Release Blitz ~ A New Empire (Fog City #3) by Layla Reyne (Reviews + Teaser + Giveaway)


A New Empire by Layla Reyne

Series: Fog City #3

Publisher: Layla Reyne (Self-published)

Release Date (Print & Ebook/Audio): November 11 (Ebook & Print); Audio TBD

Length (Print & Ebook/Audio): Approx. 52,000 words

 Subgenre: M/M Romantic Suspense

 Warnings: Explicit sex; explicit language; violence.


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Book blurb:

Legacies were made to be rewritten.

Assassin Hawes Madigan wants to do right–by his family, his organization, his city, and the man he’s falling for, ATF agent Christopher Perri. But Hawes’s rules are being challenged by someone willing to kill for the old ways. To save his soul and his empire, Hawes must make an impossible decision: fight from the outside or bend the knee to win back his throne from within.

Chris is used to being the inside man, the one undercover. Now, he’s on the outside marshaling forces in support of the man and the ring of assassins he was supposed to take down. His mission shifted when he found something that’s been missing for ten long years–a home, with Hawes.

As Hawes and Chris make a dangerous play for control, the lines between allies and traitors blur. Trusting the wrong person could destroy the legacy Hawes envisions for the Madigans. But not trusting anyone, or each other, could mean lights out on their love and lives forever.

The King and King Slayer fight together in this thrilling conclusion to the Fog City Trilogy!

Release Blitz Teaser:

“How’s that going to work?” Helena said.

“By taking a page from your favorite movie.” He retrieved two tote bags from under the table and dumped their contents onto the table—brown hair dye and matching wigs. As serious as the matter was, he couldn’t hold back a smile. This had been something he and Helena had talked about as kids. A heist they’d dreamed about pulling one day. He’d never thought it’d be his sister-in-law they were stealing, but Hawes couldn’t deny the rush that came with knowing they were actually going to do this.

Seemed Helena was feeling the same way, one side of her mouth quirking up. “We’re going to Thomas Crown this shit?”

Hawes nodded. “She’s being brought to the courthouse tomorrow morning to be arraigned on additional charges connected to the incident at MCS. We’ll make the switch while she’s in the Federal Building.”

“We have soldiers who look close enough to make the disguises work,” Rose added.

“A couple captains too,” Helena said.

Hawes’s stomach sank, the momentary rush skidding to a halt. If Helena was willing to bring the captains in on this, had Chris failed to get the message to her?

Motion at Helena’s side, the one away from Rose, caught his attention. Five fingers spread, once, twice. Five by five, a saying from Helena’s favorite Buffy character, Faith. A secret code he and Helena had picked up, and which their parents and grandparents had never caught onto. She got the message, loud and clear.

Hawes’s smile returned. “You going to play along?”

And Helena’s grin grew wider. “We’ve waited our whole lives for this. Fuck yeah, I’m in.”

The only one not smiling was Holt. Two steps closer and Hawes knelt beside his brother, hand on his knee. “She’s the mother of your child. We don’t do this without your okay.” Fuck Rose. On this, Hawes would not compromise.

“You promise to protect her?” he asked Hawes. Not Rose or Helena. That trust his twin still had in him was more of a rush than any heist they were planning to pull.

“I promise, Little H. This is all about protecting your family.”

Holt’s big mitt came down on top of his. “Our family.”

5 Stars!!!
A New Empire is the conclusion of the Fog City trilogy, and it absolutely needs to be read in order.
Every new installment in this series has been better than the previous one and damn, if this one didn’t take the cake! So many things and loose ends were resolved and for the ones that were left a bit hanging in regards to secondary characters, Layla Reyne promised some spin-offs, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for those.
I loved how Hawes and Chris’s relationship has evolved, from strangers to lovers to enemies to lovers, and now, finally, to partners. It was amazing to see them all working together and helping each other work through some of the curveballs they were thrown in this last book. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Ms. Reyne recaptured their chemistry, which has grown into something so much deeper now that trust and their newfound feelings were added into the mix.
I wasn’t surprised over who the baddie was, I kind of figured that out in book 2, but I couldn’t have guessed everything they’d done against Hawes or how they’d tried to set him up to fall.
I loved Hena and Holt and Brax and I hope we’ll be getting more of them in those spin-offs Layla teased us with. I wouldn’t mind learning more about Scotty and Jax, either. *hint hint nudge nudge* It was great seeing Jamie and Melissa and having them help the guys out, too.
Overall, this was an action-packed, fast-paced book, a thrilling conclusion of an amazing series and another winner for Layla Reyne.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

4* Solid end to the series, which I think peaked in book 2. Ideally, for max enjoyment, a re-read is needed before attempting this.

This is a book that I’d been anticipating ever since reading book 1 in the trilogy, and when I got it, I almost didn’t want to start it, as that would mean the beginning of the end of something really good. But, it isn’t, yay! (no Spoilers here; read on and see).

Book 3 in the series picks up immediately where book 2 leaves off, and tbh, because of the gap between books, I could have done with a re-read to recap on some of the names mentioned (e.g. the various captains and rivals and side characters). I was a little confused at times as names that I could barely recall popped up, and then in a major op, code names such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Monet and the likes were used, but we didn’t get told which related to who, which made for a bit of a messy and unfocused aspect to something big that was going down. I had to just go with the flow and accept that the ‘artists’ could be anyone of the good guys and that as long as all came out unscathed, all was good. A little less would have been more, though, as the tale had enough body and enough happening without added (confusing) detail.
As to the tale, it was no great surprise that the baddie of the series ended up being who I’d figured out in book 2. There was a tiny bit of suspension of disbelief to overcome, because can you cut ties to the extent this person did, sacrifice what this person potentially would have sacrificed, had they prevailed? Can someone be so utterly heartless, so unfeeling and callous? Maybe yes, because this person had balls of steel. I liked that this was a unique kind of baddie, given the demographics that (in part only) defined this person, which is something very rarely seen in books/films/TV. It was kind of refreshing as well as kind of horrifying and ultimately sad for all those concerned.
Understandably any romantic aspect to the book takes a back seat because the tale is all Action! Action! Action!, but I knew that the leads were already in a great place, despite how short a time they’d known each other, and what happens here, bonds them further. There’s double-crossing-others and are-we-being-double-crossed? and who’re-the-good-guys? and who-can-we-trust? aspects to it, and some of the reveals had my mouth hanging open in I-didn’t-see-that-coming-ness and then later twists revealed clever machinations and dastardly deeds. This part of the tale was really well, really seamlessly orchestrated, though at the end, there wasn’t clear black or clear white parts, merely different shades of grey. But I was OK with that, as this family has its own set of moral values, and face it, as they themselves say, they’re assassins.
Thankfully, the tale didn’t have a Bollywood ending where suspend-all-disbelief reveals come to light and stuff gets forgotten and all is well and rosy and everyone’s forgiven and welcomed back into the fold. No, the bad guys got their dues and it looks like at least one couple has a solid HEA and professional future together, too. The author dropped a couple of pretty big hints about Holt and Hena getting tales of their own (there were smouldering glances and eye-f’ing) and there was the admission that Holt is demisexual, and I’m pretty sure his broken heart is starting to heal. And, at the end, there’s confirmation that there will be connected tales in the future, as these characters aren’t ready to quieten down, and that we’ll also see more of the AIW guys, too.

This was a good ending to one of the best series I’ve read all year, though it did get a little unnecessarily bogged down with the touch of too much happening in it.

ARC courtesy of the author and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure.

4 stars

I’m trying to not spoil the first two books but it’s kinda hard with a trilogy. As the conclusion to this awesome series, this book was a good one. It had action, so many sexy scenes and so much betrayal. 

The characters stood up for what they believed in and were more determined than ever to protect their people and their city. Each obstacle Hawes and the gang came across, they fought together and I loved the shows of family and friends being protective of each other. 

Layla is a great writer and I love her way of weaving together such a beautiful love with so much action thrown in. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement***

Release Blitz Q&A with Layla Reyne: 

Q: Secondary Characters: Why they are important to the story?

LR: For Hawes in Fog City, his siblings, Holt and Helena, are the bricks of his foundation, along with love interest, Chris, and friend and ally, Braxton Kane. Hawes, Holt, and Helena run both family businesses with him, he trusts them implicitly, he looks to them for input, and they each contribute differently to the family unit. He wouldn’t want to do this without them.

Q: If you listen to music while writing, share your playlist.

LR: Here’s my Fog City playlist, which alternated frequently with The Revivalists albums. I swear, every one of their songs seems to fit this series!

Q: What would a love letter between the characters look like?

LR: From Hawes to Chris:

Dante, I know. –H

From Chris to Hawes.

Madigan, I know. –Mr. Perry

RITA Finalist Layla Reyne is the author of Dine With Me and the Fog City, Whiskey Verse, and Changing Lanes series. A Carolina Tar Heel who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home, Layla enjoys weaving her bi-coastal experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline-fueled suspense and heart-pounding romance. She is a RWA® RITA® Finalist in Contemporary Romance (Mid-Length) and Golden Heart® Finalist in Romantic Suspense.

Connect with Layla: 

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