Release Day Reviews ~ Snow Job by Beth Bolden


There’s nobody Micah hates more than his ex-stepbrother, Jake. And nobody he wants quite as desperately. For nine long years, Micah has begrudgingly tried to move on. How could they ever be together when Jake never spends more than a handful of days in the same country, and never more than one night with the same person?

When his job sends Micah to a remote mountain cabin on snowy Mount Hood, a misunderstanding strands Jake there at the same time. Was it actually coincidence or in fact premeditated? Either way, Micah will need to put his resentment—and his longing—aside for long enough to survive the elements that might be conspiring to kill them.

As the snow levels rise, and their situation grows more dire, Micah and Jake might finally be forced to use the heat between them to survive.

Snow Job is a full length novel and book 5 of the Snowed In Valentine’s Inc. series. It can be read as a standalone.

4.25 Stars

Micah and Jake have been at odds from the moment they met after their parents got married 10 years ago and it continued even after they got divorced, could getting stranded in a dilapidated cabin during a snowstorm be what they need to finally find some common ground?

Okay, so I really liked Jake, he wasn’t really the one who started with the animosity between him and Micah, and while he definitely went with it and boy if he didn’t pull a great one with that fish, LOL, I just couldn’t find it in myself to blame him. It took me a while longer to empathize with Micah. I could see where he was coming from and how lashing out at Jake rather than jumping him sounded like the better alternative, all things considered. Micah was so stubborn, though, even with Jake trying to make an effort to mend their differences and him jumping to conclusions. I felt he was very juvenile in his reactions, which didn’t endear him to me. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t love him and Jake together, because I totally did, the sparks practically jumped from the page whenever they were in close proximity, and the UST and later the sex? OMG, off-the-charts hot!

Their parents were cool, but really meddling, although I guess we can say it kinda backfired on them? Hahahaha!

Snow Job was a great read, light, fun, hot and not overly angsty, and the epilogue was genius! Actually the one thing that would’ve made it better would’ve been Micah doing a grand gesture, too, and not just Jake, although I could see why Ms. Bolden did it the way she did it. Definitely recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

4 Stars 

How do two former stepbrothers that have a lot of baggage deal with being stranded alone in an epic snowstorm? Well, in the beginning not too well.

Micah’s mother and Jake’s father were briefly married so the men do not share any DNA. The marriage was done as part of a business merger which I honestly could not understand but I went with the flow. Micah claims it was the worst 18 months of his life until they divorced because of his resentment of Jake. The real truth goes much deeper as Micah suffered from a huge crush over Jake. Watching a stream of both boyfriends and girlfriends that Jake was with caused Micah to push him away and treat him with animosity and anger. He was resentful that Jake never was interested in him over his meaningless hookups. This caused Micah to put up protective shields in the form of snark and insults.

While I had a harder time relating to Micah, Jake was an absolute charmer. He suffered from his own self-esteem demons and felt he could never live up to how smart and successful Micah is. The two men were always secretly attracted to each other and now being in such confined quarters cannot deny their feelings. Micah is a careful and exact person who loves his job and has literally made it his entire life. Jake travels and takes chances and has a more casual attitude about life. Since the men both work for their parents who have maintained their business relationship they always butt heads. Can Micah loosen up and admit he really cares while Jake slows down and settles for a more stable world?

This really did feel like an insta-love moment to me even though they have known each other for almost a decade. The epilogue was wonderful and innovative and the story-line this was a fun and enjoyable read. I do recommend you give this book a try. Happy Reading!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement.***