Release Day Reviews: Hellion (415 Ink #3) by Rhys Ford

Title: Hellion
Series: 415 Ink: Book Three
Author: Rhys Ford
Release Date: September 17, 2019
Category: Contemporary Romance

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From the moment SFPD Detective Ruan Nicholls meets Ivo Rogers, he knows the tattoo artist is going to bring chaos to his neat, orderly life. A hellion down to the bone, Ivo is someone Ruan not only doesn’t understand, he’s not even sure he needs to. Everything about Ivo is vibrant, brash, cocky, and arrogant, and Ruan wants no part of him.

Or at least that’s the lie he tells himself when he damps down his desire for the social wild child life tosses into his path.

For Ivo Rogers, life revolves around two things—his family and 415 Ink, the tattoo shop he co-owns with his four brothers. His family might be stitched together by their battle scars from growing up in foster care, but their brotherhood is tight—and strong enough to hold Ivo together during the times when he falls apart.

Now Ivo faces a new challenge when he falls for a cop with an old-school mentality on how a man looks and acts. Ruan is the promise of a life Ivo thought he’d never have, but their clashing perspectives threaten any chance of a relationship. Being the family’s hellion makes it easy to be misunderstood, yet Ivo has faith Ruan will not only embrace who he is but love him as well.

5 Stars

The story centers on the youngest brother of a tight-knit clan of men. Working at 415 INK, a tattoo parlor with a huge following, is a job that Ivo not only loves but excels at. Ivo is one hell of a contradiction of terms. He is fierce but has a gentle soul. He can be bratty but much of the time is incredibly responsible. He is masculine but flirts on the edge of femininity. Altogether, Ms. Ford creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable person that demands your full attention. Ivo does not fit into any prescribed mold and is more comfortable in his skin than most people. This belief in himself was a hard battle. The story is told in Rhys Ford’s honest trademark fashion and through the humor and tender moments a rawness to life’s challenges and past hurt’s bleeds through.

Ruan is a seasoned cop 10 years Ivo’s senior. He works brutally long hours and has seen the evil side of life one time too many. He is also a sort of contradiction. Despite all he has witnessed Ruan remains whole and only has a slightly dampened view on humanity. He is so different than Ivo but equally interesting and I could not wait to learn more about this unique man.

Ruan and Ivo had a brief encounter 7 years ago when he safely returned Ivo to his family after a near serious incident. He made a lasting impression on Ivo due to his kindness and genuine concern. Now, years later, fate has them meeting again and the fresh mouth kid has grown into a compelling and stunning man. Ruan realizes he is in a serious rut and after Ivo shows an interest, against his better judgement he can’t resist.

The romance is surprisingly a slow burn but when it heats up you will be scorched. The gentle building of their relationship made this story so very special. I loved how both of these strong men take the time to truly understand what makes each of them tick. The cautious and sweet build was not only refreshing but crucial for the complexity of their special bond. Each man carries scars. One from a dysfunctional shuffling within the foster system and another due to his discomfort about being true to himself in a more open society than he grew up in.

On a side note, I love when the pets are treated like family and between Ivo’s old Heinz’s 57 dog and the miniature cougar masquerading as a Maine Coon that Ruan rescued you get plenty of adorable moments. An absolute delight to read, I enjoyed catching up with the 415 INK family. It would be helpful to read the other books in the series first as each character is deeply developed and the stories are interconnected. I strongly recommend you read this thought-provoking and highly satisfying book.

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4 stars

I am really enjoying this series! Ivo is unapologetically himself and it was nice to see him vulnerable but still strong in this book. Much like the previous main characters, Ivo had a hard time growing up, and learning about his story made him make so much more sense as a character. The sense of family between the brothers is so sweet; they give each other hell but are so protective of each other and especially Ivo, since he is the baby, that it makes me love them all even more! 

I was a little nervous about Ruan at first. I did not want him to squash Ivo’s uniqueness. But I was happy with the way the author handled Ruan’s nervousness about Ivo’s style. It was authentic and was true to the characters. Ivo and Ruan seemed to jump into feelings a little bit quick but I still enjoyed their love story! And I LOVE the teasers at the end of the books for the next characters and I cannot wait to see Luke get his HEA. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. *** 

4 stars

Hellion is the third book in the 415 ink series by Rhys Ford. Ivo Rogers is the biological brother of Gus, who we saw in book one. Ivo wears what he wants when he wants and could care less what others think… most of the time. He is a sought-after tattoo artist who does his job well and he enjoys it. Ruan Nicholls is an SFPD detective. He meets Ivo when he is young. He accidentally meets him once again when delivering the news that one of his brothers’ biological father is dead. Ruan is old school and being with a man is hard, let alone being with a man who wears a skirt at times.

I love Ivo; he is a unique character. Tough, and able to take care of himself all while wearing girl clothes. He owns his identity and it suits him. I am so happy he can be himself around his family. Ruan is very old school and struggles with Ivo’s character and the fact he could potentially be hurt dressing the way he does. They make a cute couple and I cannot wait to see more of them in the rest of the series.

This book starts right where the second left off and while it can potentially be read as a stand-alone, it’s better read in series order since there is so much information about the brothers spread out, and they are very important to each other, so they frequently show up in other books. I cannot wait for the next book and finally Bear’s book.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***