Release Blitz: Time and Tide by Bryce Winters (Reviews + Excerpt + Giveaway)


Book Title: Time and Tide: A Changing Tides Novel Book 2

Author and Publisher: Bryce Winters

Cover Artist: Resplendent Media

Release Date: July 31, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Second Chance Romance

Themes: Wounded soldier, recovery, grief, rekindling love, forgiveness

Length: 77 000 words

Heat Rating: 4 flames

The Changing Tides Series Book 3 will be available in late August.



Book 1 – Rising Tide

Book 2 – Time and Tide


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Book 1 – Rising Tide 

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Book 2 – Time and Tide

Amazon US   |   Amazon UK 


Lincoln Holt and Kent Scott, former lovers, find themselves thrust together again twelve years later after Linc comes home from the Army with an injury that Kent will be treating.



The tides tore them apart…

Lincoln Holt is a damn fine soldier – one of the best. But an ambush leaves Linc injured and many of his squad dead. Discharged and disillusioned, he heads back to the small town he’d once been desperate to leave. Then a physical therapy appointment brings him face to face with a grown-up, sexier version of the boy he had once loved, and Linc finds himself hoping against all hope for one more chance.

Time kept them apart…

Love doesn’t last. That’s Kent Scott’s belief after watching his mother bounce from husband to husband. His own short-lived affair with Linc is further proof – especially since Linc had left without saying goodbye. Kent had resolved to never let love dig its claws into him again. Then Linc lands in Kent’s clinic, looking taller, broader, and more gorgeous than ever, and Kent feels the pull.

Time and tides renew…

With every heady moment spent in Linc’s presence, Kent’s resolve weakens. But when Kent discovers a secret, all his doubts and fears come rushing back. The time and tides of life were once strong enough to keep them apart, but will love be enough to keep these forces at bay?

Welcome to The Changing Tides Inn, the perfect getaway for those looking for a little romance. Time and Tide is the second 77 000 word novel documenting the inn’s (and owner’s) impact on the lives of its guests and can be read as a standalone. Follow the guests’ adventures and be assured there will always be a happily ever after.



Kent made his way to the door, laptop tucked under his arm, but before he could get far, Linc’s hand snatched his. Startled, Kent looked back at Linc, who looked confused as he stared at their hands.

“Thank you, Kent,” Linc said after a long moment, dropping Kent’s hand. “This is the first time I’ve actually felt some relief since being home,” his voice trailed off, and he shrugged. “Just thank you.”

“Of course,” Kent said, not knowing what else to say. “We’re going to get you better, Linc. But it isn’t going to be easy.”

“You said that to me before,” Linc said, giving Kent a quick smile. “You’re probably not lying now either.”

Kent blinked at Linc before remembering the talk they had in the library during their first meeting as tutor and tutee. Kent had lost his patience with Linc, who had been moaning about baseball practice and the games coming up and how he was wasting so much time studying math with Kent when he should be in the gym. Kent had told him then and there that unless he gave some effort toward his math homework, Linc wouldn’t be playing ball period. That had shut Linc up enough to listen.

“It isn’t going to be easy,” Kent had said then. “But I guarantee that if you try, you’ll succeed.”

Kent stiffened at the memory, even as he answered Linc’s smile with a nod. He needed to remain professional here, not take a stroll down memory lane.

“You’re going to do fine,” Kent said. “Have a nice nap. If you need us, ring the bell on the cart.” With that, Kent snapped the light off and nearly ran from the room, leaving the door propped open so anybody could hear the bell.

Kent heaved a sigh of relief as he made his way back out to the gym. The appointment was over. All Kent had to do was unhook Linc when he was done, type up his notes and submit them. That would hopefully be the end of his professional relationship with Linc. With the extent of his injuries, it was very likely that his boss, Nick, would take over the case.

“Kent, how’d it go?” Nick asked, walking up to Kent from behind. Startled, Kent whipped around. Nick stood tall and wide, having been a college football star back before he decided physical therapy was his calling. He had his jacket on and a messenger bag slung over one shoulder. He must have just arrived.

“Fine,” Kent said with a tight smile. “Linc’s been through a lot, but I think he’s stubborn enough to make a full recovery. Won’t be easy.” Kent gave him a quick rundown of his eval, emphasizing that he would write up the report for Nick’s review later.

“Good work, Kent,” Nick said as they headed to the center desk. It was long, overlooking the gym, with connection hubs for each of the physical therapists’ laptops. None of them had private offices, instead choosing to work out in the middle of the action. Nick said it built a rapport with the patients and tech assistants, and it was always a good idea to have the physical therapists on hand for exercise questions that came up. Kent found he liked the busy atmosphere, finding a natural rhythm in preparing for a patient’s arrival and writing up session notes while his patients completed their exercises.

“I think he’ll be a great new patient for you. A challenge,” Nick continued. Kent froze in place, the words taking their sweet time to register fully in his brain.

“What?” he asked, voice small.

“Holt. I’m assigning him to you. Good luck.” With that, Nick turned his back to Kent and began to pull his own laptop from his bag, unaware that he had turned Kent’s world upside down.



~ * ~ Annies Review ~ * ~

4 Stars

I hadn’t read this author before but I love series set in charming small towns and the blurb of Time and Tide intrigued me. After seeing a few glowing reviews for the first book in the Changing Tides series, I dove into the second standalone of the series. Time and Tide ended up being a good read with some angst up front and a gentle second chance romance.

I’m a fan of angst in books, so I went into Time and Tide’s promise of a battered, wounded soldier returning home expecting some rough scenes. While there were definitely some of those, especially at first, the overall tone didn’t feel angst-ridden or heavy. Instead, Time and Tide offered a straight-forward depiction of Linc’s injury and struggle to get back to life after returning to his hometown with a focus on his forward momentum rather than his past. I liked how Kent’s role in Linc’s recovery maintained a good balance between serious work and their increasingly sweet and flirty exchanges. From the start, Linc’s and Kent’s interactions highlighted the lingering connection between these high school sweethearts, but I’ll admit that I was surprised at just how much physical heat existed between the men. I also really liked Linc’s friends and their gentle but supportive ribbing of Linc. While I wouldn’t have minded getting some more views of the seaside town, the supportive cast of characters rounded out a really nice story and made for some fun scenes.

All in all, Time and Tide proved to be an enjoyable read with a moderate amount of angst but a satisfying resolution and happily-ever-after. I’d recommend this standalone to fans of second chance romances, and I’ll definitely be watching for more from the series and author.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


~ * ~ Racheals Review ~ * ~

3.75 Stars
Linc’s character was very complicated for me. He is back in his hometown of Seaside, Oregon after a bad mission back in Afghanistan which resulted in many of his men’s lives being lost and which left him almost dead. After a few major surgeries, he has been sent home to recover. Linc’s time in the military has come to an end and he has so much hurt and anger inside of him. The anger is mostly set off towards his friend Dylan, the friend that has given him a place to stay for free. Personally, I didn’t like Linc or the way he treated his friends. His foul mouth was unnecessary most of the time.
Truly, if it wasn’t for Kent I probably would have stopped reading. I admire this remarkable character. He was caring, loving, understanding, he had the determination to push his clients to the limits he knew they needed to reach. So when Linc came into his rehab center after 11 years with absolutely no word from him since he left, Kent—who was shocked and hurt on the inside—still maintained his professionalism.
Then it was as if the story took a whole turn around, and Linc became this previously hidden person that was grateful, willing to work to get physically better, and was looking towards a future that didn’t revolve around the military.
The only part that really didn’t jive with the storyline was why he had to leave early. Then have no communication with Kent that whole time. I guess everyone deserves a second chance when they definitely have changed.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

3.5 Stars
Linc is recovering from a brutal attack from when he was stationed in Afghanistan. The shelling killed members of his team and severely injured his leg. It was a minor miracle he didn’t have it amputated. He is in pain and deeply depressed, staying at his friend’s Inn. Ryan, the owner, has a kind heart and is trying to help the stubborn Sargent to heal. He forces Linc to start physical therapy which he has been avoiding.

Kent was Linc’s love interest before he joined the army. When Linc goes to his much-needed therapy, he is shocked to find Kent has been assigned to his case. Kent is equally stunned but remains professional and tries not to appear too rattled. While I appreciated how competent and caring Kent was, for me the physical therapy segments were a tad drawn out and technical, which honestly did not hold my interest. They were extremely realistic based on my own experiences but they seemed to slow the flow of the book.

The two men are reconnecting and each of them realizes they still harbor feelings for each other. Linc having been away for such an extended period of time made their intense reunion feel like instalove. The characters were not fully fleshed out to make me feel they had a true relationship which dimmed the overall experience I had with this story. I never really warmed to Linc. He was having such a pity party and I know he suffered a great loss but he was so inconsiderate and juvenile at times.

What I loved about the book was Linc’s amazing support system and all the wonderful baking with the luscious descriptions that was constantly happening. I felt I gained a pound or two just reading about these treats. Kent was very likable and definitely worth getting to know.

If you enjoy a light read with a sweet epilogue, I think you should give this second chance tale a try. Happy Reading!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement***


About the Author


After reading no fewer than one million romance novels and earning her Master’s of Arts in English and Creative Writing, Bryce finally mustered up the courage to write her own. Filled with love, laughter, and steamy scenes, Bryce’s novels will welcome you deep into their pages.

​Happily married with three kitties, Bryce can most often be found reading, crocheting, or trying to master Crow Pose. Or her next batch of cookies. Could go either way.


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