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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:

After Felix by Lily Morton


Close Proximity, Book 3

Sometimes the best love stories come in two parts.

When Felix met handsome journalist Max Travers, it was lust at first sight. It was just his luck that he then had to develop a terrible case of feelings and got his heart broken. However, two and a half years later, he’s over all of that. His job is going well, he has good friends, and he doesn’t lack for male company. Which, of course, is when Max has to come bursting back into his life.

Felix Jackson will always be the one who got away to Max. He’s spent their time apart regretting his actions and hoping for a second chance. When an accident lands him in Felix’s less than tender care, Max is determined to grab this opportunity. The only problem is that Felix is equally determined that he doesn’t.

From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a story of missed opportunities, second chances, and two very stubborn men. This is the third book in the Close Proximity series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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I’m halfway home when my phone beeps. Digging it out of my pocket, I look down at the text and then give a startled laugh.

Max: Hope you’re home safely.

A smile plays on my lips as I tap on my phone.

Me: Why wouldn’t I be?

Max: Well, you were walking a bit funny. I was concerned that I’d shagged your coordination out of you.

Me: I think that only happens when people get to your advanced age.

He sends me back a one-fingered emoji, and I laugh.

Me: I cannot even begin to imagine how your number ended up on my phone?

Max: I put it in while you were in the bathroom. Thought it might come in handy.

Me: For what? If I ever happen to need my autobiography written?

Max: I’ve already got the title. ‘Sassy and Shagged Out’. It’ll be a bestseller.


5+++ Stars!

After Felix is book 3 in the Close Proximity series and it could be read as a standalone. However, lots of characters from other Lily Morton books make appearances here, especially Zeb from Best Man (which I still haven’t read *blushes*), Misha from Charlie Sunshine and Ivo and Henry from Risk Taker, and really, I’ve enjoyed all the books by Ms. Morton that I’ve had the chance to read, so you definitely won’t regret reading any of them.

I met Felix and Max in Charlie Sunshine. Felix was Charlie’s snarky friend and Misha’s cousin and Max was Felix’s ex and the focus of all of Felix’s antagonism, although I had no clue what had really gone wrong between them.

After Felix is divided in two parts, Before and After, and in the Before portion, which is told from Felix’s perspective, we’re shown how Felix and Max met and how their relationship evolved until the big reveal and their subsequent falling out. While they were trying to keep things casual, or rather Felix was, those pesky feelings reared their head and my anxiety started to escalate as we got more clues as to how things would play out. I will admit I had to jump ahead a bit at one point and get back to it after I finished the book, because my heart couldn’t take much more. I was crying at the end of that part just seeing how badly things had gone.

Part 2, aka After, is told mainly from Felix’s POV, but we get some chapters from Max’s perspective, which was great as it gave more depth not only to his character but to the story. Seeing how badly Max messed up and the lengths he was willing to go to get Felix back just warmed my heart.

Felix was all sass and sarcasm and while I wasn’t too sure about Max at first, I warmed up to him when I saw that he’d just been oblivious as all hell, but willing to make things right. They were super hot and heavy from the start and their chemistry was just amazing, even when Felix was hating Max and keeping him at arm’s length, the UST was thick enough to cut with a knife.

I won’t say anything else because you need to read this book. It’s just amazing, and really, for as much as I loved Charlie Sunshine, I loved this hotter than hot, fun, yet a bit angsty, romantic second chance romance and Felix and Max even more. So, please do yourself a favor and read it, you won’t regret it, just invest in some Kleenex before you do, because you might need them.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


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