Release Day Review ~ A Beautiful Disaster (Geek Life: Book #3) by Marguerite Labbe (Giveaway)

Title: A Beautiful Disaster
Series: Geek Life: Book Three
Author: Marguerite Labbe
Release Date: July 30, 2019
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 275

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When best friends Brenden and Dakota launch the biggest comics and pop-culture convention of their careers, they finally realize what everyone around them already knows: they’ve been in love for years.

Now what are they going to do about it?

Meticulously organized Brenden Wade and easygoing Dakota Nye turned their love of geek culture into a business, running conventions all over the Chesapeake Bay area. Now the weight of their pasts is threatening not only their friendship but their dream. Brenden fears losing his foster family when his secrets come out, and though the last thing Dakota wants is to hurt his plus one, he doesn’t know if he’s capable of settling down.

One night of passion challenges both men’s preconceptions and forces them to evaluate what they want from the future. They’re both scared, and though they’ve always been able to figure out anything together, hearts are on the line. Will taking a chance on romance lead to a beautiful disaster, or just a disaster?

5 Stars
This series literally gets better and better with every book! I have been waiting for Brenden and Dakota’s story since they were first mentioned. Their chemistry was beyond hot.
Brenden is so much more than his grumpy exterior lets on. I love how much he loved not just Dakota but the whole Nye family. His need to clean when stressed is something I feel at times so I can definitely relate to that but his dedication is definitely something I need to work on. It really was inspiring to me how he kept his home and business so neat and efficient.
Dakota always seemed as if he was a slight slacker until you find out how passionate he is about his podcast and helping Brenden with the cons. He was a fun character that I would love to see a lot more of, along with Brenden.
I don’t know whether this is the last book in the series but if there are more, then you can bet that I will be front and center to get my hands on it.
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***

4 Stars!

Brenden and Dakota are best friends, but almost complete opposites. Dakota goes with the flow, while Brenden has his never-ending checklists. They have each other’s backs through all things, even when they drive each other crazy. They run conventions together and have a very large, important one coming up; in fact, it’s so important that Dakota has moved back in with Brenden. One friendly comment makes Dakota impulsive enough to test the waters, leading to a night neither man can forget. But there are plenty of potential consequences, Brenden fears losing his loving foster family and Dakota has to confront a lot of his perceptions and beliefs. 

I liked how Brenden and Dakota were with each other. Were they sometimes immature? Sure, but they knew how to help each other when they were stressed out and knew all the signs that the other was struggling. They, in some respects, were like an old married couple without actually being more than best friends. I was glad that Dakota took a chance to see if Brenden was attracted to him, but I was disappointed in how Dakota handled the aftermath. While I was disappointed, it held true to his character. I did like how they took care of each other and worked together so well with their different strengths and methods. 

You can read this as a standalone as I did, but I suspect that I would have enjoyed this one even more had I read the other books first. I will be going back and reading the others as soon as I can, following up with a reread of this one. That said, there is a chapter in the book that I suspect that fans of the series will really enjoy, but left me feeling confused since it was about a previous couple and a number of people that I really had no clue about. Overall, a fun friends-to-lovers story that I plan on rereading. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***  



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  1. All He Ever Needed by Cate Ashwood is one of my favorite friends to lovers books.


  2. There are so many. I’ll just name my top 5: The One Who Saves Me by Cardeno C., Thirty Things by Cate Ashwood, nest by Anyta Sunday, Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday, and Bromosexual by Daryl Banner.


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