evera Ellis (Excerpt)

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What happens when you add two men with a past to one man who is their future?

The loss of the man he loved seven years prior has Saint resigned to the fact he’ll be alone forever. After finding a home amongst the members of The Base, he begins to hope for a future, especially when his attention is taken by Caleb.

Caleb’s determination to rescue children from the hands of child traffickers has him landing in trouble more times than he can count. When he’s injured and unable to escape from the clutches of his enemies, a man living in a supposedly vacant property runs the monsters off.

Zachary takes Caleb into his house despite his preference for being alone. Once he finds himself enjoying Caleb’s company and missing him when he returns home, Zachary needs to decide whether to put his painful past behind him and move on.

Finding the man who’d walked away from him all those years ago has Saint hopeful that him and Zachary can have a future. When you add Caleb to the mix, anything is possible. At least until their pasts come back to haunt them.

Can the secrets of the past hinder or heal the hearts of these three men?

This is an MMM romance with a second chance.

Cover Designed by C.J. Bishop


Zachary. Saint smiled at how easy it was for him to think to use the name his lover chose after the tragic events that almost destroyed him. The next second, however, the man’s eyes darkened at the thought of Zachary’s reaction when he was going to reveal Phillip’s true, deceitful, manipulative nature. Saint needed all the support he could get, and decided to enroll Ardan’s help.

There was something special about the man, an air of wisdom, understanding and compassion which made Saint respect The Base’s boss from the first time he witnessed him handling the complicated situation of Winter’s younger brother’s apparent death. Well aware that Zachary’s healing process had just started and the slightest mistake could compromise it, Saint needed Ardan in his corner when his boyfriend found out the devastating truth about the one who betrayed him.

It was going to be a tough battle, but he had to fight it. No matter what he risked losing in the process, Saint thought, he was going to make that twisted-minded bastard pay for all the tears and suffering he caused. When everything was over, he was going to go to hell and reclaim Zachary’s soul, once and for all, from the claws of the demons holding it captive. Then, both of them would be too busy loving Caleb and making each other happy to care about anything else. Saint smiled, finally drifting into dreamland.


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