Release Blitz ~ Yearning for Daylight (The Base Book 2) by H.M. Wolfe and Evera Ellis (Excerpt)

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The Base Book 2 by H.M. Wolfe and Evera Ellis

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A love so tangible it weaves three hearts together…

Everett has lived a solitary existence, serving his don to the best of his ability, even forfeiting his happiness in the interests of his Mafia family. Now a widower, he yearns for what he lost when he married his wife. Love. And the ex-boyfriend he left behind.

Drake is on a mission. His late-mother requested one last thing from him, but he finds himself at a place where he instantly feels at home. He falls for Everett’s charm, losing his heart in the process until Everett’s ex-boyfriend arrives.

Finn was left brokenhearted many years ago, but he never forgot his first love. When news finds him that Everett is free of his obligations, he has no choice but to reach out despite the potential dangers. Finding Everett in the arms of another man was not what he expected.

Can the three men, who have lost so much, find what they’re looking for at The Base?

An MMM Mafia romance

Cover designed by CJ Bishop

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Dancing for Darkness (the Base book 1):

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Drake didn’t let Everett finish the sentence. Going next to the man’s chair, he lifted him to his feet, cupped his face with one hand, caressing the silky curls with the other. Then, sweetly, softly, delicately, Drake brushed his lips over Everett’s, his turquoise eyes incandescent from love and desire. The kiss, tender as it was, unleashed a storm of passion that swiped everything in its way, leaving the two men breathless. 

They stayed like that for a while, staring in each other’s eyes, amazed to see a part of their own soul reflected there. A soft sigh escaped from Everett’s lips, and he put his head on Drake’s chest, inhaling the refreshing, calming scent of the man’s cologne. Finn was right, the three of them were pieces in the great puzzle of love, completing each other in the best way. 

“Wow, that was…I don’t even have words to describe it. Magical? Intense? Unexpected?” Everett’s voice was quiet and shy, and the other man’s heart melted at the sound of it. 

“That was just a sample of what you’ll get once you get back. Finn and I will be waiting for you, and then we’ll start to plan our life together.” 

“Um…I’m ready when you are.” Riley appeared from his bedroom, a small backpack in his hand. “And congratulations, you guys, I’m happy for you. This house has really thin walls, you know,” the kid mumbled when Drake cast him an amused look. “Well, I guess I have to talk to the boss about my living situation. I don’t want to be in your way, now that you are officially together.” 

“You’re not going anywhere, kid, not as long as I have a say in the matter. You belong here with me, Drake and Finn, part of our less typical but loving family. We want you in our life, do you want us in yours?” An encouraging smile was playing on Everett’s lips as he waited for the boy’s answer.