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A Series of Fates Series and Anthology

Easter Valley is a place for shifters to thrive, protect each other, and be themselves. It’s also a place for friendships, laughs… and love. From the Alpha, to the shyest of pack members, these mates find their way into each other’s arms in this trio of romantic comedy tales, and while the path to love can be bumpy when fate is involved, the endings are always happy.

The stories should preferably read in order but can be read individually as they have their own main characters and HEA.

Author: C.C. Dado

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht

Genre/s: Paranormal Comedy, M/M Romance

Trope/s: Fated Mates

Themes: Shifters

Overall Heat Rating: 2 flames (my stories are intended to be more comedy romance, bordering on young adult)

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Book Title: Denying Fate

Length: 23 500 words/ 83 pages

Release Date: August 31, 2018



A Series of Fates: Book One

Fate is a funny thing. Some try to cut its threads, while others wrap themselves in it like a blanket.

Young wolf shifter Max is cocky and crass. Unlike others his age, he has yet to discover a talent that will serve his pack. Since childhood, he’s been convinced the pack alpha is his mate, but Alpha Christian cannot envision unfiltered and directionless Max taking the place of his elegant mother at the head of the pack. As Max begins to build a life with his best friend, he also begins to see that maybe what he thought was inevitable was all in his head, and it’s time to move on.

Or are they both denying fate?


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Book Title: Embracing Fate

Length: 27 222 words/ 91 pages

Release Date: October 26, 2018



A Series of Fates: Book Two

Sometimes you just have to embrace your fate.

Seth has a secret: he has a crush on the human next door. His brilliant plan to meet Jack, the man of his dreams who happens to be an animal trainer? Take wolf form and ask his best friend, Max, to take him next door for training. Seth is the only one surprised when things go horribly awry.

Still, can this shy wolf and a human meet their fate as mates?


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Book Title: Fearing Fates

Length: 21 250 words/ 71 pages

Release Date: December 14, 2018



He is a fearless protector by nature and in his heart. But nothing’s ever simple with love… or fate.

At nearly seven feet tall, Zeus’s role had always been to protect the pack—but his newest charges need him more than most. Kimber and Kron are transplants from another pack, and they have a dangerous stranger on their tails. Zeus is determined to do his duty and drive the human out of town. But when he confronts Toren, his wolf has other ideas….

Something isn’t right, but should a huge, tattooed wolf with a secret soft heart fear his fate—to love a man with secrets of his own?


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Excerpt from Embracing Fate

Seth walked down to the bakery to get the ovens warming and opened the window behind the sink so it didn’t get too hot. It was still early morning, but it was already at least seventy degrees out. He could smell the morning dew burning off under the sun. He spent the next few hours preparing the backup set of baked goods for the display cases. Max had come in a little while ago to get the front ready for another busy Saturday. Seth was really glad they had high school kids helping out in the afternoons now, so they didn’t have to put in such a long day. Seth was on his last batch of cupcakes. He’d grabbed the muffin tin off the cooling rack and started filling the paper cups with batter when he heard a commanding voice pierce through the window.


Seth was unable to control his response as he dropped his spatula and sat his butt hard onto the floor. What the hell was that? Not even his alpha had that type of control over him. His premonition of undecidedly awful things coming ran through his mind—this is it. He barely registered the squeak of the swinging half doors as Max walked into the kitchen from the front.

“Whatcha doing there?” Max asked, leaning across the kitchen island.

Seth stared up at Max, his eyes blown wide. “I have no idea,” he said, the cupcake tin he had somehow managed not to drop still held awkwardly in the air.

“Lie down.” The voice came through the window again.

Max looked at Seth questioningly as Seth instantly fell onto his back.

“Okay…,” Max said, obviously trying to stay calm. “That was weird, right? Did you just lie down because someone outside said to?”

Seth whined, lying on the floor of the bakery in shock, scared eyes staring toward the ceiling.

Max came around the island, rushing to help Seth up.

“Okay, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m calling Christian.” Max pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“Wait,” Seth said, needing a moment to process.

“Umm, no. We should call Christian.” Max leaned over the sink to see out the window into the backyard. “There’s a guy out back at the house next door. I think it’s the new neighbor. Maybe he’s an evil wizard or something. Is that a real thing? Oh….” He paused. “He’s pretty hot, but like not really my type. I like them with a little more muscle, to the point where their shirts stretch just a bit across their chest and shoulders, like Christian’s do. But he’s not bad, lanky, brunet too,” he said, sounding disappointed. “I prefer blonds, and he has on glasses. Can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of a man in glasses, but they fit on him.”

“Are you seriously checking out my neighbor right now?” Seth demanded, his anxiety starting to lower from DEFCON 3 as he took calming breaths.

“No, I mean yes, but not for me. Sorry, okay. Focus. Let’s get you up off the floor. We’ll call Christian and Zeus.”

Seth let Max help him up off the ground, and he peeked out the window. “Wait,” he said again, stopping Max’s hand as he reached for the phone in his pocket. “I’m not scared anymore.”

“What do you mean, you’re not scared anymore? You just laid down on the ground because someone told you to.”

“I know. And it scared me at first too. Normally I’d still be having a full-blown panic attack in the corner, probably crying a little, but I’m not.”

“Okay, so, you don’t want me to call Christian because you’re not freaking out anymore that someone is controlling your mind?” Max sarcastically summarized.

Seth shook his head at his friend. “I meant, I’m not panicking. The voice, it makes me feel different, like in a good way, peaceful almost.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re obviously not thinking clearly. You’ve lost the ability to make your own choices. I’ll have Christian’s lawyer draw up papers. I’ll be your legal guardian from now on.”

“If you’re ever the rational one out of the two of us, we’re both screwed, and I’m not insane, just curious, I guess. I don’t want to tell them yet.” Seth looked out at the stranger again. He was tall, his dark brown, wavy hair fell just past his shoulders, his nose was a little too big for his face, and Seth thought it was perfect. “Handsome but not too perfect.” His earlier words to Max about his preferences played back through his mind, making him take a deep breath.

Max leaned in next to him a bit to get a better look. “What is he doing out there?” Max attempted to whisper, watching intently out of the window.

“Zeus said he was a trainer.”

“Oh, Seth,” Max said, pausing to choke back a laugh with his fist. “He’s a dog trainer.” He snorted, apparently unable to hold it in any longer, “And you’re… you’re obeying his commands.”

Seth could barely make out what Max was saying past his laughter.

“Shit, I think I may die,” Max said, bent over the counter, holding his side. “This might be the best thing that has ever happened in my life.”

“I hate you,” Seth said, focusing his attention back out the window. Recalling his conversation with Zeus, the new neighbor was a dog trainer. Seth watched as the man knelt down in the grass and patted his leg for the dog to come. The chocolate lab bounced his way across the yard, ramming into the man.

“That’s a good boy.” The man’s purr sent chills over Seth’s body. His wolf was definitely awake, pulling at him to get closer.

Denying Fate 

3.5 Stars!

This story is a little odd in that you get the viewpoints of Max, one of the main characters, and Seth, his best friend, but not Max’s mate, Christian. While I saw the value in this setup, I felt like I was missing the pieces that would have helped make this story flow better for me. 

I liked Max, but I had a hard time with Christian, whose dismissal of Max, repeatedly, was hard to see. While it was clear that Christian did care about Max, I just didn’t really understand him. At the same time, I loved how Seth stood up for Max, and while Seth’s actions led Christian to accepting Max, it still felt off. I was happy to see Max questioning it at every turn for a while as well. 

There were a few things that didn’t make sense to me and the time jumps towards the end just made it hard to see Max and Christian forming their bond. One thing that bothered me was that Christian’s parents had been such a wonderful Alpha and Omega, but how could they have not seen what their Beta was like? I think the time jumps would have worked better for me had the story been fleshed out a bit more or had we gotten Christian’s viewpoint as well. 

Embracing Fate

4 Stars!

I liked this tale a lot more than the first one. Max is still a whirlwind of chaos and brightens everything up, but this story is about Seth finding his mate, his human mate. Jack is a dog trainer and when he meets Seth, he thinks the guy is beautiful. Because Seth is so shy around people he doesn’t know, he concocts a plan to spend time with Jack as a wolf. It leads to a lot of hilarious situations. 

I was happy to see things work out for Seth and Jack, who was a great guy and perfect for Seth. I was happy that he forgave Seth for the deception. I liked that we saw plenty of Max in this one and could see how his standing in the pack and his gift were helping. I liked the playful banter and relaxed side of Christian we see in this book as well. I liked Zeus and can’t wait to see what his story will be like. 

Fearing Fate

3.75 Stars!

Max has been playfully plotting to get Zeus a mate. I was happy to see that his mate was someone no one expected. When Max and Christian adopt two children, they are unnerved to hear of someone new in town lurking in the shadows; Zeus goes to investigate and finds more than he expected. Toren has just lost his parents and is under a threat to lose what he has left, but he’s also sick. 

Zeus really is the gentle giant that Max calls him. While his position as requires him to handle threats to the pack, he is pure protector and utterly loyal. While he doesn’t understand his draw to Toren at first, it becomes more obvious that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. I think that Toren took the news well and his hesitation to accept these new revelations were fairly normal. I would have liked a bit more closure about the mystery man threatening Toren, but maybe we’ll see that in a future book. 

Overall: 3.75 Stars!

I enjoyed reading this series of books. I hope that there will be more of them in the future, especially a story for Wizard. Max and his ability to say the wrong thing, while trying to do the right thing, made this series funny and lightened things up. Though his book was my least favorite of them, I loved seeing how his influence and personality help the pack in ways that no one expected. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. ***        

Denying Fate: 4 stars

This was a sweet and easy read! This book is short, very short, and while it was not super heavy on the details, I still really enjoyed it. We meet Seth and then Max and I had to go back and reread the blurb to see if they were the leads of this book; they’re not. Instead, we get Seth’s POV as Max’s best friend and it helped to add an interesting aspect to the story. 

Max was strong in his chasing after Alpha Christian and I appreciated his tenacity. Because of the book being short we did not get a lot of details of the two of them really coming together and building a relationship. I would have loved to read more of the two of them! 

Embracing Fate: 4.25 stars

This was a good addition to the series! After meeting Seth, I was excited to get his story and see him really come out of his shell. While this book was short like the last one, I felt like we got a little more detail and got to know him and the other characters a lot more. We get to know Max, too, better in this one and it made me connect to his character a lot more. He was actually pretty hilarious! 

I enjoyed the build-up between Jack and Seth and how much time we got to see them spend together. There was a little bit of angst in this story but nothing too over the top. I am now ready for Zeus to get his HEA! 

Fearing Fate: 4.25 stars

I am so happy big softy Zeus got his happily ever after! I appreciated that we saw gentleness along with the hardness in Zeus in the previous two books of this series. With him being the beta and basically the enforcer, it would have been easy for the author to keep his personality more in line with that. I liked that he had a softer side and I think his mate Toren really needed that side of Zeus to come to terms with everything new that was happening to him. 

Toren was so vulnerable and sweet and seeing him become a part of the pack was nice. Everything really came together for all of the couples in this book. We got to see Jack and Seth and Max and Christian together, and all of them being a family unit with Zeus and Toren. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. *** 

About the Author

I write about painfully awkward, usually embarrassing, romance because long confident gazes followed by sexy dancing NEVER happens to me. I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, and will probably never leave. I’m like a hypochondriac sundae, with claustrophobic sprinkles, and a big cherry of anxiety on top, so I don’t travel much. I read to relax my mind, so I love getting lost in someone else’s story, even if it is only for a little while.


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