Release Day Review ~ The Doctor’s Orders (Copper Point Medical: Book #3) by Heidi Cullinan (Giveaway)

Title: The Doctor’s Orders
Series: Copper Point Medical: Book Three
Author: Heidi Cullinan
Release Date: August 20, 2019
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 250

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Once upon a time Nicolas Beckert was the boy who stole kisses from Jared Kumpel beneath the bleachers, but now Jared’s a pediatrician and Nick is the hospital CEO who won’t glance his way. Everything changes, however, when they’re stranded alone in a hospital elevator. Ten years of cold shoulders melt away in five hours of close contact, and old passions rekindle into hot flames.

Once out of the elevator, Jared has no intention of letting Nick get away. It’s clear he’s desperate for someone to give him space to let go of the reins, and Jared is happy to oblige. But Jared wants Nick as a lover in a full, open relationship, which is a step further than Nick is willing to go. They’ve traded kisses under the bleachers for liaisons in the boardroom… and it looks like the same arguments that drove them apart in high school might do the same thing now.

Jared’s determined not to let that happen this time around. He won’t order Nick from his shell—he’ll *listen* to what his friend says he needs to feel safe. Maybe this time he can prescribe his lover a happy ever after.

Jen's Review

4.25 Stars!

This third book in the Copper Point Medical series was one I was looking forward to. While you probably could read it as a standalone, I would suggest starting at the beginning of this series – there are several established characters that play important roles in this one, and there has been a building of issues related to the hospital that has continued throughout the series. As Nick is the hospital CEO, these issues have played heavily into his character development to this point even though he was barely in the first book. Jared is a pediatrician at the hospital and the third of three friends to find love in this series; his best friends Simon and Owen were previous MCs.

I really, really felt for Jared. He’s kept a secret from everyone for years as well as a love that seems unrequited. He and Nick barely talk to each other until they get stuck in an elevator together for several hours. Trapped in the dark together, their past comes up and they clear the air finally. But Nick is not out to anyone, and there are more problems developing at the hospital than he can handle. I liked how Nick protected Jared when he could. I understood his hesitation regarding his close family ties and his community ones and the potential damage that his being open could cause. I liked that he took that step without pressure from Jared and that he took it when he was ready. Unfortunately, that also meant that Jared had to wait even more, and the pain was palpable. I cried with Jared as he realized just how much he was willing to sacrifice to be with Nick. I loved that even though Owen and Simon were good friends with Jared for years, there were still things that they learned about each other. I cheered when it was clear that Nick had an ally within his family and that while it took some time, Nick’s family started to come around. I was happy to see that the issues at the hospital were eventually cleared up as well. 

If you liked the other books in this series, I think you’ll enjoy understanding more about Nick and the man he is. While his and Jared’s journey was difficult, I was happy to see them make the journey together as best they could. I worried for a while that Jared was going to lose himself trying to not push Nick, but I loved that he found the way to help Nick when he really needed it. Together, they are a force of nature. 

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4 stars

The Doctor’s Orders is the third book in the Copper Point Medical series by Heidi Cullinan. It starts off where book 2 left off, however, it is about Jared Kumpel, the resident pediatrician, and Nicholas Beckert, the CEO of the hospital. In their teens, they believed they would be together forever until Jared gave Nick an ultimatum to come out or break up. They broke up. Now years later, an accident that traps them together in an elevator brings back old feelings. This time around Jared knows not to push Nick so he doesn’t run away but Nick decides it is time to step up for the man he loves.

Jared has to be my favorite character in this series. We see him both in book 1 and 2 as he is Simons and Owen’s third musketeer. We see Nick a lot more in the second book and his relationship with Owens partner Erin. I would have loved to see if Nick and Jared ended up adopting, as Jared was amazing with kids. I hope we get to see them in future books

I liked this book a lot. Nick and Jared’s chemistry is explosive and they are perfect together. I am so happy Nick’s family came around since they were so important to him. I am wondering if there will be a next book and if there is who will it be about? I would love to see a story about Ram; while he was not a doctor or even worked at the hospital, now that there are new doctors coming to Copper Point, maybe he might end up with one of them?

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. *** 


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  1. love second chance stories….makes you believe that even though you made a mistake you can still have your HEA


  2. Can’t say I am particularly…. it will depend on the how and why the first time everything crap out and how it’s being resolved.


  3. If they do a good job of resolving their issues, then I like second-chance romances.


  4. Yes, I think everyone should have another shot at making stuff work out for whatever reason or at least getting closure for where things went wrong.


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