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Convicted - Kim Fielding

Kim Fielding has a new MM paranormal book in her “The Bureau” series out – “Convicted.”

Vietnam veteran Kurt Powell’s addiction almost cost him everything, but a job as federal agent with the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs helped him find sobriety and purpose. Now he tracks down dangerous paranormal creatures as well as humans who abuse their magical powers in illegal ways.

Sent from Belfast to the United States as a boy, Desmond Hughes later fell into a disastrous relationship that led to horrific murders. He’s spent seventeen years in a bleak prison with few comforts and no hope of release.

A new mission throws Kurt and Des together in a desperate attempt to prevent disaster. Sometimes what’s long been lost can still be found, but the road to redemption is never easy—and a mutual attraction may not ease the way.

Series Blurb:

For many years the United States government has been aware that Homo sapiens is not the only sentient species inhabiting the country. Some other species were native to the continent, while others immigrated along with humans. Early on, these nonhuman species (NHS) were largely ignored when they lived peacefully within human communities. At other times they were deemed a threat and local efforts were made to eradicate them. The federal government was not involved in these early efforts.

By the early 20th century, some local law enforcement agencies expressed frustration with their inability to deal effectively with the special needs of NHS. Localized incidents of mass violence occurred in several locations, most notably the Omaha Zombie Epidemic of 1908, the Manchester (New Hampshire) Melusine Drownings of 1911, and the Eugene (Oregon) Sasquatch Riots of 1915.

In response to these incidents, as well as a heightened desire for increased federal control, President Wilson created a new federal agency in 1919 called the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs. The mission of this agency was to communicate with NHS, to control them, to investigate reported dangerous actions committed by them, and to bring them to justice or eliminate them when necessary. Since then, the Bureau has been quietly active throughout the United States. Its jurisdiction has expanded to include humans who engage in magical or paranormal activities.

Over the decades, a great many dramas have unfolded among the people who work for the Bureau. The Bureau stories are a collection of these tales. Each involves different protagonists and is set in a different era, yet all focus on the adventures and struggles of the Bureau’s agents. These novellas can be read in any order.

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3.75* Decent intro to this author, and with leads who felt real, one of whom I grew to really like.

This is my first KF book and it was a good intro to her and to this world she’s created. I requested an ARC some time back and when it appeared on my Kindle, I dived in, blurb-blind. I think that was the best way for me to read the book – I hadn’t clocked that the tale was an AU one and that there were things that were more than meets the eye, so each reveal was an eye-opener, and I found myself wanting to know more. Despite not having read previous tales, I wasn’t lost, and at the end, because this tale/world was intriguing, I went off to find out about the previous books, as some of the former leads make some short appearances here, and the hints were enough to make me want to find out more.
I liked the leads equally, but thought that we got more info on Des than Kurt. I’d have liked to know about the latter’s struggles with his addiction and sexuality, how he redeemed himself and why his boss felt he *had* to save him, how he coped with being a parent at such a young age (I think honesty was his policy, which was really great to see, and, I think that he and his ex-wife must have a great relationship for their kid to be open with them both) and what his job entailed; maybe the latter is made clearer in book 1 of this series, where no doubt this world is explained in more detail? Yes, we get an idea of his job, but there wasn’t quite enough of his backstory for me.
Des was the kind of antihero that you can’t help liking and empathising with. For him to have been imprisoned so young (at 24) for so long (17 years) was sad and when the reveals came and we saw his remorse/anguish/regret and how it dawned on him he’d been used, it was even more heart-wrenching. I really liked him and felt that he’d been almost as much a victim of his ex as the ex’s deceased victims had been. Yes, he wasn’t perfect, but it sounded like he’d felt a need to be loved, to belong, to have purpose and at the time, his ex had him blinded and under his thrall, and tbh, I did wonder at his level of intellect at that age. I loved his humility and his innocence and his desire not to step out of line; it made him come across as very genuine and very likable, very Forrest Gump like. His love of books, his fear of losing the very few things he had that made his lonely, stark life a little more manageable, was humbling; it made me want to give him a big hug and send him a box of books, and a box of chocolates!

Whilst I enjoyed the tale for its varied reveals, I’m not sure that I saw these guys as a couple, as they were too opposite and it was, until a kind of weakish twist in the end, a case of never the twain shall meet – I mean, cop and felon, with nothing to exonerate the latter. For me, the ending was a little too convenient and not justified enough. What happened, had to happen for the leads to be able to be together, but why? I didn’t get enough of an explanation as to why Kurt’s boss did what he did. I didn’t see the justification and I couldn’t, at the time the tale ended, see these guys as a HEA couple. I could see them as a couple of guys starting to explore a relationship and get to know each other, but Kurt was closed off and didn’t trust easily, and I am not sure where emotions, other than common human decency and some mild liking, came into play. I couldn’t see/read/feel love, but at the same time, it didn’t really matter to me, as all I was able to focus on was that this was a good read for more reasons than simply a MM romance, and that Des had been used, had been naive and trusting and hadn’t understood his role in the horrors that caused him to be imprisoned, and I felt for him. At the end of the book, though, I didn’t feel that he deserved to end up with the ‘gift’ he did, as there wasn’t enough of a reveal, enough of a eureka! moment for me. But, overall it was a very readable book and I am now on the first in the series and will be reading more from this author.
ARC courtesy of the author and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure.

Author Bio

Kim Fielding

KIM FIELDING is very pleased every time someone calls her eclectic. A Lambda Award finalist and two-time Foreword INDIE finalist, she has migrated back and forth across the western two-thirds of the United States and currently lives in California, where she long ago ran out of bookshelf space.

She’s a university professor who dreams of being able to travel and write full time. She also dreams of having two daughters who fully appreciate her, a husband who isn’t obsessed with football, and a house that cleans itself. Some dreams are more easily obtained than others.

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