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Four Bears Construction Series, Book 1

KM Neuhold

M/M Romance

Release Date: 02.07.20



Ren is in desperate need of a rebound fling. Lucky for him the smoking hot contractor he hired has just the tool for the job.

The last thing I want is another relationship, or another broken heart.

All I need are my bees and the occasional hookup to scratch the itch.

Okay, maybe meeting up with my hot contractor weekly is a little more than occasional. And maybe the way I’m starting to feel about the guy I’ve been anonymously chatting with online should concern me.

But CaulkyAF doesn’t want to meet, and Cole doesn’t want anything serious, so what’s the worst that could happen?

** Caulky is book 1 in the Four Bears Construction Series and can be read as a stand-alone. This is a funny, steamy MM story guaranteed to make you laugh and swoon. Absolutely NO cheating and NO love triangle

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Dan: He lives! So, is the contractor there?

Ren: Yeah, and I DID oversleep. I answered the door practically naked, and you’ll NEVER guess who the contractor was

Dan: Who??

Ren: The bar hookup from last month! There he was all tall and gorgeous just standing on my front porch like he owned the place, and I had clearly just rolled out of bed like an idiot.

He sends the laughing gif again, and I respond with one of someone giving the finger.

Dan: Oh my god, that’s too funny. That’s the same dude you kissed months ago, right?! You did say he was incredible in bed, maybe this is like a sign from god or something that you should let him fuck you again.

Ren: Sounds legit

Dan: He’s a contractor; if porn has taught me anything, it’s that if you ask him to check your pipes, you’ll end up getting gang banged by him and like three other hot dudes.

Ren: You’re thinking of plumbers

It’s best to pretend that exact same thought didn’t cross my mind less than five minutes ago.

Ren: Anyway, he looked kind of weirded out, so I’m thinking a repeat is NOT in the cards

Dan: Bummer

Dan: Well, there are plenty more cocks in the sea

I sigh and take a sip of my coffee, enjoying the way it scalds my tongue, bitterness filling my mouth. Henry hated that I took my coffee black. I could never figure out why he gave a shit how I took my coffee. After five years together, there were so many little things I let slide or chalked up to living with another person. But now that he’s gone, I have to admit, my life is a hell of a lot more peaceful.

Ren: Yeah but my dildo is—OH FUCK! I just realized my dildo is in the bathroom!!!!!

All the blood drains from my face. I didn’t just leave it sitting on the counter either, that motherfucker is suction cupped to the wall, right at the perfect height to fuck myself. Which is exactly what I used it for around three in the morning before collapsing into bed and falling asleep, trusting my damned alarm to wake me up in the morning.

Daniel sends that god damned laughing gif again, and I want to reach through the phone and strangle him.

Ren: This really isn’t as funny as you think it is. So much for getting my bathroom done. Between our hookup, my state of undress, and the dildo, there’s no way he’s coming back

Dan: I am literally crying I’m laughing so hard. People on the train are giving me the stink eye, but I don’t even care. I am actually dead right now.

Ren: I hate you

Dan: Ok, I’m sorry. Unless you want to go in there and grab your dildo and make it even more weird, there’s nothing you can do about it at this point. So, finish what you were telling me. You’re looking for someone to bend you over and rail you…

Ren: I don’t think that’s what I said, although…

Dan: *high five*

Ren: After Henry, I can’t see getting serious with someone again. I was so miserable with him, and I never even realized it. I don’t want to go back into that situation

Dan: Stick to casual. Sign up for M4M and get your single on.

Ren: Yeah, I think I might

The heavy clomp of boots has me looking up, my face flaming at the thought of Construction Man (that’s his superhero name, by the way) seeing my dildo.


4.5 Stars!
Ren meets Cole while out at a bar. Ren’s best friend Daniel thinks he should go out and have a one night stand to move on from his recent breakup, but Ren’s not that kind of guy. He gets drunk and tries to pick up Cole, but Cole would rather have Ren when he’s not drunk and tells him to come back another time, but not before sharing a searing kiss.
I really felt for Ren. His last boyfriend broke up with him in an awful, cowardly way. I was glad that Ren found the courage to seek out Cole at his favorite bar, but I have to imagine seeing Cole show up later on as his potential contractor for a bathroom remodel was not easy. I loved how these two danced around each other. It was all the more fun as they were messaging each other as CaulkyAF and Rebound without knowing it for quite a while.
I really liked Cole. Even with his determination that he didn’t need love or a relationship, he can’t seem to forget Ren after their first kiss. I loved watching Cole trying to stay away from Ren and having a hard time of it. I especially liked that once he was all in, he did it with no reservations considering all his previous words and actions about relationships, especially to his brother. I loved that Cole put in the work to convince Ren.
Daniel, Ren’s best friend, was a force of nature, and I can’t wait to see more of him. The other business partners of Four Bears Construction are awesome, and I can’t wait to see how their stories play out. I really hope that Ollie is next, but the intrigue of knowing what’s going on with Stone’s new neighbor is also making me want that story, too.
I devoured this book. I think if you’re a fan of the author, or even if you are new to her, this story might be a good one for you to read.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

4 Stars
This book was both good and bad. Good because I loved it (as I always do with K.M’s stories). This book got me out of a three-week (maybe longer) reading slump, but it was bad at the same time, because…I needed more! It was such a fun and sexy read.
Ren is definitely the type of character I adore. Nerdy and tattooed but still unsure of himself. He has an awesome “hobby” that he wants to turn into a fulltime career and I loved his best friend, too.
Cole was this sexy and confident guy who owned his own construction business with his brother and two close friends. I loved his reactions to Ren and how he couldn’t seem to stay away from him.
I cannot wait for the rest of this series because I need all of these guys’ stories so bad!
K.M. has this way of writing books that suck me in and writing sex scenes that are fun and never feel the same and I love that.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

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Author K.M.Neuhold is a complete romance junkie, a total sap in every way. She started her journey as an author in new adult, MF romance, but after a chance reading of an MM book she was completely hooked on everything about lovely- and sometimes damaged- men finding their Happily Ever After together. She has a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well. And she fully admits that her OCD tendencies of making sure every side character has a full backstory will likely always lead to every book having a spin-off or series. When she’s not writing she’s a lion tamer, an astronaut, and a superhero…just kidding, she’s likely watching Netflix and snuggling with her husky while her amazing husband brings her coffee.

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