Release Day Review ~ Hemingway’s Notebook (Love Across Time #5) by Jackie North

Title: Hemingways Notebook

Series: Love Across Time (Book #5)

Author: Jackie North

Published: February 29, 2020

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Soulmates across time. Two souls connected by destiny.

In present day, Jake, lonely and cut off from his parents, travels to the Chamberlin Inn in Cody, Wyoming to work on extra credit for his college seminar.

In 1932, Sebby labors at the Chamberlin Inn for pennies a day, wishing with all his heart for a better life.

While taking photographs in the room where Ernest Hemingway once stayed, Jake is flung back in time to the year 1932. There he meets Sebby who is living on the edge, half starving, a victim of the Great Depression. He’s been dodging rent collectors, getting behind on doctor’s bills, trying to care for his ailing Pop.

Sebby falls hard for Jake with his movie star smile, but knows something is different about him. Jake wears strange clothes, talks too fast, and doesn’t look like he’s gone hungry a day in his whole life. He’s also the handsomest boy Sebby has ever seen.

Jake is drawn to Sebby’s dark eyes, shy smile, and gentle heart. Sebby is like nobody Jake has ever met. And though the year 1932 scares him to his very core, he needs to decide. Go home? Or stay and weather the Depression with Sebby, whom he has grown to love.

A male/male time travel romance, complete with hurt/comfort, true confessions, a shared bed, first time romance, the angst of separation, and true love across time.

4.5 Stars!
I generally not a fan of historical fiction (if it takes place before cell phones I generally avoid it). Having said that though, I’ve really enjoyed Jackie North’s series Love Across Time. This series is so beautifully written and well done. The details are rich and make me feel like I’m right there inside the pages of the story. I get so easily absorbed in what is going on that I forget I’m generally not a fan of these types of books. I find myself loving everything about them. Hemingway’s Notebook is just another case of me falling in love with Jackie North’s writing.
In 1932, Sebby is struggling to make enough money to support him and his sick father. Living is hard but Sebby has such a beautiful heart and spirit that he just keeps doing what he has to do to survive. He’s sweet and loyal with an innocence that makes you want to wrap him up in warmth and security. Not to mention his love for his father and the drive to take care of him the best he can while still finding ways to help others around him shows what a great person he truly is.
Jake is our time traveler in this story and I wasn’t quite sure about him in the very beginning. I had the impression he was a bit self-absorbed (only in the very very beginning) but it quickly became apparent to me that he was just as bit lovable as Sebby was. The fact that he had to navigate being in what he thought might possibly be a dream, without anything from his present time had me feeling scared for him. What an impossible situation to find himself in.
Together the boys were wonderful together. I loved how they seemed to fit so perfectly in each other’s lives even being from two completely different times. They both needed the other and it was apparent from the very beginning that their story would be an emotional one.
Overall I definitely recommend not only Hemingway’s Notebook but this brilliant and beautiful series.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***