Cover Reveal: Nightway Chant by M.J. Calabrese (Series Review + Excerpt)


Book Title: Nightway Chant, Coulter & Woodard 3

Author: M.J. Calabrese

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Jessica Henshall

Release Date: September 1, 2020

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romantic Suspense

Trope/s: Murder and mayhem

Themes: Detective and Criminal Profiler

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 60 000 words

This is a trilogy and should be read in order

Goodreads – Coulter and Woodard Series




There was a time in Detective Eagle Woodard’s life that he would like to forget, but Eagle’s past catches up with him and it’s threatening to destroy everything and everyone he holds dear.

Dr. Adam Coulter is recovering from a cancer diagnosis and Adam and Eagle’s relationship is stronger than ever, but the continued disappearance of their son, Michael, overshadows their happiness. A new threat appears in the form of a man Detective Eagle Woodard thought dead. Sergeant Dean Kessler aka ‘The Viking’ is on a mission to destroy his old Black Ops team mate. Secrets held in silence by Eagle for over a decade come to the surface, threatening his relationship with Adam and with Eagle’s family.

Not only is The Viking after Eagle, but when Dean Kessler finds his younger brother is in Albuquerque, he becomes a target for his older brother’s revenge as well. Eagle wants to deal with Dean on his own, but the people who care for Eagle the most aren’t about to let him do this by himself.

The question is, will Eagle be able to keep the worst part of himself locked away or will he need ‘The Skinwalker’ to help him defeat ‘The Viking’?

Author’s Note: This book begins about six months after the end of Book 2 in the Coulter/Woodard series. This is the third planned book in the Coulter/Woodard series. No others are planned at this time, but who knows if the muse will strike. There are secondary characters who might need to have their stories told, but if they do, then the stories will be standalone novels.

PLEASE NOTE: This story contains some scenes of BDSM, drug abuse, and violent death. If these are triggers for you, this book may not be for you.


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Series Review


~ * ~ Racheals Review ~ * ~


Warrior’s Way (Book 1 in the Coulter and Woodard Series)

Amazon US (Also Available on KU)

3.75 Stars
The premise of this story is excellent. There appears to be a serial killer/killers targeting gay couples and brutally murdering them. The FBI seeks out the help of a former Army Ranger, now an Albuquerque homicide Detective known as Eagle aka Woodard, and Dr. Adam Coulter, a Doctor of Forensic Sciences and Psychology, who is also a profiler, since these two worked so well together before and had been known to bring down world news killers.
However, the dynamic between the FBI agent Rick Kessler, Detective Woodard, and Dr. Coulter was very confusing at times and I feel took a lot away from the story. I love a good love triangle but theirs lacked that love and it was more just spiteful.
I do like a little mystery and a build-up to who the killer or killers maybe are, so knowing from the start wasn’t as thrilling as it would have been had I not known. Although, the author did a wonderful job with creating a terrifying killer and only slowly revealing the reasons as to why he did what he did.
I did enjoy the twist and turns and the reasoning behind all the brutal murders and the ending had me at the edge of my seat. It was a great ending to the story and it left me excited for the next book.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

Mountainway Chant (Book 2 in the Coulter & Woodard Series)

Amazon US (Also Available on KU)

4 Stars
**Please note that this book picks up where book one left off. So, I would recommend that you read book one cause there may be spoilers in this review.**
After the killers were finally revealed, the plan for Detective Woodard and Dr. Coulter playing a married couple backfired and left Coulter at death’s door. The psychological damage was too much, and although he finally admitted his feelings for Woodard, he ended up running away.
Fast forward over a year and murder is now back in their hometown, however, this is one like they have never seen before. Jurisdictions are fighting over who gets the case and Woodard and Coulter come face to face after a year apart but not only them but the man responsible for what happened to Coulter, FBI Agent, Rick Kessler.
This story was more on a personal level for the two main characters! Lots of hidden secrets come forth that rock both of them making one find comfort in a bottle and the other fight the addiction that he lost himself in over a year ago.
The murder is more closely connected to one of them. too. In between, there is a person brought into the mix who is battling demons of his own. Another person that is connected to both Coulter and Woodard who dies from a horrid disease that could now cost both of them their lives. All while trying to figure out why bodies keep coming up and the reasons why and who is behind all the madness that is taking over their town.
Woodard and Coulter’s relationship develops so much more in this storyline. Just like the first book, this second one leaves me hanging wanted to know what happens next.
***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***


About the Author

My mother now regrets her fateful words she offered the day I came home from our small town library in Palm Springs, California (yes, I’m a Cali girl) complaining that there were no more books to read. “Then why don’t you write some.”

My father never saw his old Remington portable until I entered college and they gifted me an IBM Selectric. By then I had produced at least two dozen unpublishable novels which make me cringe when I read them today.

I found inspiration in innumerable odd jobs (from migrant work as a Date palm pollinator to the person who cleans the washing machines at the launderette to professional Dominatrix) for stories. After a stint in Rehab for Alcohol and Heroin abuse (so when I write those scenes, I know what I’m talking about), I cleaned up and have stayed that way for 29 years. (Me and Sir Elton, LOL). My gypsy lifestyle gave me a unique perspective on the different people who inhabited the Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, and New Mexico areas where I have lived.

After 3 very bad marriages to men, I finally figured out what was wrong and fell in love with a woman when I lived in Portland, OR 23 years ago. We’ve been married since 2008 (yes it was legal in California at that time). We now live in Asheville, NC and love the people in this liberal and accepting corner of the mountains of North Carolina.



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